Angry Metal LisaI normally don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our statistics anymore. The reality is that with our “model” of doing business, we’re never going to be Metal Sucks – and nor do I think that we should be. [Though, it should be noted that we continue to break records for readership every month. AMG] But today we hit a teeny, tiny little milestone in that we now have 3,000+ likes on Facebook. “Ack,” you say, “Facebook!” Indeed. One can feel that way about it, but I choose to see this in a different light.

We at Angry Metal Guy do not promote this page like other blogs do. We are not constantly pimping our shit on other people’s webpages, trying to fill their comments up with our links and begging our fans to share our pages in order to expand our reach. Nor do we intentionally produce “click whoring” posts in order to gin up controversy to attract attention. Instead, we feel that the consistent production of good material will encourage people to come to the blog, read our reviews and then complain about the fact that we are not objective.

This model has worked very well for us, actually. Slowly, but surely, we have built a following among metal fans all over the world (I want to give a particular shout out to South Africa, however, since we apparently have a huge South African contingent that reads the blog daily), and they have repaid us with shares, likes, friendly comments and loyalty. We have worked very hard to get to this point and that deserves recognition.

But, obviously, since you are probably among the 3,000 people who like us on Facebook let me say: thanks! Thank you for the comments, the shares, the likes and the generally positive way that you guys deal with us. I know that I speak for everyone who writes here when I say: we appreciate it. Our hard work is irrelevant without you taking your time to read our shit and pass it on.

Much obliged.

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  • Madam__X

    As a long time fan of the AMG site it is your and Steel Druhm’s consistently high standard of writing and dedication to keeping current that kept me returning to the site.  Thanks to you both for putting in all that hard work.   I’m very happy to be a small part of that hard work going forward :)  Yaaaaaay for 3 000+ likes!!

  • Go SA!  I, for one, sincerely appreciate being informed of bands I previously never heard of!  Orphaned Land for one blew my mind!  Congrats on the milestone!

  • Zadion

    And thank you, for consistently putting out excellent reviews and exposing me to countless awesome artists. I think I speak for all your loyal readers when I say I appreciate it. Here’s to another 3000 likes!

  • Lauren Fonto

    I’ve discovered some great bands thanks to Angry Metal Guy. The quality of the writing is always excellent. Long live AMG. m/

    Cheers from South Africa

  • Shit I havent liked you on Facebook yet. (Because I cant stand Facebook) But I’ll do it for the Blog :P Keep it coming guys!

  • Garksa

    Personally, I vastly prefer you over MetalSucks. I also like the approach of almost all reviews and no news, and I like the approach of being very hard on albums a lot of the time. Not agreeing with you has encouraged me to be more critical and think hard about why I like what I like.

    • Yeah, the news category is quite full – don’t you think? And I’m glad that you dig the way we do things. The point has always been to be as consistent as possible when it comes to reviews and to not promote shit we don’t like just ’cause it’s on the label’s schedule.

    • The news thing is pretty played out. Since the news cycle is *often* just promotional information in any case, it kind of feels a little cheap.

      The more important point, in my opinion, is the latter one. I’m glad that you feel challenged by our reviews and think about what it is that you dig and why… it makes life more sweet. :)

  • By far my favorite metal blog/site, you guys are who inspired me to do my own. Cheers on the 3000!

  • You guys deserve it.  You put out great reviews, often of bands I’ve never heard of.  Gives me great exposure to some stuff I otherwise would have missed. Thank you so much for introducing me to Vintersorg and many other great bands.

  • HohenheimOL

    I’m glad to contribute to your well-deserved popularity. Nothing makes me happier than a site that recognizes quality as the only way to deserve popularity. That, and I appreciate being given a nice environment in which to troll the occasional Gojira fanboy.

  • Robotron2084

    What is this Facedbook thing you speak of?

  • I love reading the reviews on the site almost daily before work, especially when it leads me to something new to listen to throughout the day. I’ve found some of my favorite bands through the reviewers’ recommendations. Hope you keep it up for a long time. 

  • Indeed. I mean, I quote everything and everyone. Randomly, senselessly, passionately.

  • Indeed. I quote everything and everyone. Randomly, senselessly, passionately.

  • Colin Stuart

     I owe it to you guys for leading me to about a bazillion new bands since I started reading your reviews! Thanks for maintaining such high standards!

  • Matt Speer

    This site is much better than MetalSucks. I still read MS every day, but this site has better reviews and tends to review more obscure music, which I personally enjoy. Not to mention you guys are more mature than some of those clowns that run MS…

    • I’d say we’re different than Metal Sucks because our incentives are different. On the other hand, Metal Sucks gets all sorts of love from the industry that we certainly never get.

  • OzanCan

    Your hard work and devotion is well noted and well appreciated AMG, thank you and keep up the GREAT work!! m/

  • … we feel that the consistent production of good material will encourage people to come to the blog, read our reviews and then complain about the fact that we are not objective.

    I’ll drink to that. Keep on the good work here.

  • funeraldoombuggy

    I don’t have a facebook whatever…. hank you! I only discovered you a few months ago have been enjoying some awesome thot out, non-kissingvass/sucking-up-to lables and honest reviews!

  • I know a lot of great bands from AMG.. and i always love that honest review!

    Greetings from Indonesia!!

  • Thank you too, best review site i’ve visited, and by far.


    My girlfriend fucking hates my music and most my friends and family can’t even begin to understand it. I like coming to these sites because its nice to find the people that love metal. This is the first day I have read AMG and I like it! I don’t have Facebook so you guys will have to settle for me sending a mental “Like” your way.