Vintersorg Issues an Update

vintersorgWow, more news today. And, frankly, I think I’m probably the first to actually update this stuff. So I was on the Vintersorg forum today when I came across an update that was written by him. It basically sounds like things are pretty much in gear for him recording an album over the rest of this summer and into the fall. Maybe we’ll have something from him in Q1 of next year? I hope so!

Some news: I’ve now written 5-6 new Vintersorg tracks that sound really cool with a lot of folk touch but somehow it also has a touch of CG atmosphere. Just going to start to record some stuff during this summer.

A new Waterclime album is now completed, at the moment I’m noe shure who will release it. It’s a leap up in song quality and also productionwise compared to the earlier two albums.

Fission: not much happens at this time…we’re just filling up the right a mount of inspiration to start working on some stuff.

Borknagar: Concentrating on Wacken and looking forward the realese the new album “Universal”.

Cronian: Not much is actually going on at the time…we have like two-three new tracks going.

Gravisphere: Working on the recording of an album. So far keyboards are kind of completed..but you never know as it’s zillions of ’em.

just found about ten really atmopheric track in my recording computer the other day…don’t know if I ever will do anything with it…but some ideas were special.

In other news, I’m actually awaiting an interview back from Mr. V and Stenlund from Gravisphere, so that should be cool when I get it.

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