On September 4th, Iron Maiden released the mammoth double CD The Book of Souls and they will inevitably go on tour and make a DVD of it. I’ve been digging deep into their discography recently (as you may have noticed), and I’ve been once again reminded that if there’s one thing that Maiden is absolutely terrible at, it’s playing deep cuts live. I suspect that there are some reasons for this—having been one of roughly twenty people in the entire crowd that knew “The Clansman” when I saw them play in 2000 in St. Paul—but I have stopped purchasing Iron Maiden live records, because they all have essentially the same track listing. But Maiden has fifteen full-length studio records, and there are dozens of songs they’ve never even played live.

So I have a solution: It’s called The Beast Cuts Deep Tour and it’s an Iron Maiden nerd tour, that will take place in clubs throughout the world. That’s right, not stadiums, but clubs. And you’ll have to prove your nerd-cred to get in, so no beer throwing apes spend the whole night screaming “RUN TO THE HILLS!” And the setlist? Oh, this setlist is going to be epic and deep, with not a single song on Iron Maiden‘s regular hit list. It’s also over two hours, includes an encore, and I’ve even narrowed it down to a Top 10(ish) list that’s pushing 1,800 words. And, no offense to the boys or anything, but after hearing “Wrathchild” live for the 1,173rd time, I’m sure that long-time fans will be happy to hear some of these for the very first time! No doubt this would be the best damned Iron Maiden tour of all time.

C’mon Smallwood, book it already!

Iron Maiden Live 03

My Top 10(ish) Wish List Iron Maiden Deep Cuts Live: 

Iron Maiden - Killers#(ish): “Purgatory” (Killers [1981 – Last played live: 1981]): Maiden hasn’t played this song since 1981. This is a fact that I find to be mind boggling. “Purgatory” is easily my favorite song from Killers, with an absolutely hooky chorus and an unforgettable riff to get the whole thing started off. Not only is this song absolutely built for audience participation, but it’s got some of the coolest, stripped down guitar work the band ever featured in a song. I’m honestly surprised that this song didn’t become a live staple over the years.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying#10: “Mother Russia” (No Prayer for the Dying [1989 – Never played live]): No Prayer for the Dying is not a record that has gotten a lot of live love and there are reasons for that, I think. There is, however, one absolutely shining track on the record and it’s the album closer “Mother Russia.” Stubbornly, Maiden has never once played the song live. And sure, it’s a rangy epic, with a long, moody intro that… wait a second, so is half of the band’s discography after 1992 and if they can play songs about Benjamin Breeg, they can play “Mother Russia” live! And let me tell you something, a lot of those songs don’t have a bridge as epic as this song. Combined with its political relevance for the year, and tone that made it sound like the one song from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son that got held over, this song would be amazing to hear the band play live.

Iron Maiden - Brave New World#9: “The Fallen Angel” (Brave New World [2000 – Last played live: 2001]): Easily one of the best songs on Brave New World, “The Fallen Angel” has only ever been played live nine times, all of them in 2000 and 2001. This song would be an amazing live track, with H’s drop-D riff mongering, and a hooky-as-hell chorus that I can’t get enough of. Honestly, I remember being shocked that this song wasn’t on the setlist when I saw the band on the Brave New World Tour, and I’ve always wondered exactly why they dropped it. Either way, it’ll be quite cathartic to finally see it live!

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son#8: “The Prophecy”: One of my favorite songs ever, “The Prophecy” has never been played by Iron Maiden in a live concert. There are reasons for this: the intro and the outro are definitely studio material, to be sure. And I can see why the band didn’t want to try to mess around with that too much, but I have trouble imagining that this wouldn’t be an absolutely gripping song live. The bridges are perfect for guitar swinging, and with a little vocal help (I could help! I could help!) from the band, the vocal interchange wouldn’t be an issue at all. Hell, with three guitarists, they could now absolutely pull off the transitions at the end of the song live. They’ve got everything they need to play this marvelous song live. Dat acoustic outro…

