The life of the unpaid, overworked metal reviewer is not an easy one. Cascading promos, unreasonable deadlines, draconian editors and the unwashed metal mobs – it makes for a swirling maelstrom of music and madness. In all that tumult, errors are bound to happen and sometimes our initial impression of an album may not be completely accurate. With time and distance comes wisdom, and so we’ve decided to pull back the confessional curtain and reveal our biggest blunders, missteps, oversights and ratings face-plants. Consider this our sincere AMGea culpa. Redemption is retroactive, forgiveness is mandatory.

Once in a while you drift from things you love. Once in a while unexpected pleasures arise. Once in a while giants fall. And once in a while we write reviews we regret.

We here at Angry Metal Guy pride ourselves on independent reviews which reject label pandering. More importantly, we pride the firmness with which we award scores. A 3.5 may be meaningless elsewhere but not here – that’s how we want to operate. This has an important cause: if stuck between two scores, we mark down. It also has an important effect: occasional regret that a higher score was not granted. This feature is designed to mitigate that effect. It shames me to admit that it also serves as penance for those few occasions where we do overrate. It’s sometimes tough to judge how an album will grow or diminish in our estimations over the fullness of time so I do hope you accept this public self-flagellation with grace and mercy1


Much has already been written about Wilderun‘s superlative Sleep at the Edge of the Earth. It’s not my intention to repeat any of the thoroughly deserved praise we’ve lain at its feet. But 2 years have passed and I can say with confidence that it’s one of my favorite records of all time. If that isn’t reason for bumping up to a 5.0/5.0 then nothing is.

It’s just so perfect. More than any individual track or moment – though there are a ridiculous number of amazing ones I could mention if you gave me an hour or three – it is the album constructed in its purest form. Every track is significant and gives context to the rest, in exactly the order which enables the musical journey to run its most satisfying possible course. No moment feels wasted nor extraneous while 54 minutes shows great restraint in this era of 70-minute records. The word synergy is usually reserved for corporate bullshit but Sleep is supremely synergistic in its flow, track lengths and use of contrasts across the whole record, with every moment complementing another. This is just one aspect which has not yet been documented at AMG and rest assured that I could write 1000 more words on further examples. Welcome to hallowed ground gents.

Original score: 4.5
Adjusted score: 5.0

Skyscraper‘s Elevation was one of the first records I reviewed at AMG and I was still learning how to satisfactorily summarize my thoughts and score. It says a lot that I distinctly remember dithering between the 2.5 and 3.0 for it, when such dithering is highly common in this role. Clearly I was torn and the passing of nearly 3 years has demonstrated to me that I was wrong then on two counts: not only was 3.0 the more suitable, but 3.5 is most suitable. I still whip it out a few times per year for easy listening and to satisfy my cheese cravings, which is more than can be said for a few 3.5s I’ve dispensed.

Its melodic rock, almost AOR-style, has proven distinctly memorable despite my initial concerns that its saccharine quality would leave the record fading after just a few listens. I then criticized “Across the Barricades,” “Playing with Fire” and “Everybody Cries Sometimes” as surplus to requirements but I must now admit that I know the words to every song here. Lee Small’s easy voice and awesome croons have remained just as enjoyable as ever and I even bothered to explore his other work. He now fronts a long-defunct but reformed 80s rock band, Lionheart, who once supported the likes of Def Leppard and Whitesnake. They have a new release upcoming and I’d love to hear it, if only to bask in Small’s smooth singing once more. Skyscraper: I’m sorry.

Original score: 2.5
Adjusted score: 3.5

It’s funny how an opinion can change even after just a few months. Four months after initially putting pen to paper over Asira I now know their debut, Efference, will be one of my favorite 2017 releases. It’s certainly faring better than a few others which I initially loved2. All I said before holds true but I’ve found my principle criticism – that the slow parts can drag – largely irrelevant over prolonged listens. These lulls are critical to the record’s flow and allow my mind to wander over the subtleties, evoking distant landscapes and airily contrasting the pleasingly furious blackened passages. My favorite albums in recent times tend to come from a well of influences and nowhere is that well deeper than here, drawing black metal, post-rock, progressive rock, blues and ambient into a perfectly cohesive sound.

