Judas Priest_Redeemer-of-soulsWhat I’m about to say comes after a long and devoted love affair with Judas Priest: they should have broken up after Painkiller. Don’t agree? Well, let’s review. The Ripper era was reheated rhino shit and as our reward for steadfast loyalty we got the lukewarm Angel of Retribution only to be punished with the double length dumpster fire that was Nostradamus. Still not convinced? Maybe Redeemer of Souls will be the straw that breaks the law. Now, Redeemer isn’t as bad as those other misshapen platters of drek and it has some good moments and a few memorable tunes, but it sure isn’t a return to the salad days where the name Judas Priest commanded near universal respect in the metal lands. Instead this is a tired sounding, pedestrian album with only occasional moments that remind you this is one of the original and most influential metal acts of all time. There’s a lot of mediocre, retread metal here and more than a little lightweight piffle. And let me be clear, I went in with low expectations and it didn’t help. Not. One. Bit.

In the interest of putting the band’s best leather boot forward, things open on a pretty solid note with “Dragonaut,” which isn’t quite vintage Priest, but it’s a decent approximation of the basic Painkiller sound. The song has vim and vigor and Rob Halford sounds good. Things remain enjoyable on the title track, which is a bit like  “One Shot at Glory” and has all the basic elements we love in a Priest song. “Halls of Valhalla” is a righteously metal song with some punch and a catchy chorus and I’m sure it will kill live, though it reminds me a lot of Black Sabbath‘s “Valhalla” from their Tony Martin era. Still, Rob sound fiery and stretches his once legendary vocal range a bit, and that’s always great to hear.

“Down in Flames” and “Battle Cry” are both Painkiller-esque songs that work pretty well and have a bit of their old fire and brimstone and “Cold Blooded” has some of the best writing and emotion on the whole album, but it’s a bit too long. After that though, things take a noticeable turn downward.


“March of the Damned” is poppy and annoying like their Turbo / Ram it Down era and it plods along painfully. “Metalizer” is a cartoonish “Nightcrawler” wannabe that tanks totally on cheese factor alone and “Crossfire” is a bluesy rock number that doesn’t really work as a Priest song. “Hell & Back” and “Secrets of the Dead” are languid, lumbering quasi-ballads and “Beginning of the End” is an even more laidback full on ballad, and while Rob provides some emotional and sincere vocals, it’s pretty dull for an album closer and actually reminds me Erasure at times (wipe beverage off monitor now).

Redeemer also suffers from being way too damn long at over an hour, and feels about three or four songs past expiration date. I keep hammering at this point, but if bands would trim the least of their material in favor of shorter, more quality albums, everyone would win. It seems my memo has been relegated to the suggestion bin (read as: trash can).

This is the first Priest album without K.K. Downing on guitar, and that’s a lot like KISS without Gene Simmons and/or Paul Stanley. While Richie Faulkner does a good job filling in, it’s just not the same and feels like something is missing (though in fairness, K.K.’s presence on the past few albums didn’t help a ton). That said, this is one of the most guitar-heavy albums in their catalogue with all sorts of noodling and heroic solo-work scattered about. That’s enjoyable, but about half the songs aren’t up to the standards of the playing therein. Rob’s vocals are the focal point as always, and he sounds solid throughout, though he rarely ventures out of a safe mid-range roar these days. When he does take things a few notes higher, it sounds good, but strained. But who can complain about that after he’s given a lifetime of vocal chord abuse in the service of metal?

Along with Sabbath, Judas Priest shaped what we now know as heavy metal, and given their progenitor status, their legacy deserves better than the run they’ve had since 1997. All good things must come to an end, and it’s time for the mighty Priest to fold up shop, rest upon their steely laurels and do reunion tours sans new material. Anything else is a disservice to their past and their loyal, recently suffering fans. I’ll always love you guys, but it’s time to let the night come down.

Rating: 2.5/5.0
DR: 6  |  Format Reviewed: 320 kbps MP3
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Websites: judaspriest.com  |  facebook.com/OfficialJudasPriest
Release Dates: EU: 2014.07.08  | NA: 07.14.2014

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  • Grymm

    If the last songs Priest would ever pen would be the one-two combo of “Batlle Hymn/One Shot at Glory”, I would have been more than satisfied.

