Angry Metal Guy Speaks: On Internet Popularity

Angry Metal LisaI normally don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our statistics anymore. The reality is that with our “model” of doing business, we’re never going to be Metal Sucks – and nor do I think that we should be. [Though, it should be noted that we continue to break records for readership every month. AMG] But today we hit a teeny, tiny little milestone in that we now have 3,000+ likes on Facebook. “Ack,” you say, “Facebook!” Indeed. One can feel that way about it, but I choose to see this in a different light.

We at Angry Metal Guy do not promote this page like other blogs do. We are not constantly pimping our shit on other people’s webpages, trying to fill their comments up with our links and begging our fans to share our pages in order to expand our reach. Nor do we intentionally produce “click whoring” posts in order to gin up controversy to attract attention. Instead, we feel that the consistent production of good material will encourage people to come to the blog, read our reviews and then complain about the fact that we are not objective.

This model has worked very well for us, actually. Slowly, but surely, we have built a following among metal fans all over the world (I want to give a particular shout out to South Africa, however, since we apparently have a huge South African contingent that reads the blog daily), and they have repaid us with shares, likes, friendly comments and loyalty. We have worked very hard to get to this point and that deserves recognition.

But, obviously, since you are probably among the 3,000 people who like us on Facebook let me say: thanks! Thank you for the comments, the shares, the likes and the generally positive way that you guys deal with us. I know that I speak for everyone who writes here when I say: we appreciate it. Our hard work is irrelevant without you taking your time to read our shit and pass it on.

Much obliged.

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