• UishidoX

    not bad, out of interest: how much did you pay for the 40 minutes gig?

    • El_Cuervo

      Off the top of my head I think it was £16

      • UishidoX

        fair enough. I would have dropped 16 to see that show for sure

  • tomasjacobi

    I just saw her in Copenhagen. Same set list and it was indeed great. Only hampered by a loose connection in the microphone on the first and final song. She handled it just fine. stopped playing, had it fixed and continued, but of course the review on a Danish metal site cried FAIL because of this… People really have it in for her!

    • El_Cuervo

      Indeed. On a somewhat related note, I wasn’t really sure what to include for a live review since we don’t usually do them.

      Is there anything missing here which live review readers would want?

      • tomasjacobi

        I like it just fine the way it is. I suppose some people would like a set list included, but I don’t personally think that’s necessary

      • More gossip, tales of drunken excess and your mug shot from the local constabulary.

        • UishidoX

          that’s what I’m here for…

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        I thought this good!
        Gear heads probably want some reference to any gear band set up info that might be of note.
        To us folk in far flung places a sense of what the crowd venue is like at a gig like this would be interesting.
        Also similar to what Druhm says below any “stupid things people do when loud music + alcohol are mixed” angles are are always good.
        I’d enjoy seeing more live reviews here. Druhms review of the old peoples metal show he and MX went to was, other than this the only AMG live reviews I can think off.

        • Old folks show?! Okay, maybe it was, but still! I also reviewed an Iron Maiden show back in 2011 or 2012.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            haha sorry but wasn’t it called something like that?

          • Defenders of the Old but it was meant to be ironic or something I’m sure.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            ahh see bad name all I remembered is the ‘old’ bit

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            I’ll look that up. I’m taking my oldest kid to see them next April, should be a an eye opener for him.

            I enjoyed this piece rattles the cage a bit!

  • Vega Magnus

    I really don’t get the degree of hate she has received. Yeah, she may have started off in indy pop, but it’s not like her music as Myrkur sounds like Amaranthe. She’s a legit black metal act regardless of what she did before.

    • I think all the references to black metal is one of the reasons for all the hostile rejection toward Myrkur.

      Even if the music has elements of the genre, I wouldn’t really define the band as black metal.
      Avoiding such erroneous pigeonholing also forces the listener to look deeper, and to judge Myrkur for what it really is. I define it as fairly ambient and partly medieval folk/black where dissonant and harsh elements meets the contrast of woodland spirits and elfish vocals. You all might find other elements or use other words, but at least you’d be searching beyond the borders of BM, and the black metal mafia would probably go back to their old Dark Throne albums and ignore M instead of nitpicking at her.

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      Lets face it…It’s because she’s a woman and not following the script for women in metal. A bunch of fuck heads will try and argue otherwise but this is what it boils down to.
      Get over it fellas.

      • Kubbman

        Or because she have garnered quite some fame that not even long time bands have gotten. even outside the metal community, the biggest morning newspaper (DN) in Sweden even reviewed her album which must have been their first bm review. Here we’re served with this blogs first live review (?). The attention is quite big for an artist releasing her 2nd album. Hate tend to come out of the woodwork at those times.

        • We’ve done a few live reviews in the past.

          • Kubbman

            Ah must have been quite some time since last. Hope you continue to review live shows more regularly :)

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          So let me get this straight people are crying into their weekend make up kits because a BM act has got attention for not being the same as all the other BM acts. Riiiighhht
          Lets all just be honest about this, the fact that she’s a woman and an artist working successfully in an area largely absent of women, artistry and success is the issue. It clearly and demonstrably seems to threaten the blinkered view of the parents basement dwelling conformists in the scene.