    This is just sad.

  • shmoo69

    I own more Judas Priest records than any other band and Defenders of the Faith (still a go to album), Evil live, Powerslave and Pyromania were the 4 records in 1984 that hooked me on metal for the last 30 years. It’s a sad demise indeed; unfortunately I can’t even go back to Painkiller as the lyrics on that record make my skin crawl.

    • shmoo69

      hmm I realise there’s a slight irony in my lyrical content criticism whilst having a SOD grav :/

      • Realkman666

        Where can I get some of that SOD gravy? Oh…

    • Daniel Maler

      Pyromania came out in 1983 and what’s Evil Live? Do you mean Live Evil (Black Sabbath’s live album with Ronnie James Dio) that came out in 1982?

      • He didn’t go all Wikipedia Historian and say they were released in ’84. It rather read exactly like he was listening to those records in ’84…as I was. I didn’t hear any Slayer albums until Reign in Blood and I didn’t hear any Metallica until a few months before Puppets was released.

        • shmoo69

          +8000 pedantic points Dan; fucking glad I didn’t make any grammatical errors. Yeah you were right Jay.

      • He just meant he got hooked on them in ’84. Settle down, you crazy historians!

  • Billy The Man

    A garbage review! This album was not only great but it’s had great reviews from legitimate sources.
    I just checked this one out by curiosity. The review writer seems to want to diminish the album. But all they do is discredit their self.

    • “Legitimate sources”? Like the websites that give every big album a 10 out of 10? Sorry Billy Bob, it’s an OK album at best. If you love it, more power to you.

      • Angel of Deaf

        You mean allmusic is not legitimate? Surprisingly they dub Judas Priest as a Pop/Rock band, what the fucking fuck

        • Mackinlay

          Admittedly I haven’t heard the album, but allmusic isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to metal.

      • HippieOfDeath

        Really, shame on you for writing a review this one random dude here doesn’t agree with.

      • JM

        Highest charting album yet. Yeah, say what you want

        • Korn and Limp Bizkit albums chart high too. You going to argue they are great metal bands as well?

          • JM

            What I’m about to say comes after a long and devoted love affair with Judas Priest: they should have broken up after Painkiller. Don’t agree? Well, let’s review That right there was enough to let me know what ignorance I was dealing with. Ripper Owens sucked but Rob returned and real Priest fans can get more material by the Real Judas Priest.
            21.07.2014, 14:23, “Disqus” :

        • David Kaz

          Highest charting mean nothing these days. It sold less than half of “Angel of Retribution” sold it’s first week.

    • RyanM1985

      The review seemed more than fair to me.

    • Dean Stone

      I read Angry Metal Guys reviews for just this reason… they are fair.
      Those other sites almost never give bad reviews, especially to a band like Priest.
      Ass kiss much?

    • “Legitimate”? Did you people forgot to file for your metal badges *AGAIN*? I told you, you will never get any credibility without them. Also, never bash on sacred cows, c’mon people you know this, it’s in the rules.

    • Grymm

      Oh, you mean sites like Metal Temple? They gave RoS 10/10! But they also gave the same score to the new Lacuna Coil, Savn’s debut, a high score for the new Within Temptation… and they were all horrible albums.

  • RyanM1985

    Did anyone expect anything better? When it comes to bands like this who’ve been around for forever their best stuff is behind them. I didn’t buy the last Black Sabbath album for the same reason. Why bother with it when you can listen to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or in this case, Painkiller.

    • I hoped for better, but got about what I expected.

      • Same here. It’s ok. There is nothing to get upset about.

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      steady on, 13 was actually pretty good, sure they didn’t invent heavy metal with it but hey they’d already done that

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    Listening to this album is like watching an old athlete way past their prime run a marathon. They look tired and weak and you know they aren’t going to do well, but they still feel like they need to prove themselves. By the time the result comes, it’s just a mediocre outcome and you know it wasn’t necessary for them to do it in the first place.