I’ve awarded a few 3.5s this year and while I don’t regret those scores, I’ve become increasingly aware that it does a disservice to Efference for it to linger among those albums given its clear superiority. My review concluded with a posed question about whether Asira could be the next Big Deal. Well I now consider their debut itself a Big Deal and a strong sophomore release would cement that status.

Original score: 3.5
Adjusted score: 4.5


Another victim of youthful inexperience with critical writing perhaps, Alunah‘s Awakening the Forest received rich praise in my fifth ever review. An appraisal of how a precious 4.5 was bestowed yields one key error: I mistook the absence of inadequacies as perfection. It very much remains the case that there isn’t anything wrong with the album. The guitar tone is just as monumental as it ever was, the riffs are groovy and satisfying, and Sophie Day’s vocals are similarly captivating. There are no obvious weaknesses beyond these. But I don’t love the record in spite of its strengths. Its inclusion in my 2014 list was more my backing myself – it certainly wouldn’t make the list now – than true appreciation.

I think this was reflected in my recent review of its sequel, Solennial. While Solennial had worse song-writing and justified a lower score, that 2.5 is a significant step down from 4.5 when there isn’t much distinguishing the records. I had come to realize that I am allowed to limit my score even if I mostly have good things to say. It was, in fact, this contrast over Alunah which spawned ideas about a contrition feature which amends reviews we regret3. I sincerely hope our loyal readers accept this token of repentance as I highly value the strict scoring employed at AMG4.

Original score: 4.5
Adjusted score: 3.5

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  1. Burn him in effigy and curse his name. – Steel Druhm
  2. *cough* Pallbearer *cough*
  3. Not to disregard the animated discussions held with Steel Druhm as we enjoyed a beer or three together.
  4. Continue to curse his name forevermore. – Steel
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  • Master of Muppets

    I really dig this concept. Strong work, yo.

  • mindbleach

    For a moment I thought this would be about the Hinder review ;)

    • Nukenado

      Mark Z’s entire catalog is different from the other reviewers. See the Meta-list for that.

    • Or the Sum 41 TYMHM…

      • You guys never forget anything!

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          Nor forgive!

      • Diabolus_in_Muzaka

        That one was totally defensible!

  • HeavyMetalHamster

    Some of my favourite albums I was indifferent to at first and others that I loved right away had short shelf lives.

  • [not a Dr]

    Don’t worry. Ever since I heard that to err is human, I’ve been trying to make mistakes of my own. Easier said than done.

  • wayne the devil

    Good write up. I have to be honest though; I rarely pay attention to the album scores…DR rating yes. Overall score, not so much. Unless its’ abnormally high…or low…to valuable a Metal resource to get to hung up on ratings! All of you Rock!!

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    The very first time I finished the Ash Memory suite I almost cried. Not because of how incredible it was, but because I would never be able to witness it for the first time ever again. Agree wholeheartedly with the bump-up.

  • HeavyMetalHamster

    I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.

  • Monsterth Goatom

    Hard to believe Wilderun are still unsigned.

    • El_Cuervo

      They’ve probably had offers but declined for touring requirements or other reasons. Some bands just like to be DIY, eg Cormorant.

  • Gage

    Score shmore. I would be fine if you just had these”ratings”: awful, meh, average, good, and excellent.

  • RuySan

    This is a pretty nice concept, and i wish it’s expanded upon. It’s also a good way for us to revisit some albums and discuss also how they grew on us.

    On the other hand, the Wilderun record did nothing for me, and it’s strange because it’s exactly the kind of music i usually love.

    • Expanded upon in what way/ways? We always appreciate reader feedback.

      • RuySan

        MORE MORE MORE. Basically.

        Also, those ranked albums lists from a particular band were the best, and if i’m not mistaken you never did anything beyond opeth and iron maiden.

        • Duly noted and more will be forthcoming.