Iron Maiden - Virtual XI#7: “When Two Worlds Collide” (Virtual XI [1998 – Last played live: 1998]: Dat acoustic outro could go right into the opening salvos of one of Virtual XI‘s best tracks (written by Murray and Bayley). I gotta say, there’s actually a live version of this track done by Blaze’s solo band on a later live record that was pretty damned amazing, and I’m sure that Bruce could make this song sound really great. Plus, with a bit of work, the three guitars could really spice up some of the harmonies and knock this one out of the park. And that guitar melody lead is the perfect mass crowd singalong moment (à la “Fear of the Dark”) and deserves another chance to be sung aloud by mad Maiden fans.

Iron Maiden - Dance of Death#6: “Face in the Sand” (Dance of Death [2003 – Never played live]): That Iron Maiden has literally never played “Face in the Sand” live is stunning. In terms of the band’s modern records, this song may be one of the finest they’ve ever crafted. Bruce’s lyrics are stunning, and the guitar work and build are the thing that would make for amazing live music. Furthermore, unlike a “Como Estais Amigos” or “Remember Tomorrow,” “Face in the Sand” is heavy and engaging as hell. It’s a clear live hit, and I am shocked the band has never even given it a shot. “So I watch and I wait and I pray for a deep cut, an end to Wrathchild and Angry Metal Guy’s misery…”

Iron Maiden - The X Factor#5: “Judgement of Heaven” (The X Factor [1995 – Never played live]): I have always had a soft spot for “Judgement of Heaven,” and it’s a song that has never gotten any love from anyone ever anywhere in the world. I mean, seriously, read the comments on this blog to get a feel for what people think of anything recorded between 1994 and 1998 by Iron Maiden. Still, I love this song; there’s something brutally honest about it, and moreover, I think it would do well in a live setting. I know I’d be screaming my lungs out. “Allll of myyy liiiife…”

Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time#4: “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” (Somewhere in Time [1986 – Last played live 1986]): “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” has the honor of being the only Iron Maiden song to only have ever been played a single time. Why this is the case, I have no idea, but the band played it on the opening night of the tour in support of Somewhere in Time and never played live again. But for me it seems like a clear live song, with a trademark gallop, a fantastic opening and an epic chorus. I can only imagine Bruce prancing around in his ’80s futuristic tights screaming “RUUUUN ON AND OOOOOON!”

Iron Maiden - Dance of Death#3: “Montségur” (Dance of Death [2003 – Never played live]): I think everyone in Maiden is secretly mad at Janick Gers for being the guy who writes the most consistent music in the 2000s. That’s the only reason I can come up with for them not playing any of his songs live. “The Pilgrim,” “The Alchemist,” “The Legacy,” and, most surprisingly, “Montségur,” which is Dance of Death‘s best track by a mile (though, tied with “Face in the Sand”). This song is a barn burner, with a riff that makes me want to head bang and a beautiful chorus. I would go absolutely apeshit if they knocked this song out live, because it’s one of the best songs that Maiden has ever produced.

Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time#2: “Alexander the Great” (Somewhere in Time [1986 – Never played live]): Dave Murray once said, in the build up to the tour for Brave New World, that he wanted to play “Alexander the Great” live because now that they had three guitars he figured they could pull it off. Instead, it’s “Iron Maiden” and “Wrathchild” every night, and “Alexander the Great” has never been played live all these 15 years and hundreds of concerts later. Which is a shame, because it’s among the band’s best epics and also among their most progressive. While the lyrics are slightly akin to an encyclopedia entry, the riffing, guitar solos and epic builds are among the best that the band ever produced and I have trouble imagining that it wouldn’t translate beautifully live.

Iron Maiden - Powerslave#1: “Flash of the Blade” (Powerslave [1984 – Never played live]): I get that this song is hard to play, but with three guitars and literally being the most powerful band in metal that didn’t cut their hair and try to make alternative rock, you’d think they’d’ve taken the opportunity to play “Flash of the Blade” live. Sure, Bruce doesn’t want to stab people anymore, now he just wants to fly them around (… which raises all sorts of questions), but that’s hardly not a reason to break out this beautiful gem and serenade die-hard fans with a song that they never thought they’d hear live.