    • Prove themselves? How do you come up with that? They have nothing to prove. They did that a long time ago. This album is killer, their next album will be even better because Glenn and Richie will be super tight by then. You can already see a sorcerer’s apprentice dynamic growing between the two. Glenn gets pumped around younger players, and whoever said he’s past his prime is a fool. He aint past his prime, he’s past your level of listening.

      • Refined-Iron Cranium

        I mean that they’re trying to show the world that despite being really old, they still release heavy metal albums.
        While that is an accomplishment in itself, it doesn’t mean that the result is always going to be good. Take Christopher Lee for example: he’s 90 years old and does vocals in his power metal project. I respect him hugely for that, but it doesn’t change the fact that the music was pretty mediocre.
        Plus, I said nothing about Glenn being past his prime. It was just an analogy for the state of the band now.

        • I’m glad I stumbled across this thread to admit I was wrong. You are right, dude. I saw them in Las Vegas in November and it was so sad. They aint even a band anymore. Glenn can’t even play leads anymore, not one. faulkner played all the solos. Rob has auto tune going big-time. It went haywire and made him sound like a leprechaun a couple of times. It was embarassing.

  • harley_d68

    You’re right on, Druhm. A handful of good songs, a lot of very average stuff, and 4 tracks too long. Though I did enjoy Crossfire.

  • Andres Pintos Nocerino

    the songs of the bonus cd are very poor

  • doom-erik

    While the first half has a lot of typical power metal numbers that sounds more like Gamma Ray/Hammerfall/Primal Fear than Priest, I actually thought the second half (which gives a lot of nods to the band’s material from the 80s) was more interesting, especially tracks like Cold Blooded and Beginning of the End. It’s nowhere near the classics of course, but still better than anything they did post-Painkiller (and I actually learned to like Nostradamus). A decent album, but with very few songs that stick out.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    ‘lightweight piffle’…noooooo…Wilco for metal heads…redeemer of coupons…fuck it Im gonna like it anyway

    • Redeemer of coupons…that was my chuckle of the day.

  • metalwithay

    Still better than Implode and Lords of Summer.

  • Mike Eckman

    This is a pretty accurate review. My opinions were very similar, but more emphasis should be put on how good “Cold Blooded” is. Hands down the best song on the album.

    One more word about the song Crossfire. I actually appreciated the “Diamonds and Rust” old school vibe of the song, but the Jimi Hendrix bluesy vibe was a little too much for me. I felt like they had the right idea, but just poorly executed.

    In summary, if you were to compare this album to last years “13” by Black Sabbath, This doesn’t even come close. Disappointing.

    • JM

      nope. 13 is lame

  • replica

    I really enjoyed the album. Perhaps my expectations were different. I imagine it’s a lot like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger at his current age try to bench press at the gym. It’s iconic to see someone doing exactly what they’re made for, but several years later and not with as much weight. That doesn’t diminish the enjoyment entirely. There’s some fun to be had with Redeemer. It’s sort of a living greatest hits album. I might bump it to a 3. I agree the last few songs are a bit of a poopfest.


    “I keep hammering at this point, but if bands would trim the least of
    their material in favor of shorter, more quality albums, everyone would


  • aytu82

    fuck all you mother fuckers! you faggots dont know shit!

    • It’s past your bedtime. Go to bed, kid.

      • replica

        He offered his intimate services to you. How dare you sir. How. Dare. You.

        • I’m sorry, that was thoughtless of me.

          • BWAAAHAAAAA!!!! Thoughtless!!! Yes indeed!!!

  • aytu82

    stupid ass fucking review

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      Hey Google is the other browser…this is the Judas Priest review…

  • Wilhelm

    I enjoyed the album, even if it’s something we’ve already heard before. Good production, songwriting, solos…perhaps a bit too long but not TOO bad. I’ve heard far worse from 40 year old bands.

  • Ernesto Aimar

    Seems like plenty of people commenting this review don’t listen to their music when judging an album. Instead, they just read the name of the band.
    Even when I’m no fan of Priest, I totally trust angrymetalguy.com for honest reviews in spite of disagreeing in many of them.

    • Refined-Iron Cranium

      It’s sad, really. There are too many people with that mentality: “Judas Priest was one of the best heavy metal bands ever, so no matter what they release, it’ll be good” or thinking that we *have* to respect or enjoy the album just because they’ve been around for so long.