          • Monsterth Goatom

            An AMG list of “Top 10” classic DM, BM, Power Metal, etc. might be interesting. But then, everyone and his dog on the internet publishes such lists, usually with variations on the usual suspects. Your Yer Metal is Olde posts kind of serve that purpose.

            Reader polls on best albums of the year might be interesting, but polls are likewise a dime a dozen and usually serve no purpose. Not to mention that they’re open to voting abuse. Still, Carlo M. has been doing polls over at the Metal-Fi Forum. Can be fun sometimes.

          • Nukenado

            I feel like we could get weird with the lists. I loved “Sonata Arctica’s Top 5 Unintentional Successes”, and would love to see more of its kind.
            Preferably about the writer’s guilty pleasures.
            Eldritch Elitist’s Top 5 DragonForce Wank Solos!
            Steel Chooses 5 Ridiculous Songs That Jorn Should Cover!
            The possibilities are endless!

          • RuySan

            Steel Druhm’s top ten songs about bothering orcs

          • Eli Valcik

            I would ABSOLUTELY love a list of classic Black Metal, those are pretty much all of my favorite bands except Burzum. I could let my Bathory, Immortal and Windir fandom shine!
            edit: thats is a compressed list of the bands I would be raving about.

        • El_Cuervo

          We never even did Opeth! I’d love to write such a feature as a massive fanboy but I feel like AMG himself would take charge for that.

          • RuySan

            I was confusing with the best of list of the last decade in which ghost reveries came first

        • Monsterth Goatom

          The Iron Maiden run-down was great, but, I don’t think they did Opeth. The only non-review Opeth post I found when I searched was about that strange bus crash.

          Or do you mean the post about the Deliverance/Damnation remix?

          NOTE: Just saw El_Cuervo’s reply as I was writing, but posting anyways.

      • Nukenado


      • Alex P.

        Reader feedback?! You just said the magic words! I’m of the mind that critical analysis is contextual, and the further you zoom out on the extreme music milieu timeline the more in-focus your context becomes. In that regard I think we would be remiss to not take the opportunity to wax retrospective now and then! I’m sure a ton of classic albums that were slept on in their day are now regarded as opuses, or vice versa. The occasional retrospective could insulate us from short term fads (ironically, long term fads just become codified sub genres so maybe “fad” is too pejorative). I want to emphasize the aforementioned “now and then” because publishing these types of articles too often could undermine the definitiveness of the original score or – god forbid – the site’s content be perceived as lowest common denominator listicles by newcomers who would otherwise add value to the discourse at large. Fantano is on to something on one of his channels and is creating “Starter Packs” eg. “Death Metal Starter Pack”, “Golden Age Era Hip Hop Starter Pack” and I think y’allz could knock something analogous to those out of the park eg. “Folk Metal Starter Pack”. Comment sections are rife with readers thirsty for recommendations so the demand is there! My worst fear is that Angry Metal Squad will extirpate the subjective numerical rating system entirely. Please don’t *puppy eyes*.

        • I used to do a retro-spective piece fairly often but admit I’ve slacked off on it due to expanded AMG duties. We still do the Yer Metal is Olde feature in order to cover the classics of the past but there are so many great older albums, there’s always room for more.

          • Alex P.

            Good point. The Olde feature IS a starter pack series, now that I think about it. Touche, salesman! Bemoaning the level of low quality metal saturation seems like a common (and misguided) sentiment now that the internet is a thing, but as long as you guys continue to do a wicked job maintaining the holy blog trinity of exposure, integrity and intelligent discourse then you can do no wrong in my eyes. And you guys DO knock that shit out of the park, so kudos.

  • Dagoth_RAC

    I have given that Wilderun album multiple chances over the past couple of years. And I just gave it another go. And I simply cannot get into this no matter how many times I try. I always get like 10 minutes into it and my mind starts to wander. And then I eventually realize that I have essentially completely missed 2 or 3 songs because I stopped paying attention and was thinking about what I need to pick up from the store tonight.

