Accept has been around so long, churning out the same kind of old school Germanic metal that they’ve essentially become a younger, heavier version of AC/DC. This isn’t a bad thing really, as AC/DC is known for consistency and sticking to their (big) guns. Accept has charted a similar course, delivering album after album of rocking 80s style metal with just enough melody and quasi-pop-acumen. The Rise of Chaos is the fourth album featuring Mark Tornillo on vocals and he continues to settle into the foundation the band’s been building since the 70s. It also marks the departure (again) of mercurial guitarist Herman Frank as well as significantly less mercurial drummer, Stefan Schwarzmann. Considering all the lineup shuffling, there are no real surprises to be found herein and the basic recipe remains the same – hard rocking songs for lovers of classic metal who like to chug beers whilst spinning attitudenal tuneage. As with the ancient, esteemed AC/DC, it all comes down to the song writing at this point in Accept‘s career and once again they nail it more often than not. But not without a few costly mistakes along the way.

Opening cut “Die By the Sword” is a prime example of the Accept playbook at peak operational strategery. It’s got just the right amount of aggression in the riffs, some flashy axe-work, a huge, anthemic chorus and plenty of those Teutonic oooh-oooh-ooohs Accept loves so much. Tornillo even goes for some Halford-esque wailing and screeching to put a fat stamp on the whole package before mailing. It’s a song I’ve been habitually spinning and I love it muchly. Just as expectations (and chaos) rise however, “Hole in the Head” comes out with the opening line “I need you like a prison term,” and things start to go pear-shaped. It isn’t a totally bad song, but it’s very rote and generic with some really unfortunate lyrical choices (“I tried so hard to quit you”). Yuck.

From there it’s metallic hopscotch from good songs to more questionable fare. Cuts like “What’s Done is Done” and “Worlds Colliding” are catchy, enjoyable rockers with good choruses and enough balls proximate to walls to satisfy fans. Other selections however, like “No Regrets” slightly misfire and feel less uninspired. “Koolaid” is a song about the Jonestown tragedy, which is obviously a serious event. While the song is mostly entertaining, when the chorus of “Don’t drink the Koolaid!” hits it’s unintentionally hilarious, which is unfortunate considering the source material. On top of that, the song sounds way too much like “Hoodoo Woman” by Krokus at key moments (yes, Krokus, motherfucker!). Album closer “Race to Extinction” is quite heavy but is the least engaging songs here and should have been left off entirely.

Besides the opener, the song that strikes me most is “Analog Man,” which tells of the confusion older folk feel in this increasingly hi-tech age. It has a simplistic rock structure much like, you guessed it, AC/DC, but the lyrics are so insightful, funny and true, they raise the song up a few notches. In fact, the line “I’m just an old school son of a bitch in a digital world” will now be the official tagline for Steel Industries, Ltd.

At 46 minutes and ten tracks, The Rise of Chaos is the ideal length. The production is a tad loud but in that stadium-ready hard rock way that suits the material. Tornillo is way out front with the guitars occupying the remainder and a fat, reverberating drum sound backing it all up.

Speaking of Mr. Tornillo, he’s grown into the frontman role well since taking over for the legendary Udo Dirkschneider. He has the same kind of raspy bark but possesses a much more versatile voice, capable of clean singing and wild screaming. He brings a Brian Johnson-esque tough guy grit to the proceedings and makes the music a bit heavier even when things are catchy and accessible. He sounds extra venomous this time out too, hitting more high notes and scrotum-testing screams. Founding guitarist Wolf Hoffman ensures every album is full of slick riffs and even slicker solo-work, and there’s no shortage of that here. He and well-traveled new axe Uwe Lulis (ex-Grave Digger, ex-Rebellion) work well together and splatter the album with enjoyable 80s metal moments that propel the songs along to mostly good ends. Wolf doesn’t get near the amount of praise he should and I enjoy his playing on every song.

The Rise of Chaos is another rocking, hard-charging album with more hits than misses, and for a band as vintage as Accept, it sounds satisfyingly pissed-off. It’s not quite as good as Blind Rage, but it’s well worth hearing for fans and newbies alike. As long as you are, in fact, about to rock, this will work just fine for you. The rest may now leave the hall.

Rating: 3.0/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 271 kbps mp3
Label: Nuclear Blast
Websites: |
Releases Worldwide: August 4th, 2017

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  • HeavyMetalHamster

    As promised….thanks SD
    Never thought I’d see the day when Accept would release a song called Kool-aid. …..perhaps the ESL impairment…..
    Still….a mediocre Accept album is better than most these days.

