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Figure 1) Vile Apparition – Depravity Ordained

Abstract: Many recent investigations in the field of death metal have returned to classical techniques in order to reliably synthesize brutality. In recent years, authors have generated several novel formulations that draw from classic literature to generate new brutalities that fit modern needs but are still as effective as older formulas. Here I report on a recently discovered compound, formulated on a reliable basic structure, which exists at high purity with few residuals. This new product is applicable for research use and will be available in digital databases shortly after the publication of this article, with physical availability expected later in 2019.

Introduction: Reliable formulations of brutality pioneered by Suffocation (1991, 1993, 1995) have been the basis of brutal death metal for nearly thirty years. Because of the extremely high concentrations of brutality contained in the original publications of Suffocation, nearly all authors attempting to create similar material in concentrate base their efforts on these early examples of brutal death metal. While approaches based on the breakdown (introduced in “Liege of Inveracity” (Suffocation 1991)) remain popular, their yields are irregular and rarely produce high-quality product (e.g. Krosis 2018, Thy Art is Murder 2017, [though see Fit for An Autopsy 2017 and Lorna Shore 2017 for recent counterexamples]). In light of these unreliable results, many authors seek to reverse-engineer successful products with minor alterations rather than attempt such a highly modified synthesis. Here I report and test the efficacy of such a product, Depravity Ordained (Figure 1), created by a group of Australian authors and originally published by Memento Mori.

Methods: Using myself as a test subject, I applied Depravity Ordained via both direct-transmission into the external acoustic meatus and micro-local broadcast methods in a variety of environments and at different concentrations.

Vile Apparition (Figure 2) use a classical approach (Suffocation 1991), basing their formula in down-tuned guitar riffs making heavy use of palm muting, low-register tremolo picking, and pinch harmonics. Solos and leads are sparsely utilized and simplistic compared to those used by other authors. The product contains no slams. Percussion largely follows expectations for such material (with passing reference to Cryptopsy 1996) and vocals are entirely produced in a low bellow. As is popular among some authors, bass appears absent. No exotic reagents are required.

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Figure 2: Vile Apparition

Mixture of these reagents follows Suffocation (1991), executed with a rough but blunted guitar tone, and recorded in an anhydrous environment. The components bond well into a well-mixed substance with high specific gravity.

Results: While the concentration of both riffs and brutality are high across most samples in Depravity Ordained, I find the formulation to be of less than average efficacy. Some samples produced rapid movements of the neck and head in the test subject (“Dissect to Enucleate,” “The Gate”), but the effects were transient. Repeated trials all showed results in the second quartile when compared to both classical (Suffocation 1991, Cryptopsy 1996, Deeds of Flesh 1996) and contemporary (Beheaded 2017, Devangelic 2017, Infuriate 2018, Serocs 2018) compounds with similar formulations.

Discussion: While the preparation of Depravity Ordained is clearly careful, a dearth of novel structures limits its efficacy. The product is broadly similar to that of Suffocation (1991, 1993), but without some of the structures (slams, breakdowns) that contribute to the efficacy of these classical compounds. Compared against state-of-the-art formulations (Defeated Sanity 2013, Abhorrent 2016, Unfathomable Ruination 2016, Vulvodynia 2016), its brutality is sparse and its effects are short-lived. I therefore cannot recommend Depravity Ordained as a reliable source of high grade brutality, though it may be useful as a component of bulk applications.12

Rating: 2.0/5.0
DR: 7 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Memento Mori
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January 21st, 2019

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