    I feel bad. This is not some super dissonant, super ugly, super kvlt, avant garde album which I can respect but know is not really for me. This *feels* like an album I should greatly enjoy. It seems to have all the ingredients and style I would dig. And yet here I sit, the seeming only metalhead on Earth who does not get it. :-(

    • Don’t feel bad. I’m not on the Wilderun hype train either.

      • Robert Cochran

        Whew, I am saved by the Viking Gorilla! I’ve been trying to get into Wilderrun for two years since it first was gushed over on here. Just do not get it.

        • I think it’s a nice album, but I don’t see it as the masterwork other AMG writers do. To each their own and such.

          • Robert Cochran


          • Sean Sky

            You’re all entitled to your opinions (even though they’re wrong). <3

            Seriously though, I hope it eventually clicks with you guys. I'm not one to say this lightly but I legitimately think it's a perfect album and could be one of my favorite albums ever.

          • Dr. A.N. Grier

            Same. I really liked it, but not that much.

    • El_Cuervo

      Not everyone can appreciate perfection, don’t worry


    • IndignantN00b

      Count me as another who doesn’t get it. But I think even the best Opeth albums are pretty overrated and I think you have to be an Opeth fan to dig Wilderrun.

      • Dagoth_RAC

        That is the weird thing. I love Opeth (well, before they became a straight up tribute band to Akerfeldt’s favorite obscure 70s prog bands). So Wilderun seemed like it would be right up my alley. Which is why I find my lack of enjoyment of Wilderun particularly frustrating. I really miss Opeth and desperately wanted Wilderun to fill the Opeth-sized hole in my metal heart. But for some reason it did not. And that makes me sad.

      • SoLeftISeeRight

        Not the case for me. I love that Wilderun album (and their debut is solid too), but have never been an Opeth fan. I even left a festival early once because they bored me to the point of annoyance.

      • P.K.

        I heard Wilderun’s debut first, LOVED it, and then moved on to Sleep with high expectations, and was kinda… “Huh? WTF?” The debut is so much better, and anyone who thinks Sleep is overrated should still give the debut a listen. It’s a different creature entirely. I speak as another who doesn’t care much for Opeth.

    • madhare

      You described almost exactly how I feel about it as well. It just doesn’t click with me.

    • RuySan

      Probably the most remarkable thing for me about the Wilderun album was the post of a fellow AMG’er about how he gave the album to listen to a friend who was on his deathbed. It seriously moved me much more than the album itself.

    • Kronos

      Same here. Actually, I think the opening track is really good, but as soon as the album proper kicks in I get alternately bored and embarrassed by how corny the lyrics are. Basically, I just hate folk metal.

      • Ivan E. Rection

        Opinions can differ= it’s a good thing. Much like Pyrrhon; you pitched a tent for it, but it made my ears vomit. Yet your write up was an excellent read regardless of our different verdicts. And AMG excels at making me check out everything that gets posted except Hinder.

    • Kurt Kapferer

      I really like the album but music is subjective not everyone likes the same things. It’s why Indefensible Positions is one of my favorite types of articles posted here. Reading someones outside perspective has helped me at least appreciate something about an album that I wouldn’t have otherwise because of my previous biases about an album.

    • Master of Muppets

      Sleep at the Edge of Your Seat: the end result of being bored by an over-hyped album.

      I respect Wilderun, but Sleep is lucky to get a 3.0 from me. It seems to me that many people are content to hail Wilderun as the Oldpeth of our time and subsequently pass off their idolatry/imitation as inspiration, whereas it’s that exact element that keeps Sleep from waking anything in me. I want to like them more, but I’ve heard this stuff already. Why that damns other bands but not Wilderun, I don’t know, but I just can’t seem to find my ticket for that particular hype train.

    • Kryopsis

      Well put, actually. I’m in the same boat: it’s not that I dislike the album, I just end up zoning out whenever I try to listen to it. At this point, subsequent attempts always result in moments like ‘oh right, I remember this part’ and yet nothing sticks. Given how much praise the album received here, it’s actually surprising to find out that I’m not alone.