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    I was really excited when I heard the first released track “Rise” but got really worried when “Koolaid” came out. Fully expecting this to be a progression from their last 3, that song was like a punch in the gut, not the good kind. Accept is one of my absolute favorite bands so I’m definitely giving the full album a listen, I just hope I won’t be as disappointed. Your review is good and gives me some hope for the rest of the tracks. Thanks!

    • Skeeter 300 BlkOut

      Listening to analog man now, I dig it.

      • Señor Jefe El Rossover

        I grew on me quite a lot after multiple listens

        • WannaFight?DamnYou!

          These reviews are crappy as fuck. The album is beyond solid, though certainly not one of the best since the reunion. However, giving it a 60 out of 100 is simply ignorant; the Internet screwed not only record sales as it entitled anyone to be called a “reviewer” or (even worse) a “journalist” just because they have a blog and they can write. Forget experience, forget target markets and what have you.

          • Maybe you’re new to site, but a 3.0 is a decent score here. It’s a good, enjoyable album. We save the higher score for really top shelf material.

            As for experience, I’ve been listening to metal since 1981 and been an Accept fan just about that long. How long have you been listening to them?

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            I am new to the site. The site or the exigence of the reviewers has nothing to do with the album’s quality – if it’s worth a 9, why should you rate it with a 7 or a 6 or a 10? I agree that a reviewer must be demanding about what he is reviewing, but 3 out of 5 for this album is a disservice (or at least I think that it is). I know that the rating one gives to an album is somewhat relative, but just somewhat: there are professional guidelines that should be followed and that weren’t here, almost certainly because you’re a fan, not a journalist. I’ve been listening to Accept since 1987, it was one of the first metal bands I heard alongside Living Death, Voivod, Agent Steel and a few others. Patronizing is not a police badge and dick swinging is not typical of an adult unless he wants to pass on an Argument From Authority, which may work with uneducated people, but that’s that. However, and if you really want to swing dicks, I’m happy to oblige: let me know when you want to compare how many years of journalism you have under your belt, how many scientific papers have you published on the matter and the main differences between Tarde and Le Bon for starters. I’m not saying you don’t have the right to write whatever you feel like, I’m just saying (based on this review and a few other ridiculous paragraphs I read one hour or so ago) that I don’t consider you guys have proper training and knowledge in musical journalism to review without biases and in a professional way, to be frank. The other guy was worst than you though when he rambled that he reviews albums not to to kiss labels’ and bands’ butts but because he’s a fan and he tells the truth. What truth?! I think he meant his opinion, because the truth is in fact a matter for journalists, which you are not. Anyway, don’t take this as offensive, just objective and pragmatic. Best of luck to you guys.

          • I disagree with your opinion on the album and I don’t particularly care what you think of our “training.” There are plenty of sites that doll out high scores to average or slightly above average albums,. You might enjoy those places more than AMG. Have a good day, Professor.

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            And you have the right to disagree with my opinion, but that’s not the point, as my opinion of the album is irrelevant – the point is listening to Accept since 1981 gives you no authority to be a good reviewer. Ever thought that not all high scores are wrong? What I enjoy is reading objective and concise work, as well as assertive and well based answers. All you gave me was a couple of disgruntled replies and sneer remarks like “Professor”. What does that make you? A pupil? If I were you, I’d try to know more about what I could be doing wrong. If I were you, I’d never tell a reader to go read some other sites instead of explaining why yours is best. Maybe your ego doesn’t allow for that. Or maybe your site isn’t better than the others you sent me off to read. I will surely have a good day, though, and likewise.

          • You came on the site with an attitude and looking for a fight. We don’t do that here. If you dont like our style or come to pick fights, we ask you to move along. Good luck.

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            A lucid person that is trying to grow his site would explain to me why his site is best instead of telling me to move along or telling me to go to other sites. This is not fighting, it’s regular thinking, nothing rocket science about it. Your style is not good or bad, it’s just wrong, and sometimes you even go back and rate some albums with higher rates than before… because you screwed up. Which means that someone may have missed a band or a dozen (who knows?) based on a bad review. Still think this is picking fights? I’m just being honest, sorry that you can’t take a critic as much as I can’t take your reviews. Good luck, man.

          • We love feedback, just not when it’s delivered with all the attitude and bombast.. We enjoy our work here. If you dont, you dont, and we honestly do not care We are now done.

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            Keep going in circles and repeating yourself without presenting arguments, it’s the mature way. And feel free to leave the last word, I know it means a lot to you. And yes, I am now done.

          • Mariusz Miłosz

            just go away

          • Jon Hartley

            – Says “Ever thought that not all high scores are wrong?” while ignoring the fact that you could ask the same question to him about 3.0 scores

            – Bristles about being called “Professor” after unnecessarily boasting of his educational accomplishments

            – Criticizes the other party for “not presenting arguments” after presenting the oh-so-compelling argument that “Your style is not good or bad, it’s just wrong”

            – Caps off passive-aggressiveness posts by childishly saying the other person can have the last word as he himself takes the last word

            What a doozy. All this over a listenable, but ultimately mediocre and inconsistent Accept album. It must be hard trying to layer an argument that is essentially “You didn’t rate an album I like high enough, so you suck” in that much faux scholarship and supposed higher level thinking.

