Torture Division – The Sacrifice Released

Oh happy day! A new Torture Division EP has landed. Entitled The Sacrifice it is not only brilliant, but it’s free [but you can donate to the cause here]. And to top it off, it’s being released on Unisound’s website (that’s The Great Dan Swanö) in sweet, sweet full dynamic range sound. That’s right, this baby clocks in at DR13 and sounds so goddamned good. The version on the Torture Division website is DR5 and it sounds good, too, ’cause Swanö is a uniquely gifted guy. Anyway, two things: 1) hat-tip to Metal-Fi who posted this news first and therefore gets a ping (that you haven’t liked them on Facebook and subscribed to their RSS is a shame!). 2) Ett stort tack till Swanö den Store och grabbarna från Torture Division för att ni valt att slå tillbaka emot The Loudness War. Ljudet är enormt. Fortsätt så!

In any case, I’m linking two download choices here [MP3 | FLAC]. If you’re in a band and you want your shit to sound this good, you should go to and contact the legend that is Swanö. If you want to know what I think of the band, read these reviews. What the fuck are you waiting for? Go and listen to some death jävla metal!

Torture Division - The Sacrifice

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