Things You May Have Missed: Kalisia – Cybion

One of the most surprising records of this year for me and one that I’d sort of forgotten about until recently was Kalisia’s epic concept album Cybion. Sold online as a single track for very cheap, this is one long-ass amazing progressive soundscape that probably shouldn’t be missed. These guys come from France which puts out some of the best progressive/avant garde metal in the world right now and these guys aren’t an exception to this. Ranging between traditional metal, progressive rock a la-Dream Theater (fortunately sans irritating vocalist) and ranging in towards techno, this is pretty impressive. There are, however, some issues with this CD. First, there is an excessive use of auto-tuned female vocals on it that I found to be really annoying, there is also a little too much techno for my tastes and I wish that the parts were more distinct at times. But this record still really impresses more than not and for the price, you can’t go wrong.

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