Wintersun Launches an In Studio Micro-Hotel for Adoring Fans

Today Wintersun announced the grand opening of their own branded micro-hotel, giving fans a chance to stay in the actual studio where the band is recording their long awaited new album. The micro-hotel, dubbed Anna Meille Rahaa Luuserit, can accommodate 15 guests. A weekend reservation goes for $5,000 and covers two nights in a luxurious plastic box with a window looking into the band’s infamously crowdfunded recording studio.

All guests receive a complementary “Expanded Forest Package” and an opportunity to buy coupons entitling them to enter an exclusive lottery for a chance to win the option to pre-order the new album at full price. V.I.P. packages grant guests the privilege of reading over the lyrics and even sweeping the studio floor. Also included is an upgraded bed/drawer equipped with a small slot in the window through which to interact with the band while taking their food and drink orders.

Yelp reviews from their soft open last weekend compare the experience to “Being buried alive while watching Some Kind of Monster on endless repeat,” and the accommodations are described as “A human-sized cat carrier with an overhead lamp,” and “Slightly less awful than those at the Manowar Leather-Working and Sword Forging Master Retreat.”

When asked if having a group of strangers staying in the studio would be a distraction and hinder work on the upcoming album, Wintersun founder and creative genius Jari Mäenpää laughed and responded “C’mon, at this point it can only help, right? They might even have a good idea or two, but writing credits are extra!”

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