And for your consideration, the whole damned setlist that I’d have them play! You’ll notice it makes an excellent playlist to write ridiculous album retrospectives to.

Maiden Live 01

1. “Transylvania” (Iron Maiden [1980 – Last played live: 1993])
2. “Purgatory” (Killers [1981 – Last played live: 1981])
3. “The Fugitive” (Fear of the Dark [1992 – Never played live])
4. “Mother Russia” (No Prayer for the Dying [1989 – Never played live])
5. “The Pilgrim” (A Matter of Life and Death [2006 – Last played live: 2006])
6. “The Fallen Angel” (Brave New World [2000 – Last played live: 2001])
7. “The Prophecy” (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son [1988 – Never played live])
8. “When Two Worlds Collide” (Virtual XI [1998 – Last played live: 1998])
9. “Public Enema Number One” (No Prayer for the Dying [1990 – Last played live: 1991])
10. “Isle of Avalon” (The Final Frontier [2010 – Never played live])
11. “Still Life” (Piece of Mind [1983 – Last played live: 1988])
12. “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” (Somewhere in Time [1986 – Last played live: 1986])
13. “Judgement of Heaven” (The X Factor [1995 – Never played live])
14. “Face in the Sand” (Dance of Death [2003 – Never played live])
15. “Como Estais Amigos” (Virtual XI [1998 – Never played live])
16. “To Tame a Land” (Piece of Mind [1983 – Last played live: 1983])
17. “The Alchemist” (The Final Frontier [2010 – Never played live])
18. “Montségur” (Dance of Death [2003 – Never played live])
19. “Infinite Dreams” (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son [1988 – Last played live: 1988])


20. “Alexander the Great” (Somewhere in Time [1986 – Never played live])
21. “Flash of the Blade” (Powerslave [1984 – Never played live])
22. “Children of the Damned” (Number of the Beast [1982 – Last played live: 2009])

Iron Maiden Live 02

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  • AndySynn

    I’m weirdly positive I’ve seen them play “Montsegur”. Though years of heavy drinking and head trauma might say otherwise.

    • Not according to setlist.fm and all the reports I’ve seen on their setlists since 2003.

  • Montségur is a fucking good templar song!! One of the best of Dance of Death album

    • Wilhelm

      Decent song, but that chorus gets on my last nerve after a while.

      • I think they not played live, because the chorus raised up more than Bruce sings live. xD
        Sorry for my english.

  • Jacob Hunn

    They’ve never played Face in the Sand live before because of the double bass drumming. It’s the only Maiden song to use double bass pedals and Nicko hates using them because his left foot wants to rush ahead of the right. So there is a reason it’s never happened and unfortunately never will.

  • RuySan

    Flash and the Blade and Alexander The Great were never played live??

    That will make me even angrier the next time I hear Run to the Hills again…

  • I’m just sitting here waiting to hear “The Fugitive” live. On a cold October morning…as frost lay on the ground!!

    • Hulksteraus


  • ronin1572

    would not complain if Maiden played those songs

  • ChrisGoner

    The Maiden nerd-geekdom precipice has finally been ascended and conquered. Bravo! “Deja Vu,” “Back In the Village” and “The Thin Line Between Love and Hate” for me.

  • Logos

    I never understood why they would play When the Wild Wind Blows instead of Isle of Avalon, which for me is the best song in the album…

    I really like Infinite Dreams up until the Help me! section. Would trade it for Only the Good Die Young though.

    Anyway, nice list. Wouldn’t mind listening to it.

