Things You May Have Missed 2009

In 2009 there have been plenty of records that I have not reviewed. Partially because this is the first year I’ve started this zine. While highly successful in the page-views and reach categories, for whatever reason certain labels have refused to put me on their lists. Another thing could be that the records I received were unable to be done in time. I try to keep everything going on time and when I get old records to review than it seems pretty pointless because there’s new stuff that’s coming down the line and those draw more attention. But for those of you considering the year of 2009 and what you may not have heard due to misfortune or just because you weren’t paying as close attention as others might have been can be revealed in this “column” of sorts.

Unlike standard reviews there will be no links, no ratings and they will be shorter blips laden with personal opinions (I guess that’s like a review). Hopefully this’ll help ease some of the guilt and also help some people discover some great music they may have missed.

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