    • Dudeguy Jones

      Me twenty.

      Listening now and Im determined to get at least halfway before bailing. I am not a big Opeth fan, or a fan at all, rather, but this already has more going for it then my attempts at breaking into Opeths catalogue.

      Ive always tended towards harsher forms of metal and its only recently that Ive found myself enjoying more epic and folk metal.
      I tend towards Windir and that stuff when it comes to Folk. Even the last Thrawsunblat, But…. I could eventually like this Wilderun album.

  • Cherd

    I totally agree about Alunah’s Awakening the Forest, only I’d give it a 3.0. My own ranking system for the most part jives with AMG’s collective tastes, but I always thought that one was a head-scratcher. Love the concept of this post. Hope it becomes semi-regular.

  • Chris

    Completely agree on bumping Wilderun. It’s about as perfect as a record gets, imo.

  • drug_genosh

    weird…recently ive been thinking that this would make for a great column, tastes can grow or diminish after all. I almost thought about sharing this epiphany but alas, laziness.
    If only I could remember what spurred this idea…(THE TCHORNOBOG REVIEW!?! ONE POINT FIVE?!?! AHHHHHHHHH **pulls hair out of head*** im fine, its fine)
    in short: get out of my head you guyes

    • So, about your anime tentacle porn fetish…we don’t support it.

      • drug_genosh

        is that “open to interpretation”? What if I happen to “enjoy” it when I “find” it? Let’s not forget that tentacles have wants and needs too!

        • Yuck. Carry on though.

          • drug_genosh

            Am I being kink shamed?!*

            *not actually into tentacles. Or anime, for that matter. Id rather not be “that tentacle porn guy”

          • So it wasn’t you who gave The Cabinet of Doctor Calamari 5 stars on Squid Hub? We don’t judge. We’ll just forget all about this unpleasantness.

          • drug_genosh

            No, but now I know what to get the staff for the holidays!

  • madhare

    Respect! Would be even more respect if you guys could add a little note about these adjusted ratings into the original review articles as well.

  • Planex

    Sleep at the Edge of the Earth was one of the first albums I listened to after finding this website. Incredible.

  • Dr. Wvrm

    To Cuerrvo is human.

    • Nukenado

      You’re usurping Steel’s job here with these puns.

      • Yeah, Wvrm, stop co-opting my societal niche!

        • Dr. Wvrm

          Fear not, I could never outshine the master.

          • Punny mortal!

          • Dr. Wvrm

            Wait, what was that Vallenfyre album called?

  • sir_c

    Sounds like a new subject, for reconsidered ratings and such.
    A’little More Gentle
    Adjusted Mediocre Grades

  • Dave Shellenberger

    That Wilderun album is just damn incredible.

  • Sean Sky

    So is there hope for White Wizzard to get dropped off the 5/5 list or is that staying up for meme purposes at this point?

    • Well, the review author would need to do a Contrite Metal Guy post, and for various reasons that would be…difficult.

      • Nukenado

        Can’t we channel him or something?
        He posessed you to write the 花殇 review after all.

        • That was a loving tribute to his totally non-suspicious sabbatical taking self as we remembered him (before he took the extended sabbatical).

          • Nukenado

            I think I can get to the bottom of this deep pit of intrigue!
            With maybe some dirt on my hands.

          • In the words of the legendary Don Dokken, just walk away.

          • Nukenado

            Wow… Dokken, that’s olde…
            But okay, I’ll take the advice. I’ll just fill the pit with concrete…

          • wayne the devil

            Yeah I got the Dokken joke too…..add another white hair to me…..

          • SoLeftISeeRight

            He stole that line from Lord Humongous

          • He was my favorite warlord of the wastelands.

          • SoLeftISeeRight

            I just assumed it would be Mark the Shark

          • We’re feudin’ and beefin’ at the moment but he’s a fine warlord in his own right.

          • [not a Dr]

            I think that asking too many questions will land you at the bottom of this deep pit of intrigue, besides the other sabbatical sacrifice victim.