  • Vlad Invictus

    The Prophecy – nothing more to say…

  • eloli

    People, there’s a reason these cuts are deep. :D

    I’d love to see this tour come to fruition, though, only to be cancelled either after three dates with abysmally low sales or after an angry mob (with pitchforks and torches, of course) forms spontaneously after people realize they won’t be playing Run to the Hills. :D

    • tomasjacobi

      It would happen exactly like you describe.
      I remember when they played the whole of AMoLaD live. There were probably others, but it felt like I was the only one enjoying that concert until they played a few classics for the encore.
      It had been CLEARLY announced everywhere what the game plan was, but the majority of people buying tickets to go see Maiden don’t pay attention to these things. They just think “Oh, Iron Maiden is playing. Great, then I can go hear Number of the Beast and sing along to Run to the Hills.”


      • eloli

        But that’s not exactly a problem that’s unique to Maiden. Popular bands thrive on casual fans, that’s how it is.
        I don’t agree with the using the expression “casual fan” as a pejorative.
        I listen to a lot of metal, yet I consider myself a “serious” fan of around 30 bands and a “casual” fan of about 500. :D
        The songs casual fans tend to gravitate to are the songs that have the widest appeal, while deep cuts (no matter the band) tend to be unappealing messes, IMO.
        As much crap Run to the Hills gets, there’s a reason they have to play it: it’s a great song, and its appeal is universal. My point is, you’re not any smarter and you don’t get any extra fan points for thinking it’s a good idea to swap Run to the Hills with Purgatory or Sill Life, you simply have a terrible business sense. :D

        • tomasjacobi

          I don’t think I used the term “casual fan” as a pejorative. I just talked about why it’s hard to play new songs or deep cuts which you seem to agree with me about, so what’s the problem?

          • eloli

            I wasn’t referring to you specifically, since we basically agree on everything, I was simply reflecting on the usage of the term “casual fan” on our subculture.
            Apologies if my old metal guy rantings, triggered in part by your comment, sounded like some kind of indictment towards you, that wasn’t my idea.:)

      • Carl Anderson

        I am not only upset to have missed catching them when they were playing all of AMoLaD live, but I am even upset that they didn’t release a live DVD of touring the album. Because it was quite good.

        • tomasjacobi

          I want that DVD and a live CD of that set list.

        • I remember thinking when I missed it, “well, at least they’ll put it out on DVD.” Silly me. The one fucking tour they don’t release a DVD of is the one I really wanted to see.

          • Carl Anderson

            See? All the more reason to basically include most of that record on Ye Deepe Cuttes Toure. :)

          • Jacob Morgan

            I just found this site and am a little late to this discussion, but there is a soundboard recording of the AMOLAD tour from Sweden and it sounds great. It’s my prized Maiden live album. I imagine you could find it if you looked for it. It’s well worth it.

          • omfg really? I’m on it.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      I assume a torch but be an easy thing to improvise on the spot but where do those pitchforks come from?

      • eloli

        They’re readily available on the angry mob stuff booth conveniently placed in the parking lot of each venue. :D

        • Hulksteraus

          Hey we could start an Angry Metal Fan site called Angry Metal Mob(tm). For all your online mob needs…

    • Iron Maiden fans and angry mobs seem intimately connected to me now.

      But like I said, you’d have to prove your nerd cred to get in. Maybe it would be a fanclub only tour or something.


      • Hulksteraus

        I think there would definitely be a stadium full of fans that would greet this list with absolute ecstasy. I’d fly 22 hours to get to a Maiden gig with this Set list! (yes, Arse end of the World here…). Loneliness and Alexander are definitely reasons why SOT is equal first to SSoaSS in my book and I would sell my kidney to see both live :)

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        Oh well, wherever, wherever you are
        Iron Maiden’s angry fans mob is gonna get you no matter how far
        See the blood flow watching it shed up above my head
        Iron Maiden´s angry fans mob wants you for dead…

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      You should have started your post with something like: “Not to rain on your parade, but…”

    • siegbran

      Motorhead did exactly this a couple years back, a tour where they played only deep cuts, bar two hits thrown in for good measure. No pitchforks in sight.

  • Jón Aldará

    No Deja Vu?!

    • ghost whistler

      No Deja Vu?!

      • Ralph Plug

        No Deja Vu?!

        • No, no Déjà Vu.

          • Hulksteraus

            No De…. waaaait a minute!!!

