Things You Might Have Missed 2010: Vex – Thanatopsis

In my opinion this is one of the more painfully overlooked records of 2010. In fact, I’ve seen pretty much no press on this album at all, and yet somehow it has just been rockin’ my world since I got my hands on it. Released in September via Horror, Pain, Gore, Death Prod-uctionsThanatopsis is largely reminiscent of the mighty The Chasm, but has plenty of originality to throw around. The riffs are sometimes blistering and blackened, laden with trem picking and melodic passages, and sometimes the band breaks it down to harmonious doomy, atmospheric parts. In both cases, everything feels in its place and the record flows expertly making for a fantastic listening experience that is both heavy and emotionally evocative.

With good production and more streamlined songwriting, this album is infinitely more “digestible” than some of The Chasm’s more epic pieces. Clocking in at a vinyl safe (and highly encouraged) 45 minutes Thanatopsis is one of the most enjoyable underground offerings that this Angry Metal Guy has heard all year. So, if you’re a fan of more melodic death metal, but don’t think Insomnium or In Flames, then this is a record that should fill out your record collection from 2010.

Highlights: There isn’t a bad song on this record, but the riffing on “Era of Delusion” in the beginning really stood out for me.

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