      • sathriel

        When a band is well-established and their album counts go into teens it’s almost impossible to keep up the great quality. Metallica, Megadeth, In Flames… examples are many. AMG’s Law of Diminishing Returns governs the output of most music bands.

  • Heh, I think we have quite opposite views about good Priest. Jugulator is a deeply underrated album, and “Cathedral Spires” is probably the best Judas Priest song. Along with “Blood Red Skies”.

    … I don’t have high hopes for this record given the couple of tracks I’ve heard, though.

    • I was pressed for space and my biggest issue was with the songs themselves. The production isn’t helping either, but it didn’t strike me as the key problem.

  • Weirwolfe

    Fukn hell, I must be listening to a different album. Easily the best Priest album since Defenders. The guitar sound harks back to Stained Class in places. I was surprised that Priest were deemed ‘metal’ enough to be reviewed on your site. Different strokes I guess. This 50 plus Priest fan is very happy. Definitely a grower.

    • JM

      I know. Apparently a bunch of idiots who just want to bash Priest. I can’t stand these type of people who want a band to release the same sounding music over and over. If Priest is happy with it, I am happy with it. Fuck all the naysayers

      • Weirwolfe

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even though it’s hard to swallow sometimes. This site has turned me on to some great music over the years but in this case I found the Priest review to be a tad unrealistic. Way too negative and picky. Sure the album has flaws. What album doesn’t? True metal doesn’t get much love these days. Reminds me of the original punks back in the day and their loathing of “dinosaurs”. I loved the reheated rhino shit line though. Can’t wait to use it myself.

        • JM

          That is true, but this site just wants to voice bullshit. I think the album is good.

          • Weirwolfe


      • I had no desire to bash Priest. They’re a beloved band of mine. However, I don’t think the album is anything more than OK, so that’s the score it got. Whether the band is happy with the album is utterly irrelevant to the reviewing and listening process.

        • JM

          Totally not irrelevant. As a Priest fan, I appreciate the fact that they created a solid album. I don’t need it to be like old Priest. If you want to listen to the same thing over and over again then go do so. I guarantee you that the band hopes that REAL fans will be happy with it because they are. If they weren’t happy with it, they probably wouldn’t have released it. Get real. I don’t know what the hell you people expect from a band that is 40 years old? What is it exactly that you want because maybe if you email Rob and the guys, they will take you seriously. Come on man! Don’t start a site and then try to say crazy shit like that. That is ignorant and childish if you want to go there.

          • Yes, great idea. From now on we will check to see if every band is happy with their new album and just go along with what they say. That will revolutionize whole role of the critic. Get a grip dude or do you need someone to explain what “review” means. I don’t think you have a grasp of the concept.

          • RyanM1985

            You deserve a medal for putting up with all this shit.

  • Innit Bartender

    Waiting for the Overkill review…

  • I will say it:This year’s Grand Magus destroys Redeemer of souls in every aspect.RoS is a decent album partially making up for Nostradamus.But i think the addition of a new guitarist made them go into a safer direction.To conclude, a 3-4 track shorter album would have made the whole outcome much stronger and memorable.

  • Excentric_1307

    As celebration for the release of this album, I went and listened to Painkiller instead.

    • Kevin

      Possibly go further back, say Defenders of the Faith. lol

  • Ken Hagdal

    “Instead this is a tired sounding, pedestrian album with only occasional
    moments that remind you this is one of the original and most influential
    metal acts of all time”

    Spot on. And it pains me because Judas Priest was one of my favorite bands up to Painkiller.

  • Eryops

    Never been a huge Priest fan, but did see them live a few years ago just to make sure I could have that notch on my belt. I really enjoyed them, but they’re the only band I’ve ever seen that charged $60 for a t-shirt. Needless to say, I don’t own one.

  • victim17

    Honestly, I am absolutely loving this album. I have Painkiller, Angel of Retribution, and Redeemer of Souls on random/repeat and it’s become my Summer soundtrack. To those that aren’t diggin the album, go listen to something else; seriously your loss. For a 17th album, these boys have outdone themselves! I will give credit where credit is due. Think about it, where are you going to be when your 60? I will put my money on, NOT creating a top notch metal album. Naysayers: check out HALLS OF VALHALLA again. Classic!