          • Jón Aldará

            This feels… pre-arranged.

  • Aggrael Obadiah Dunn

    Mind that Greek fans always wanted Iron Maiden to perform Alexander the Great for historical reasons. In 2011 that I saw them in Athens Dickinson sang the chorus for a bit and then he said now you know the rest or something like that in a “mocking” tone and he moved to the classic n-played songs. I think he has done something similar before. You can check youtube for proof. Also I do not want to open and I do not imply any political discussion as it is outside the scope of this site.
    I would have placed first Somewhere in Time. Only the Good Die Young should have been there too. And maybe Reach Out ha !

  • Dr_Fisting

    No “Weekend Warrior”?

    • Wilhelm

      I sense jest here.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Maybe they ain´t that way anymore

    • You cheeky bastard.

  • tomasjacobi

    I would do anything to go to that concert!
    But I don’t think it’ll ever happen. This is the flip-side of Maiden being so popular. At any given gig more than half the audience are casual fans who just want to hear the few songs they know.
    Agree that Janick Gers is underrated as a song writer, but he didn’t write “Isle of Avalon”; that one is by Smith/Harris.

  • Kalsten

    You should make a Spotify playlist, so it would easier to listen to it :)

  • Wilhelm

    They recently did a Seventh Son themed tour but didn’t include perhaps the best Maiden song ever INFINITE DREAMS…Maybe Bruce can’t handle it vocally?

    • tomasjacobi

      It was disappointing since they DID play Infinite Dreams on the original Seventh Son tour back in ’88. I don’t think Bruce would have any trouble singing it; he handled the title track from Seventh Son just fine…

      • ghost whistler

        And I saw that gig! I’m among the throng of metalheads somewhere at the arse end of the NEC filmed for Maiden England.

        They also played Killers.

    • Refined-Iron Cranium

      If he’s willing to do Number of the Beast on every tour, he can surely handle Infinite Dreams. Dear God, what I’d do to experience that song live.

  • tomasjacobi

    The songs I would like to hear that are not on this list are “Only the Good Die Young” and “Run Silent Run Deep”.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Agreed on “Run Silent Run Deep”.

  • Wilhelm

    I would love to hear Judas Be My Guide, Infinite Dreams, Only the Good Die Young, Mother Russia and Still Life.

  • Phil Daly

    Cant disagree much with that list, except perhaps to get “Only the Good Die Young”, “Sun and Steel” and “Total Eclipse” in there. Oh, and maybe a trimmed down “Virus”? Indeed, having heard and seen Blaze perform a lot of the X Factor and VXI tracks live, I’d love to see the modern Maiden have a crack at them. I’ve got a few VXI tour bootlegs knocking around, and the songs really come alive in a way the album just doesn’t suggest. Really stripped back, aggressive and energetic shows that make you view the songs in a whole new light. Shame modern era Maiden are unlikely to ever play any of them again.

  • One of my favorite Di’Anno era songs was “Strange World” off the debut album. I dont know how Dickinson would sing this one since its completely out his range, but its an amazing track and showcases off Maiden’s seldom seem bluesy side.

    • Wilhelm

      I love this song too – I bet Dickinson could pull it off, although not as well as Dianno of course.

  • Thanks a lot for doing that!

  • ghost whistler

    “Streets of London!”

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    Hey, I made an iTunes playlist much like this one a few years ago (before I stopped using iTunes). It was called “Stuff that Iron Maiden needs to play before they die” and it looked a little like this:

    1. Caught Somewhere in Time
    2. Man on the Edge
    3. Flash of the Blade
    4. Still Life
    5. Murders in the Rue Morgue
    6. Ghost of the Navigator
    7. The Fallen Angel
    8. Infinite Dreams
    9. Judas Be My Guide
    10. Judgement of Heaven
    11. No Prayer For the Dying
    12. Mother Russia
    13. Deja Vu
    14. Sign of the Cross
    15. When Two Worlds Collide
    16. Another Life
    17. Genghis Khan (if Nicko could handle it)
    18. Only the Good Die Young
    19. Alexander the Great
    20. Back in the Village
    21. Drifter (the way it was performed in 1982, with the extended crowd participation)

    Although I do like your picks a lot.