          • Nukenado

            Yum! Red, iron heavy dirt!

      • WhamBamSam

        The people demand justice! Have him tried in absentia.

        • We do that every year at the AMG Christmas party.

    • The Akerstache

      I’m just hoping Diabolus does one and gives Alestorm the 5/5 they deserve.

      • SoLeftISeeRight

        I second this motion

      • Dr. A.N. Grier


      • Diabolus_in_Muzaka

        If I do that it’s getting a 5.5/5.0 because it transcends the AMG scale in all its majesty.

      • Sean Sky

        Not like this…

    • Dammit. I came here to post that exact same question. Please remove that travesty of an album from the list, or better yet just nuke the damn review entirely.

      • We live in a world of laws, rules, customs and traditions. In short, we’re stuck with that albatross forever.

  • The Unicorn

    Uh oh, you better revise the Pyrrhon review, Toilet Ov Hell sure told you guys:

    (Fuck ToH…jerkoffs…)

    • It takes all kinds to make the metal blogosphere work. We support their right to voice cranky anti-AMG opinions.

      • The Unicorn

        And I support pro-AMG!!

      • AndySynn

        I believe that Mr Unicorn has got the wrong end of the stick. That post is clearly tongue-in-cheek and isn’t mocking AMG, it’s mocking the guy who went on a rant about “post-ironic SJW New York hipster Metal”… or whatever it was.

        • We didn’t take offense. We found it funny.

          • AndySynn

            I know YOU didn’t.

    • Nukenado

      I’m pretty sure that was a joke and he liked the album.
      I mean…
      “Nuanced riffs? Check. Interesting vocals? Check. Syncopated rhythms? Check. Lyrics that don’t just offer me escapist fan service? Check. Clever song titles? Check.”

      Also, “*No, on the real, this album rules, and you should all listen to it. Pyrrhon remain one of the most forward-thinking death metal bands in the game, and this album is everything they’ve done right over the years distilled into a challenging, absurdly dense masterwork.”

  • Eli Valcik

    It’s kinda funny how yesterday I was talking about how you guys gave Vektor a lower score then I thought it deserved and then this comes about. But on the other side I am really happy that you adjusted Wilderun’s score to a 5/5 (AMG never shuts up about it.)

    • We’ve been discussing doing something like this for years. It finally came together in the past few weeks.

      • Eli Valcik

        I find this kind of thing to be really cool. It also gives me a change to go back and revisit albums I may have judged due to score (shame on me.)

    • WhamBamSam

      I’m right there with you pulling for Vektor to get their due. Terminal Redux is exactly the sort of record that one would want this feature for. It would probably have been a 4.0 for me on my first listen, was up to 4.5 by listen five or ten (so when the review would theoretically have been written), and only by listen 15 or so was it beginning to encroach on 5.0 territory. But looking back now, anything short of a perfect score just seems wrong. None of my initial objections really hold up, and it has those moments that set it apart from other albums, even ones that I really love. When I listen to it and reach that reprised sing-song melody at the end of “Recharging the Void”, I’m left with the same sense of having just borne witness to something transcendent, the same one that I get at, say, the conclusion of “Hallowed Be Thy Name” when listening through Number of the Beast or Shuldiner’s final throat shredding scream on the “Painkiller” cover at the end of TSOP. That most metal of notions, that while the universe may not be any better a place than I had suspected going in, it must surely be a greater one.

  • Bas

    I would’t call these mistakes (though the Aluna review really appears like a mistake from your words). Sometimes an album takes more time to like or sometimes after a while it becomes clear its just not as good as you thought…
    The older you get the worse.. cause taste also changes (though some albums remain awesome, no matter what).

    I like this new format. I would like to see one the older staff members Steel, AMG, Madam X and Grymm.

    • We will all get around to doing one of these eventually, as we all have our sins and omissions. I personally can think of 6 rating adjustments I’ve wanted to make for a long time.

      • Eli Valcik

        Witherscape to a 5/5 maybe????????

      • Does this mean HMG will be given a chance to repent?

        • Well, you see….

