Things You May Have Missed 2010: Unitopia – Artificial

It’s that time of year again, when I dole out things you may have missed (and things that I haven’t reviewed). You must remember that we receive MASSIVE amounts of promos from all over the world, so it’s often that things just get missed. It’s definitely not intentional, but sometimes shit just gets missed. So, with that said, here’s something you may have missed…

Unitopia is a bunch of Aussie proggers who are doing something that isn’t even remotely hip in 2010: and they’re super good at it. This record, Artificial, is the band’s third album and it is an amazing blend of the classic prog bands while feeling pretty unique, and just being a darn good performance in general. Channeling some of my favorite acts of all time, including Genesis and The Beatles, Unitopia have really built a record that flows beautifully and is worth your time if you’re a prog fan. The biggest complaint I’ve got is that the lyrics can feel pretty cheesy at times; still, take ’em or leave ’em, this record is better than bad, and I’d say it’s better than good, too. Worth a listen and probably your hard earned cash, so long as you’re not entirely turned off by porn sax.

Highlight: ”Rule of 3’s”

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