    • Chris Timbó

      I had on tape a version of Drifter sang by Bruce like that … It was amazing … shame I don’t know where it is …

  • Jose Villanueva

    Amazing set list….maybe I change When two worlds colide for Man on the edge or afraid to shoot strangers. Great sourprise to see Isle of Avalon….awesome song from FF and most of the people forgget it

    ….I wish they did more live from SIT, I shaw them on the Maiden England tour when they came to Spain and was frustating that they played again Fear of the dark. I’ve got nothing against that track but it was completly out of place on a set based on SSoSS….they could played Wasted years and Loneliness or Sea of madness and most part of the public would cry of joy

    • tomasjacobi

      Those two aren’t deep cuts.

      • Jose Villanueva

        Most part of SIT are deep cuts, Just Heaven can wait and Wasted years been payin’ live since the return of Bruce and Adrian. Afraid to shoot strangers was forgotten after Bayley left Maiden …and for me was one of the best tracks from Maiden on the 90’s.

        • tomasjacobi

          Afraid was played again on the Maiden England retro tour a couple of years ago, so overall it’s been played a lot.

          • Jose Villanueva

            Well sir I realy don’t know that (in Spain dindt play it) so that’s a point for you.

            So a must give my vote for Bring me your daughter to the slaughter

          • tomasjacobi

            I find your lack of nerd-like knowledge of the Iron Maiden tours disturbing.
            The Maiden England tour ran from mid-2012 till mid 2014. For the first one and a half year of the tour they played Afraid to Shoot Strangers every night. It was only for the last leg in 2014 in Europe that they changed the setlist and Afraid was replaced by Revelations.
            So. In all Afraid to Shoot Strangers has been played on 5 world tours which disqualifies it from being on a list of “deep cuts” :-)

          • Jose Villanueva

            Well I preffer my nerd-like knowledge of beer, mine a large one

          • tomasjacobi

            Ha-ha. Nicely played. Cheers!

  • Ronnie James Dio Linnane

    Fortunes of War is a beauty that hasnt been played in yonks…Starblind is a belter of a track as well i hoped theyd play off final frontier

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    This post made me remember an interview with Steve Harris I read a long time ago on a print magazine (yes, that long ago) and they asked him why Iron Maiden live didn´t play any guitar or drum solos or why didn´t he play a bass solo. Steve Harris replied something like “because we figure the fans would rather hear another song during the time we spend playing a solo”

    • Well, I suppose that’s true. Though, let’s just say, if that track were “Sanctuary,” I might request the solo… :P

      • Hulksteraus

        100% totally agree, particularly if it was just Adrian – he really does pull some criminally good solo’s!

  • They never played Alexander the Great?? They don’t play Infinite Dreams?? The world doesn’t make sense.

  • Hideous destructor

    I also really want to hear infinite dreams live. Fallen angel and still life would be good too. I can’t understand why flight of Icarus never gets broken out either.

    • tomasjacobi

      If they’re going to ruin Flight of Icarus by playing it too fast like they did on Live After Death they might as well not play it…

      • [not a Dr] Gonzalo Salazar

        If they play everything faster, they can do more songs!

        • tomasjacobi


  • Rui Miguel Silva

    I would definitely trade ”Still Life” for “Dune”

    • Rui Miguel Silva

      Ups … my bad … went through the set list one mor time and there it is … ‘To tame a land’ … sorry!

  • Luís Florêncio

    first of all, let me say i have been reading – devouring – all these iron maiden articles and they’re very good.

    about the loneliness of the long distance runner, here’s what i’ve found when searching for one of my fav maiden songs.


    “Sadly the song was removed from the tour setlist after the very first show of the tour because Maiden thought the song “Did not flow with the setlist” and it was replaced with Sea of Madness.”

  • TheNihilist

    Where Eagles Dare y The Educated Fool instead of Face of the Sand y Como estais amigos, and it will be perfect.

