Vote for the WMA Awards!

So, the Wisconsin Metal Alliance, who I proudly support, are running a poll called the WMA awards! You are free to go in and vote for those bands, and there’s a FAQ below. You should do it, for sure!

Vote for the WMA Awards – showcasing the best Wisconsin Bands!

The WMA Awards consist of 20 categories related to metal music and performance, and many bands across the state have been recognized to win these awards (WMA and non-WMA bands).

Winners will be voted upon throughout the next 5 weeks, and voting is open to the public (however, you must register on the message board in order to vote). The winner and runner-up for each category will be notified after all of the votes have been tallied. There are several categories, so check out the awards and be sure to vote on others to support the Wisconsin metal community.

Voting remains open until Oct. 31st. The polls are located here:

The WMA is an online community that is dedicated to strengthening METAL throughout Wisconsin – fans, bands, and anyone else related to metal. These awards help us showcase the best in Wisconsin, and bring some new bands to areas that may not have much exposure. Be sure to vote, and while you’re at it, why not tell us about your favorite metal album, what’s going on with your band, or advertise a show you have planned (if you’re in a band).

Here’s a short FAQ on the WMA Awards:

Q: How were the bands chosen to be finalists?

A: We had everyone who posts on the WMA forums submit nominations of as many bands as they wanted for all 20 categories. Then, all of the forumites here voted and chose the top 5 in each category (where there were at least 5 nominees). That is how we arrived with these bands.

Q: Isn’t there inherently bias toward WMA bands? I mean, about half of the finalists are in the WMA.

A: We wanted to open this up to everyone, but it was a difficult process just getting it as far as it is today. The goal is to make these awards something that bands are interested in and get more people coming by here. That way, there will be a bigger pool of people submitting nominations and voting. So it’s more likely that there are many WMA bands because those are the bands most of us are familiar with. By getting more bands in here, it benefits everyone.

Q: What do bands get for winning the awards?

A: Not much, really, other than some recognition. We will also make small images to place on bands’ Myspace/websites that show the recognition of the award. We wanted to recognize the bands that stand out in the Wisconsin Metal Community.

Q: How do I vote?

A: Simply register for an account here and place your vote. It’s pretty easy. And after you’ve registered, you can make a post about your favorite band or a new album you like, or just tell us what’s going on with your band.

Q: What is the WMA trying to gain from this?

A: We want to strengthen the Wisconsin Metal Community and help bands and fans across the state connect with each other. We want to showcase the best Wisconsin has to offer, and gaining some exposure with the best bands is one way to do that.

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