        • Eli Valcik

          I imagine that being like the Shaming scene from Game of Thrones.

        • Monsterth Goatom

          Well, apparently there was this “accident”, you see….

          • Dr. A.N. Grier

            The only “accident” I see is the comma outside your quotes.

          • Monsterth Goatom


    • Grymm

      Mine is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

  • I love this new concept, very helpful and admirable of the AMG team (which requires humility, above anything else). Now I have an extra reason to check out both Wilderun’s and Asira’s albums. Thank you guys!

  • Album of the Year underrated? You are too strict for yourself, El.

    • We raised him that way.

    • El_Cuervo

      haha when you put it that way it sounds ridiculous. But I felt compelled to raise it to a 5.0 given it’s now one of my favourite releases ever.

  • When will you re-review White Wizzard?! :)

    Just kidding, Wilderrun was my album of the year for 2015. A year that saw the loss of my best friend and “metal brother” Josh to cancer. I discovered that album in the last few days he was alive, and even though he never heard it, I know he would have loved it, and in my mind, its my little dedication in his memory.

    • El_Cuervo

      That’s such a touching connection to have, I remember you telling us back then.

      He’ll be blasting it round the halls of Valhalla on his mighty steed I’m sure m/

  • One More Thing

    Where’s the White Wizard correction?

  • tomasjacobi

    I like this idea.
    So I guess there is a chance that in about 6 months time the Pyrrhon album will be re-rated and get the generous 1.5 it deserves!
    (Sorry, Pyrrhon fans; I really, REALLY don’t get it)

  • Kryopsis

    @disqus_dOHAmjpQZP:disqus: I think a bug was introduced in the article. The entire paragraph on Ne Obliviscaris went missing!

    • El_Cuervo

      The bit where the 4.5s are upgraded to 5.0s? Yeah that’s in the next one.

      • Kryopsis

        So you still insist it’s a 4.5 album?

        • El_Cuervo

          Yeah for sure.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    I see what’s happening here. The staff are wanting to capture some of that Steely 3.5 Druhm glory.

    • Eli Valcik

      He’s gonna change everything to a 3.5 WE MUST STOP HIM!

      • I judge your resistance to be no better than Very Good.

        • Eli Valcik


  • Meriyas

    It’s good to see Asira get a bit more love. That album was an instant buy for me and is currently sitting atop my AOTY list; those Brits know how to write music that’s right up my alley. Thanks for the article El Cuervo, it’s a very interesting idea and like many others here I look forward to seeing more from other writers too.

    • El_Cuervo

      That record is so good. I actually saw them live but they only played 3 songs </3

  • Philip Pledger

    Figures that I would stumble upon this while halfway into the Garden of Fire. :P
    Seriously though, the Sleep at the Edge of the Earth review was the first one from this site I read, and promise of content like it (the album and review both) is what’s kept me coming back all this time.

  • Viktor Svensson

    I really like this concept! Will the reviews have the adjusted scores added, with a link to this blogpost for further elaboration? It would seem odd if the new scores weren’t mentioned at all in the reviews.

  • Innit Bartender

    And here I thought you had finally gone and made an album of your own…

  • RuySan

    This is a good time as any to say that i’m still hurt by the score on the SubRosa ‘No help for the mighty ones’ album. I reckon that album is worth 3 Wilderun’s at least.

  • lennymccall

    I still really dig Alunah‘s Awakening the Forest (4.0 for me) but agree Solennial is just boring. What the hell happened there?

  • Felchmeister777

    Not really seeing the logic in re-reviewing a ‘2.5’ only to bump it up to a ‘3.5.

    So, it was pretty crappy and now it’s slightly above average…(?)

    I can see this article having a purpose when it’s moving a ‘1’ to a ‘5’ or whatever, but focussing on such minor adjustments only fuels the idiots amongst us who get a bit overly petty about scores. “How can you say it’s a 5/5..!? What, it’s literally perfect!?” etc etc…

    • A 3.5 here is a very good album, like an 8/10 on many other sites. With that context, a bump from average/mixed results (2.5) to very good (3.5) is a significant bump up.