    • Hulksteraus

      Where Eagles Dare has been played a bit more, but not much after the early 90’s. But yeah, awesome song. The Educated Fool would be good in the list as well.

  • noisemonkey

    absolutely criminal that The Alchemist and Isle of Avalon have never been played live.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    I’m with noisemonkey, The Alchemist would be great live. Also Im shocked that the loneliness of the long distance runner doesn’t get a run more often!

    • Hulksteraus


  • Michael Staugaitis

    Isle of Avalon is a Smith/Harris song, not a Gers one. It is the best song on TFF.

    I vote for Back in the Village being played live. I fucking love that riff and song.

  • beurbs

    There are some live YouTube clips of Infinite Dreams that are irresponsibly, ridonkulously good

  • Gabriel PérezMolphe

    It really surprises me that they have never played “Flash of a Blade” nor “The Profecy”, wich are 2 of their best songs.

  • SelfIndulgence

    Damn this is a fine setlist!
    Way too much Trooper, Hallowed Be Thy Name (at 3x speed) and Run To The Hills for me. Honestly I would probably lose Aces High as well.
    Live it just sounds like Maiden is tired of playing some of these tracks as well sometimes.

  • jageorge72

    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is one of my all time favorite Maiden tracks. Easily top 5…… maybe #1? Don’t feel like thinking about it or comparing, but I have played this song countless times, over & over. When I think galloping, uplifting Iron Maiden songs that get the adrenaline going….. it doesn’t get any better than this. Criminally underrated!!

  • Christian P

    Annnnnndd….made this into a playlist

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Very impressed this set makes for a great listen (thanks Diego). It would be very cool if they actually did this.
    There really are some surprises here. I can’t believe they don’t play Lowliness, Alexander the great or the prophesy!

    Ive been listening to so much maiden the last week. I may have peaked to early for Book of Souls … it may have to wait a few weeks.

    • Hulksteraus

      Ha! I deliberately made myself NOT listen to anything Maiden in the last couple of weeks so I could sit down and really take in Book of Souls… It has been played quite a few times already. In fact, although I bought Amorphis Under the Red Cloud on the same day, I have not listened to that yet! (and yes, I DEFINITELY need to sit down and listen to that…)

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        Yeah I’ve totally overdone it :). That said I did try to buy it on sunday at JB HiFi but they’d sold out!!!
        Bet that doesn’t happen to often…

  • doom-erik

    This setlist would be better than any they ever played:
    Strange World
    Prodigal Son
    Children of the Damned
    Total Eclipse
    Still Life
    To Tame a Land
    The Duelists
    Flash of the Blade
    Reach Out
    Infinite Dreams
    No Prayer for the Dying
    The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

  • doom-erik

    I often stop the cd before the last couple of songs on every Maiden live album because they usually end with Sanctuary, Running Free, NOTB, Run to the Hills and whatnot.
    But ending with Infinite Dreams, Alexander, Flash of the Blade and Children of the Damned – now that would be something to remember (tomorrow) :)

    • Hulksteraus

      Hear Hear!!

  • That is absolutely brutal. What is going on?

    • ghost whistler

      I imagine ‘Arry is running around the stage like a loon and not concentrating on his playing.

      Or he’s drunk.

      Or he can’t play it anymore.

      Bruce’s vocals on that track aren’t really any better, tbh :(

  • Hulksteraus

    Ha!! That reminds me of Bill Bailey and his impersonation of a catastrophic failure at a U2 concert :)

  • TheChronosus

    Inspired by your digging deep into maiden discography, I too decided to give some albums that I never come back to a listen.
    First on that list is Virtual XI, which I also like any other Maiden fan rated below anything else. Well, now I’m not so sure anymore. There are a few really good tracks on here, and parts of the other tracks are great also. Just this already makes it better than Fear of The Dark.
    Educated Fool, Como Estais Amigos , When Two Worlds Collide are all awesome tracks, and The Clansman is among the best Maiden ever written. Even Don’t look to the Eyes of a Stranger with it’s totally dull chorus becomes cool after 5 minute mark, and Lightning Strikes Twice is not half bad either.
    Biggest problem with Virtual XI is that it starts awful with Futureal and godawful The Angel and The Gambler. Everything after it is at least good, in parts just pure awesomeness.