    • Nay.

      • victim17


    • JM

      Exactly. People just sit around and wait for bands, that have been around forever, to release something so they can bash it. This page is bullshit and it isn’t run by a real metal fan and damn sure not by a Priest fan

      • Just for clarity, I grew up a huge Priest fan. They were one of the bands that got me into metal in the early 80s. I’ve even managed to enjoy some of their weaker albums.
        However, I’m not one to just give a good review to anything they put out and the simple fact is, they haven’t been releasing good material for a long time. If you like the album, bully for you. Attacking people who don’t agree and saying they aren’t “real metal fans” is idiotic and childish.

        • JM

          lol. Whatever. Just because you created a site to review metal doesn’t make you an expert

          • That’s true, but what exactly makes you think you’re an expert?

          • Kevin

            No one is an expert, including Angry Guy. We are all just metal fans voicing opinions. None of what we say has any bearing on what is good or not good. Critics are just people who get paid (sometimes) to give their opinion. No big deal. There are tons of sites just like this one where some guy gives opinions on metal. It’s really just a matter of opinion. Not fact.

          • I’m well aware all critical review of music is opinion. I just found it amusing some guy was so hurt I didn’t agree with him that he felt he had to assert that I’m not an expert.

    • That’s what I’m talking about!

  • Neoclassical Arpeggios

    LMAO. This guy gave The final Frontier 3 stars and this album 2.5. Anyone knows even a little about Metal would tell you that the final frontier is piece of a shit with absolute stale compositions. (You seem to be a Maiden fag)

    Maiden is the greatest band to ever live? for being same sounding shit throughout their career or for releasing shitty albums like Virtual XI. X factor and FOTD, TFF? How old are you? 15? 16? They possibly are the most overrated bands along with Metallica.

    Learn something about Metal before yelling shit, Dickhead.

    • Firstly, I’m not the one who reviewed The Final Frontier as basic reading comprehension would tell you.

      Secondly, your comments make you sound like a teenage wasteland and do not require further rebuttal.

      Lastly, we don’t do the name calling and insulting on this blog. Do it again and we will ban you from commenting here. Either comment like an intelligent adult or go troll on Blabbermouth.

    • Kevin

      Maiden hasn’t had a decent album in a while, but they are still Maiden. What’s that have to do with Priest. It’s really going to be hard to take you seriously if you keep bashing Maiden as being shit. Get a clue dude!

  • victim17

    Nothing like waking up & listening to the awesome new Judas Priest album: REDEEMER OF SOULS! So, so very good! Check it out if you haven’t yet.

  • geoelectric

    I’m looking forward to hearing the album. That said, Painkiller was a bit of an anomaly in a troubled career IMO.

    *I* kind of like Turbo and Ram It Down, but I’m not exactly in the majority there. Point of Entry, Defenders of the Faith, and Screaming for Vengeance have some good songs, but were in their schizophrenic “are we metal or arena rock?” phase (Screaming was the best of the three by far though). And the Ripper Owens stuff was garbage. Primal Fear was a far better JP than that JP.

    So you have a band that had a really good stint up to 1981 or so, kind of a checkered release history up to one really strong album, then they completely imploded.

    I love their shows, see them every time they’re in town, was even at the terrible Operation Rock and Roll tour that killed US metal festivals back in the early 90s, but it’s kind of like Sabbath–we’re all surprised when a good album comes out because that hasn’t exactly been the theme since the 80s.

    • Sebastian Bugge

      I agree that Point of Entry was meh, but Defenders and Screaming really had some songs that defined heavy metal for instance “Electric Eye”, Riding On The Wind, Screaming For Vengeance, The Sentinel etc. so I would not agree that they had a scziophrenic period at that time. Priest was not even considered a metal band before late Ram It Down/Painkiller period. Before that they were considered progressive rock(first 4 albums)/hard rock(the commercial period). But even though they weren’t metal I kinda love all albums because they have a different sound and a different vibe in all of them. Well except Point of Entry because that was pure garbage(except Thunder Road and Hot Rockin’)

      • I disagree that they weren’t considered metal. They were always a metal band IMHO, but they were widely considered a metal band as early as Sin After Sin. They practically invented the look and ethos of metal in the process.