      • Felchmeister777

        It’s a rise of one fifth. I’m still not really seeing it. But then again, as I was alluding to in my last post, this current obsession with scores is a little…silly…

        With respect, your response only kind of reinforced that.

        ‘Average’ is 2.5…but then 3.5 is suddenly ‘very good’. Seems odd to me…

        I thought the general rule of thumb was that say a ‘3’ is decent, nothing outstanding, but decent. ‘3.5’ is, effectively, ‘7/10’…& I don’t see that as befitting a ‘very good’.

        ‘4’ would be fast approaching ‘really quite good’, with ‘4.5/5’ being what you deemed ‘very good’ & beyond…

        Anyway, fair enough, just a all a bit odd to me…

        I’ll leave it at that, as I can sense my virginity returning…

        • We’ve been using the same rating system since 2009. It grew out of our perception that most sites overrate everything and award high scores to 70-80% of albums being released.

          • Felchmeister777

            Fair enough. I don’t mean to be a total twat about it. Just struck me as a little unusual.

            Thank you for getting back to me & addressing that anyway…

          • My pleasure. And you’re not being a twat at all, just voicing your opinions.

    • El_Cuervo

      I was wary of this while writing. You’ve opined that you don’t think a shift of 1/5 is significant enough to merit a correction but I’m siding with le Steel below. 3.5 on our scale is actually quite significant and I felt I had done them a disservice first time around.

  • Josh

    This is a great idea. Here’s to hoping Steel Druhm does a piece and revisits Ghost’s “Infestissumam”.

    Still to this day the review I disagree with most. It’s far and away my favorite Ghost album, with almost every track taking their catchiness to a new level. Give it another shot!

    • That Ghost thing really stuck in your craw! My piece is coming soon. No promises on Ghost though.

    • El_Cuervo

      I actually agree with you. I like the carnival vibe. All their albums are good but Infestissumam is the best.

  • IBlackened

    Thanks Mr. Cuervo. After this article, I finally decided to give Wilderun a chance and what I was missing! I’m catching the hype train.

  • I still disagree thoroughly with you review of IWrestledABearOnce – Hail Mary. Not the best album ever, but a 0.5? Really? I will never understand, never forgive and never forget! What is this, the Metal Archives user review section?

    Then a series of bashings of Mastercastle, Dreaming Dead and Crystal Viper – and a bunch of praise for various albums as dull as dishwater.

    And that Hinder review?! You must have run out of low scores because you used them on albums that deserved better. Hinder rhymes with 1.5.

    My head never stopped shaking.

    More seriously: It’s just very clear that I don’t agree with the musical sensibilities of a single reviewer in here. Not even close in fact, which is pretty incredible!

    • El_Cuervo

      I make reference to it in a review which is upcoming. I bothered to revisit it briefly and it is truly horrendous. No accounting for taste.

      • To me, it’s one of the more interesting extreme metal albums of modern times*. I’ve especially listened to the song ‘The Gift of Death’ a million times. The songs have some really odd structures and a really interesting way of attaining a sense of fluidity despite all of those – only at first – seemingly randomly stitched together segments. My only gripe with the album is the ways in which it sounds rather over-produced.

        I don’t actually like any metalcore or similar styles, so the fact that I like that album is kind of anomalous.

        It’s great that we can all have our own opinions on music. I just disagree, but that’s harmless enough.

        *: I realize that’s a big statement, but really, let’s be honest here; doesn’t most extreme metal simply regurgitate ideas that date back to at least the 90’s somewhere? Hail Mary sounded fresh to me – unlike most other extreme metal albums I can think of.

  • Evan

    Hey guys – Evan from Wilderun here. Just wanted to thank El Cuervo for this huge honor, and thank the rest of you here for constantly being awesome. You are perhaps our biggest source of exposure and support at the moment, and its helped us out a lot. You all rule! <3

    • El_Cuervo

      Stop wasting time replying to our laudatory posts and give us a new album goddammit!