    • Grumpyrocker

      Educated Fool is soooo good. Riff reminds me of Hallowed Be Thy Name with added menace.

    • TheChronosus

      Also, Montsegur was never played live!? How is that possible. That’s one of the highlights of Dance of Death along with Paschendale.

    • You have no idea how happy I am to read this. I really appreciate you considering what I’ve written and going back and listening. That’s among the best compliments I’ve ever received—even though you didn’t mean it as one.

  • TheNihilist

    Out of topic, I suddenly realised that the last song of every record is always the more epic: except in Killers, Seventh Son, AMOLAD, BNW and Blaze Bayley albums. A setlist of only epic songs (one for album, and yes, I included Empire of the Clouds)? Would be a killer setlist of casual fans!

    Genghis Khan
    Alexander the Great
    Dance of Death
    To Tame a Land
    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    Fear of the Dark
    When the Wild Wind Blows
    Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
    Sign of the Cross
    Brave New World
    Mother Russia
    Empire of the Clouds

    Iron Maiden
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    The Clansman

  • Chris Timbó

    wouldn’t it would blow your minds if they played a B-side? How about Rainbow’s Gold? Women in Uniform? King of Twlight?

    I’d settle for any of them.

    And on the proposed list, I’d trade Public Enema for Judas My Guide. One of my faves as a kid!

    • tomasjacobi

      I would be disappointed if I went to an Iron Maiden concert and they played cover songs…

  • Jeff Kent

    Excellent idea! It is such a shame that some of these songs have never been played live. I do applaud them for alternating ‘new stuff’ and ‘old stuff’ tours. If you don’t like the ‘new stuff,’ stay home. If you want to sing along to Run To The Hills, they just go to the ‘old stuff’ tours. Bruce’s voice is in better shape than it was in the 80s, that can’t be the determining factor here. I just think they’re lazy…which sounds odd considering the scale of their tours. At this stage in their career I can’t understand why they haven’t gone the two-sets-with-an-intermission and no opening band route ala Rush.

  • ZEbyiUWvbe

    Thanks for that! Very informative. I listened to it. But I must confess that it makes me think that I probably did the right thing when I stopped buying Iron Maiden albums after 1984. That typical “Iron Maiden” sound lost its appeal for me by that time.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      It´s NEVER a good time to stop buying Maiden albums. Go now, buy all the Maiden albums you don´t have and you will likely end up with a favorite new song or two.

  • Eric

    Judgment of Heaven is my favorite track from X-Factor and I agree 1000% that it deserves to be played live. Also, I would literally sell someone’s (not mine) kidney to hear Alexander the Great, Flash of the Blade, and Mother Russia played live. I also propose throwing in Judas Be My Guide and Run Silent, Run Deep

  • PartyatGroundZero

    Does anyone know why BNW and DoD aren’t on Spotify? I swear they were there not too long ago.

    • Maybe something about the Spotify region. Because today I listened BNW here in Brazil.

    • Some weeks ago TFF was not available here. But after the launching of the official Iron Maiden playlist everything went normal.

  • beurbs

    Only the Good Die Young would be nice too… pretty sure that’s never been played live

  • Managainst Catfish

    I fucking love you for this. It’s like you’re in my head. Why didn’t I see this a month ago?

    • Managainst Catfish

      The solo from Purgatory is one of the best EVER.

  • Architrion

    Mate. Found this 10 months late, but no matter. I miss Out of the silent planet in that setlist. Don’t know why that song can’t get any love from any fan, but for me it’s the best, the most different, the black swan, in postreunion Maiden material.

    Otherwise, amazing setlist. Love for Infinite Dreams, the song I’d like them to play every tour.

  • PS-RagE

    Excellent playlist!

    They played “Children of the Damned” in the Book of Souls tour though