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            I don’t discuss journalism with fans, it’s the same as talking to a brick wall and expect a relevant discussion, so that’s that. As for the “mediocre album”, I’m neither a fanboy nor an Accept detractor; however, and after comparing my review with colleagues from media outlets like Metal Hammer UK & DE, Burrrn, Beat, and Metal Injection (just to name a few who rated the album between 7.5 and 9.5 out of 10), sorry if your “professional review” falls short of uneducated and simpleton. The only reason I liked the album is because it’s good, but hey, I am betting everyone else that is relevant in the industry is also wrong.

            What you call “boasting” and “faux scholarship” is in fact very real and supported by a physical magazine that is a reference amongst bands, labels, promoters, road managers and what have you in Europe. What can you say about yours? If the “oh I’ve been listening to Accept since the Stone Age so I know better” “reviewer” hadn’t started to dig that hole, I’d never talk about it. But what do I know? I am sure you’re that guy that writes and collaborates with magazines, newspapers, radio stations and TV channels, not me. Feel free to check my online and printed work anytime – I’ll check yours in the meantime too. Keep walking, son.

          • “I don’t discuss journalism with fans.” This is the troll line of the year and I’m sure it will become an inside joke on the site rather quickly (and no, you will not get any compensation).

            AMG has become one of the bigger metal review sites precisely because we don’t award 10 flaming skulls for every mediocre to average release. As you correctly noted, there are already plenty of sites willing to do that for some reason. We have a reputation to uphold and though I’ve liked Accept since the Stone Ages as you say, this is simply no better than a “good” release. Your repeated assertions that it’s an excellent release pretty much submarine your credibility and claims to possessing some kind of higher subjective training in metal reviewing.

            We took the liberty of looking at your “journalism” over at Metal Archives and Ultraje and because we aren’t much for punching downward, I’ll just wish you a good day and hope you enjoy your academic, professional journalism hobby or whatever you are currently calling it.

          • WannaFight?DamnYou!

            Call it whatever you want, man. Reputation? Now why would anyone talk about “reputation to uphold” when words like “kissing bands and labels asses” is one of your mottos? Reputation?WHAT reputation?!

            “this is simply no better than a “good” release”

            So, that’s the naked truth? We should add it to the “1+1=2” universal constant, just saying.

            “there are already plenty of sites willing to do that for some reason”

            That reason being LUCIDITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

            “training in metal reviewing”

            And then you tell me I AM THE JOKE and the troll? Do you even read and think about the shit that you write (and I’m not just talking about your reviews)?

            Oh you took the liberty? Well I didn’t, you’re not relevant for me to, but let me take my liberty to think that you would do a much better service flipping burgers at your local joint or whatever you’re currently calling it between concerts. That way you wouldn’t be fooling no one.

            Best to you guys and thank you for not knowing how to take a critic and rant off like little brats just because someone pointed you could be doing things the way they should. With a line of thinking like this, it’s no wonder you’ll never be competition. Ever. And for that I thank you. <3

          • Please continue these hysterical rants. We are loving them and plan to repurpose them as comedy for years to come. Gold, Jerry. Comedy gold!

            And I do flip a mean burger down at the Inverted Pyramid Grill.

          • Dr. Wvrm
          • El_Cuervo

            Dear Mr. WannaFight?DamnYou!,

            Thanks for your complaint. As you know, customer satisfaction lies at the heart of what we do here at Angry Metal Guy. We treat any criticisms or recommendations with the utmost sincerity and shall consider your comments carefully. Your issue shall be assigned to one of our specially trained customer satisfaction team who will get back to in 7-10 working days.

            Our deepest apologies and best regards,
            El Cuervo, Customer Satisfaction Line Manager

          • Jon Hartley


            The only thing that made that self-righteous wall of text worth reading was your pathetic little attempt at a mic-drop moment at the end. You really think you’re schooling people here, and sure, it’s pitiful, but it’s also got a naivety to it that’s almost endearing.

  • Blind Rage was a great album. Maybe this one will grow on me?

  • Martin Knap

    Accept… or don’t.

  • The Akerstache

    It is actually believed that the Jonestown massacre was executed via Flavor Aid, instead of the aforementioned Kool-Aid. This greatly perturbs me, as Accept could have instead wrote “Escape from Flavor Town,” the tale of cultist Guy Fieri.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    Slayer’s song is well known enough that NOBODY should go and name another song “Die By The Sword”. Not even Accept.

