Top Songs of 2012 Nominations as of May 12th, 2012

I have selected today—totally arbitrarily—to update you all on what I see as the tracks in the running for the best songs of 2012. Why today? Well, ’cause I’m looking at the list and I thought it would be a good post topic. So, here we are at this very point. If there are multiple songs from a single artists, it’s ’cause I can’t decide which of these is better—but the final list will not contain more than one song from any artist.

Dim Mak – “Between Immensity and Eternity” — The riffs in this fucking song.

The 11th Hour – “Rain on Me” — Amazing vocal parts, great feel. A perfect track from a fantastic record.

Alcest – “Faiseurs de monde” — The build in this song is amazing. Who cares if the record is underwhelming!

Swallow the Sun – “Hate Lead the Way” — The record may be a laying down, but this song I will come back to time and time again.

Spawn of Possession – “Apparition” — Technical death metal done the right way? Why yes, yes it is. Elite.

Hail Spirit Noir – “Against the Curse, We Dream” — This crazy retro, avant-garde black metal from Greece makes parliamentary neonazis ANGRY!

Anathema – “The Gathering of Clouds” — These dirty hippies make some good music. This song especially enchants me with its slow build and busy harmonies.

Gorod – “5000 at a Funeral” — Creepy intro. Amazing riffs. Awesome song.

Borknagar – “The Beauty of Dead Cities” and “Frostrite” — Can’t decide. Both so goddamned elite.

Jeff Loomis – “Surrender” (Featuring Ihsahn) — Yeah, hard to fucking fight with this song. Really goddamned elite.

Sigh – “Equale” — Ha. This song just rules. The whole record could be here. Expect me to change my mind on this one.

Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Justice for Saint Mary” — This track is just triumphant. Totally love the drama of it and the melodies and orchestra.

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