Umeå Rock City

There’s a new group up on Facebook called UmeÃ¥ Rock City which is totally fascinating for those of you who are into the history of metal or are fascinated by what your favorite musicians were doing before they were in the biggest and/or best Swedish heavy metal bands, or working on Drumkit from Hell, for example. It’s in Swedish and a lot of the bands on there are bands you’ll never have heard of. However, the band Metallien was apparently Fredrik Thorendal’s band pre-Meshuggah and there are some videos and pictures up there that are pretty interesting.

The shining moment, however, from all of this is absolutely this picture of Fredrik Thornedal (Meshuggah) that surfaced in the pictures. This must be him from when he was like 12, with a Flying V and a big grin. It’s seriously classic material… Are those leather pants, I spy?

And this is him today.. same fucking grin, just a little bit more facial hair:

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