Torture Division – Through the Eyes of a Dead Review

Torture Division // Through the Eyes of a Dead
Rating: 4.0/5.0 — It’s only three goddamned songs!
Label: K Philipson’s Wallet
Release Dates: Out! Go and partake!

Torture Division - Through the Eyes of a DeadFor those of you not familiar with Torture Division, you obviously haven’t been reading this here blog for very long. Shame on you. For the rest of you, you’ll probably be happy to hear that Torture Division is back with another three track downloadable EP (that you should donate for downloading because diamond studded swimming pools don’t grow on trees). While the thing is called Through the Eyes of a Dead, some of us over here at Angry Metal Guy suspect that the title was “Through the Eyes of the Dead” largely because that’s what the song is called when you download it, but then there’s the deathcore band from the US and that would’ve been awkward. So, Through the Eyes of a Dead it is.

Really, there’s not a shitton to write here, but I guess that’s always my problem when it comes to Torture Division, this record is another 10 minute addition of death metal that borders on old school and that has a classic Swedish death metal feel, while having a much heavier and badasser (that’s not a word) production due to the crushing production by one Dan Swano (he’s an up-and-comer, you should definitely check out his work if you haven’t heard of him). Loaded with fairly simplistic, but infectiously groovy riffs and melody a la Bolt Thrower or Entombed or Demiurg with a touch of grindy elements on top of it all to differentiate them from the pack, these guys pretty much pound out death metal like you should pound your girlfriend: Torture Division regularly, excellently and in a rabid frenzy (and crushingly produced by Dan Swano?).

So yeah, this is pretty much an advertisement for this EP because it deserves it. Torture Division is one of the premier modern Swedish death metal bands, and they’re doing this shit sans label, fan funded (and probably not entirely) and doing it with a level of consistency and quality that speaks to their dedication to the music and love of what they do rather than any bullshit rockstar mentality. That should be enough of an endorsement that you head over there, download their music and drop ’em some cash. Hell, you’ll even get 10 minutes of death metal to whet your appetite for more to come and some skin-flaying riffs.

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