        • Sebastian Bugge

          Maybe you are right. I just heard a lot of people say they were progressiv rock(I also have that opinion my self) until maybe Screaming/Defenders Era

    • Kevin

      Defenders of The Faith is one of their best albums.

  • Well at least we’ve still got 5.0 ratings attached to numerous doom and European-type bands…..rest assured…..they’ll ALWAYS get a 4 to 5 rating. I like the site….but let’s be honest. Most of the time I can predict the rating from the name of the band and the look of the cover.

  • Dockie doc

    Angry.. Wake up and smell the F ing coffee. We dont live in the 80s no more. Gripe gripe gripe.d

    • So what makes a good metal album changed lately?

  • JM

    Where are the real metal fans at? Definitely not here. Granted, old Priest is the best, but I am still a Priest fan nonetheless. I enjoyed the album. If I wanted to listen to Painkiller, then I would listen to Painkiller. I will support Priest until they decide to call it quits and I will never just sit around and think of stupid shit to say about their music.

    • tomasjacobi

      So if a review doesn’t praise an album you like then the reviewer and all his readers are not real metal fans? Really?

  • Kevin

    After reading all of this, I see it this way. 1)Judas Priest shouldn’t have called it quits after Painkiller. If they would have done that, we would have no more music from them. I’m not ready for that yet and it’s apparent that the band isn’t either. 2)Granted, I wasn’t into the Ripper era and I am glad that Rob returned. Angel of Retribution was a decent record but the old Judas Priest sound is gone. I’m ok with that. No band can keep the same thing going for over that long of time. Look at Rush. They sound nothing like they used to sound. Now, Nostradamus was a train wreck attempt at some kind of concept album. I wasn’t big on that at all. This new album sounds much better and it is a good metal album although it isn’t British Steel or Defenders of the Faith. You have to remember that Rob’s voice isn’t what it used to be so the band works within the confines of what he can put out. Period! I will never bash the band unless Rob leaves again and Owens comes back. lol I will never expect a band to keep up a certain level of production but I am also not going to say just because they have been around, they are entitled to shit albums. There are parts of everyone’s argument that I agree with. I like the album and I am sure that the band felt it was better than the last album. I mean they have to think that. :) When I see them in concert in October in South Carolina, I will be there supporting them as always. They will sing old and new stuff and that’s all I ask of them. Honestly, I would love for them to make an album like Screaming for Vengeance again, but I don’t see it happening. I hope the band has a couple more albums in them and I will let them decide when they should break up. That’s not my call. (and as for the Painkiller argument goes. I think their last really good album was Defenders of the Faith. Painkiller sounded like Rob was cashing it in and was ready to leave, which he did. I think bands lose something when a iconic front man like that leaves for any extended period of time. It’s never the same.

  • Kevin

    And let’s be honest. The only memorable song on Painkiller was Painkiller. I’ve heard tons of people say the same thing. “oh man, I love Painkiller.” Ask them what they like about the album and they say Painkiller. lol What else? It’s an ok album. Now Rob’s first solo album was the shit.

    • Grymm


      Listen to “Leather Rebel”, “Nightcrawler”, “Metal Meltdown”, “Battle Hymn/One Shot at Glory” and say that again!

  • Greg Hasbrouck

    Few people can completely divorce themselves from their preconceived notions. There’s a group of Metal fans who are no longer in touch
    with the scene, who tend to go overboard when a band like Priest releases a new album. You’ll hear them ranting and raving about a new Priest record, yet they’ve never even heard of Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Helker, etc. And then there are those who are intimately familiar with the current scene, who can’t help but be turned off by the above group of fans, and hold it against a band like Priest. The question I always try to ask myself is, if this was some unknown band’s debut, how would I feel about it? Granted, I too have my own preconceived notions. But this is the perspective I try to take into each listening experience.

    • tomasjacobi

      I have no doubt that Redeemer of Souls would get average reviews at best if it was released by an unknown band. It’s not a terrible album, just average; you can’t get away with being average if you’re not a big famous band.

