The Greatest Band EVER (to come from Wausau, Wisconsin that starts with a D…)

My buddy Chris just uploaded a video from the now defunct Heathen Crusade’s first ever show. It was where his former band Dumah opened up for Moonsorrow and Primordial and it was probably one of the best shows of his, or any member of that band’s, life. Anyway, little did I know they had taped the thing and he finally edited the first track from it. Give it a listen and if you think it’s good maybe get a hold of him and let him know that a) you like it and that b) you’d love a copy of the DVD, or at least that he should upload the whole thing on YouTube.

You can also download the entire Dumah discography all the way back to the first demo from 2000 (entitled The Silence and Stillness of Death) from this location. It was made available by the band for download earlier this year for free. As they are defunct now, there’s really no point in doing nothing with that music.

Check out the video here:

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