Torture Division – Evighetens Dårar Review

Torture Division // Evighetens Dårar
Rating: 4.5/5.0 —Don’t read this, just buy the fucking record.
Label: Abyss Records (US)
Release Dates: Out Now [Or Downloadable Here]

Sometimes reviews are short because you don’t have anything to say about a band. I mean, something just doesn’t wake that ire in you because it sucks, but isn’t really great enough to really rant about. This is a problem when you set yourself informal word limits for every review, and this is even more of a problem when the issue with the record is that it’s too fucking good to even warrant much of a review, per se. So before the jump, even, let me say this: what are you waiting for? Buy this fucking record.

OK, so maybe you don’t trust your local Angry Metal Guy as much as you should (because you should); so I guess I’ll motivate my arguments a bit here. See, you should buy this record because this is exactly how death metal should be performed. This is nothing but pure, balls-to-the-walls death metal in its best form. And what more would you expect from Lord K. Philipson of The Project Hate; Jörgen Sandström from Grave and Vicious Art and with the seriously mighty Tobias Gustafsson from Vomitory behind the kit?

And you get exactly what you should expect: 28 minutes and 11 aggressive tracks with a distinct old school vibe and a touch of grind that have no extra fat. This is simply astonishingly heavy riff after crushingly heavy riff and it works into your veins and “makes you wanna rage” to quote an old (and silly) song by Sacred Reich. Every song on here is excellent. There should be no doubt of this. Going between brutal and simple and technical and stunning (but not techy, just technically interesting and/or melodic) these guys don’t misfire for the entire 28 minutes.

Oh, and did I mention that Dan Swanö mastered this (and made it sound like a ton of fucking bricks)?

So yeah, this review is short. Because it is obvious to me that you should go the fuck out and buy this record. It comes out in a digipack format from Abyss Records in the USA and there’s gotta be a European release somewhere out there and if not, you should head over to Torture Division’s website and download the three Evighetens Dårar demos and donate to the cause. Then after you buy the CD you should buy some merch, maybe a t-shirt or something. And then you should tell all your friends to buy it. And you should insult their manhood if they don’t. Because this is yet another example of the inborn Swedish death metal superiority.

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