  • Jules

    Just listen to music and shut up. What’s the point whit this reviews? We will always have different views and tastes in music, why so much hate and irony? I love this album, i think it’s GREAT.

  • Lucas Spector

    Fair review. The album is enjoyable but let’s just not act like it’s really so great. It’s not even the best album since Painkiller. For a band like Judas Priest that has been there for so long, this is a great effort, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the idiots in the comment section are entitled to curse the reviewer like that. Be objective.

  • SG

    I’ll be the one to say it, Painkiller is their most overrated album by a huge mile and might be one of the most overrated in the history of metal. As for Redeemer, it’s better than Nostrabombus, Angel of Retreadibution, Damolition, Pukalator, Ham it Up, and Rocka Borea. And maybe Sin After Sin in parts. Where it fits in the rest of the good albums will be determined in the coming years. As for the band calling it quits, why? What difference would that make? Don’t like what they do now, then don’t follow.

    • Here’s Johnny

      Painkiller is one of the best metal albums ever! Its one of those albums(like Rust in Piece,Master of Puppets) that when you stick on its just flies through and you have to listen to the whole thing. You are talking bollocks, mate.

      • SG

        Doesn’t change the fact that Sad Wings, Stained Class, Killing Machine, British Steel, Screaming, and Defenders are all better albums than Painkiller. Like I said, in the Priest catalog, it’s overrated. It’s a good album, but it’s far from their best. And Redeemer has much, much more variety than Painkiller could ever hope to have….so right now, I would place it above Painkiller too. That might change in the coming years, we’ll see.

        • Here’s Johnny

          Those albums you mentioned were classic Priest of the late 70’s/80s. Painkiller was a more modern Priest classic. It can stand next to those albums proudly as far as i’m concerned. I even remember the amazing solos from each song note by note from Painkiller. Its just a really memorable album. In fact Painkiller is probably underrated as it should be held in the same breath as all their old classics.

          This new album should never have happened, its really quite poor and forgettable. They should have retired.

          • SG

            Guess they should have listened to all the haters when Turbo came out and split up then. Then there wouldn’t have been any Painkiller.

  • sacrilege

    Go listen to Nicky Minaj than.

  • sathriel

    Erasure reference, that made my day. Maybe not so outlandish bearing in mind vocalists of both bands ;)

  • Carl Beauregard

    Redeemer of Souls is a good album. It’s typical Priest. Everyone of there albums have filler songs that your like WTF. I have enjoyed this album. Each song has its own sound which priest has always done. That’s what is great about them no matter what each album has been different. The only song that I think sucks is march of the damn. I put this up with some of the crap off of point of entry. This album should of been the one that bridged the 6 year gap between Defenders and Painkiller. Yes I know there were 2 studios and 1 live album. We all like to forget about those recordings. Redeemer also seems to have a more Halford solo sound. Maybe it’s because KK is gone. In my opinion if you listen to it with an open mind and don’t put any expectations on this album you will enjoy it.

  • I agree with the statement that albums shouldn’t be more than 35-50 minutes. However, there are exceptions to the rule and Redeemer of Souls is the exception. This record have several tracks that are classic Priest. I know folks constantly refer the Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders, British Steel and even Sin After Sin days, but it’s not 1982 anymore. Those records are moments in time that can’t be relived.

    Now before people claim I’m being a Priest apologist because it’s Priest, I’m letting it known I didn’t care for Nostradamus. However, Priest redeemed itself with Redeemer of Souls.

  • Burak Yurttas

    Well, when you listen new album of your band, it is always hard to like it at first. More you listen, more you will like. Some people prejudge and dont like it or some dont prejudge and still dont like. We all have different opinions like i dont agree on judas last best album is painkiller. I also enjoyed nostradamous as well. Although i like the new album, none of the songs are as good as painkiller but give them a break. They are almost 70. I am so glad to purchase their concert ticket at backley center. This will be my first judas concert. Can not wait

  • You’re out of your mind. Redeemer positively shreds, and Angel of Retribution is completely kick-ass. You should have stuck around for pillow talk during your love affair.