    • They care not about Slayer’s feeble sword!

    • Mollusc

      Maybe it’s the German article ‘die’.

  • Martin L

    There can be only one song about Jonestown: Guyana (Cult of the Damned) by Manowar. Accept no substitute !

    • Nola Trash Talk

      Agent Steel -The Day at Guyana

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Well, there might be more songs about it, but none will ever top Guyana (Cult Of The Damned). That said, there’s “Carnage in The Temple of The Damned” by Deicide.

    • Gloomer88

      Classic song!!!

  • Nola Trash Talk

    Good review and except it’s better than Blind Rage.

  • SelfIndulgence

    lyrics by Deafy?


    Total dud. This band should have called it quits years ago. Somehow they’ve become the most boring band in the world.

    • blindg

      Actually Blind Rage was pretty good. This one is unAcceptable..

    • FelixtheMetalcat

      Q tips are located in aisle one….

  • blindg

    3.0/5.0 is too high

  • Embedded track is very dull and the production is terrible. It almost sounds mono. The guitars sound absolutely lifeless.

  • Metal and Hockey

    Stalingrad was great Blind Rage was good. Not crazy about the two songs I’ve heard so far but it is Accept so I gotta pick it up

  • Ivan E. Rection

    That is the 2nd time this week I’ve read the word Krokus on this site. Let there be no third.

    TT Quick “Metal of Honor”… That is my preferred place to hear Tornillo.

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      lolz you can’t deny Druhm his Krokus!

  • jetblindracos

    Despite the flaws listed,this gave me a pleasant surprise.

  • Probably the best 80’s band out there in terms of consistency right now, although the Koolaid man song was not expected and punctually hilarious.

  • yobazsavar

    i celebrated this album by turning up bound to fail…

  • Dustin Whiteside

    I like’s me some Krokus, a.k.a. “Swedish AC/DC”.

  • Big Bang

    Well,i respect the guitar work of wolf so far all these years but i have to say this album is just too generic and a bit boring,i just hate tornillo voice can’t stand his vocals,it’s a heavy metal version of brian johnson.

  • Mikko_Kukkonen

    Hey! What’s with this “mercurial” thing in two different reviews, by two different reviewers?

  • FelixtheMetalcat

    Interesting review and one that has me very cautious about this new release. Blind Rage was a good album but clearly a slight dip in quality over the masterpiece Stalingrad was. But hey, it is Accept and they’ve earned the right to a good fair listen.

  • Johnny Van de Put

    Better then Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad, just slightly behind Blind rage. While it doesnt have an absolute killer track like Teutonic terror, shadow soldiers, Stalingrad, Bloodbath mastermind or Dark side of my heart (my all time favorite song); I wouldnt rate any song on Rise of chaos lower then 8. Worlds coliding is the best song on the Album.

    • You’re a very generous guy.

      • Johnny Van de Put

        Nah. It wont gain Accept any new fans. If you dont like Accept before, this release wont change your mind.

        That being said this is 110% vintage accept. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical after hearing the first single for the first time. I liked it al lot more tho after they released the musicvideo along with it.

        Previous albums always had a song or 2 which was always kinda meh. This release no filler for me. Every song very consistent.

    • WannaFight?DamnYou!

      “I wouldnt rate any song on Rise of chaos lower then 8”

      Yeah, I guess I’m not the only one. The album scored far more than 6 in specialized media, I gave it an 8 as well. Emphasis on “specialized”. Or maybe we’re all wrong and you’re just “very generous”, whether you’ve been listening to Accept since 1981 or otherwise. Or maybe we just give high scores to kiss bands and labels butts to meet with bands after. Who knows – maybe AMG are right and everyone else is wrong, that could also be the case. <3

      • It’s not about right or wrong. I gave my honest opinion on the album and to me it was good and nothing more. You can have your view on the album and that’s fine by me. So can other review sites, whether they be “specialized” or not. What else is there to say, really?

      • Jon Hartley

        Or maybe it’s not about right or wrong and your goal of establishing some sort of objective truth in the realm of subjective opinion is an exercise in futility.

  • EnslavedEld73

    The song Time Machine off Blood of the Nations is one of the catchiest heavy metal songs in the last decade. I’ll still have to give the new record a listen even after the sub-par review.

  • Shane R

    This is the type of music that works well when I’ve got 600 miles to drive and I turn it on and quickly start to tune out the lyrics and watch the miles roll by at the speed of the groove. Respectable.

  • TheCurlyMetalhead

    I really can’t stand bands like Accept, AC/DC (worshiped them in elementary and high school) and Maiden and the whole NWOBHM scene, I guess I grew tired of it. Too generic and boring for me. *leaves the hall*