          • Kubbman

            Happens in other genres as well.
            People have been following a band for years which fails to make it big even though they are touring etc. on the other hand some other band makes it big. “why do they make it big? they fucking suck, damn sheep just following trends they ought to listen to this totally wicked band instead. (easiest example, Metallica. “Metallica suck listen to megadeth or these much more tru thrash bands)

            Still the devils blood (not bm) toured with behemoth without receiving as much hate They did ofcourse not gather as much attention as well. Arch enemy have been playing their dm for years.
            There’s most likely more factors involved as well such as image, anyone trying to portray an image of an sun bleached pop idol would have a tough with hate.

            The fact that she’s a women contributes most likely to the hate she’s getting but your making it easy for yourself when you only write it off as hate of women.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            OK I think you’re quite wrong here. Firstly to be clear Im not trolling you or suggesting you have a problem with women or anything like that. I’m saying that ‘metal’ (more so than other genres except maybe rap) definitely has issues with misogyny and racism to deny that or excuse it is to accept it and to also be happy with accepting bullshit.
            You say Metallica V Megadeth, it’s not really the same at all. The legendary tension between those guys and their fans is more a product of the epic ego clash that lead to Mustaine’s sacking. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with not liking an artist or thinking they’re over rated. What I’m saying is that the OTT pursuit of Myrkur by her haters is not part of the usual passionate discussion about metal, it’s something else, it’s to do with the not small enough element of metal fandom that is mysoginistic.
            Even Burzum who deliberately provokes people doesn’t have to deal anonymous threats of being raped after his next show. Austin Lunn is getting a lot of attention, he doesn’t give a fuck about dressing up like Abbath or singing about torturing goats. But strangely no one is questioning his ‘credibility’ (good one Daniel) or suggesting he be raped or that the only reason people like his music is because he’s blond and white.

            Lastly if you seriously think that ‘The Satanic Goat Fuckers’ or whoever are being overlooked because of Myrkur, you’re wrong it’s because they are predictable, boring and shit like 90% of contemporary BM bands.

    • RuySan

      She’s definitely more metal than all the Gothic Metal divas…

      Whatever, the album is amazing and I can’t wait to see them live here in March.

  • Alexandre Barata

    Although I don’t dislike Myrkur, even after reading this Live review, I still think about it as Black Metal meets auto-tune… Don’t know why but, as most post-BM bands, it doesn’t sound completelly “organic” and that pisses me off. That’s one of the reasons that, although they’re having a couple shows here in Portugal in 2016 (with no one else but Deafhaven :|), I’m affraid to spend 20 euros on it.

    • Auto-tune… 0.o?

    • El_Cuervo

      Maybe you refer to the ‘reverb’ effect Bruun evidently uses, but let me tell you that her voice is amazing. No auto-tune required!

      • Alexandre Barata

        Maybe, yeah it’s possible that’s the thing that kinda puts me off of Myrkur, not making it sound bad, but taking the edge for me.

  • Genezer

    Good to read she can pull it off live. Just bought my tickets for the Myrkur+ Deafheaven show in Amsterdam next year, looks like it’s going to be worth the € 24.

    • Lasse Momme

      That is a hell of a line-up man, saw them both a Roskilde this year and you are in for a god damn treat.

  • Thatguy

    I am indifferent to Mykur, but I would have paid my money to see Fen. They are about perfect on record and should be much more well known than Mykur but such is life.

    • Absolutely right about Fen!

      • Mark Hunt

        Yes, Fen is brilliant! I think Malediction fields and Dustwalker are their best, but all four are good.

    • El_Cuervo

      Interesting. Which of their albums would you most strongly recommend? I’m listening now.

      • sssgadget

        Epoch. Great IMO.

      • Thatguy

        All good – but their latest -Carrion Skies is the most consistent I think.

      • Thatguy

        Or maybe Dustwalker – Listening to ‘Walking the Crowpath’ as I write – such an epic song.

        I will stop now as my enthusiasm for .fen will soon embarrass me…..I’ve got a beautiful .fen T-shirt too though.

    • Solaire

      The Canadian Fen are the best Fen.

      • Thatguy

        You will muddy the waters. There is indeed a band called Fen from Canada. I have heard them and they are – to my ears – generic rock.

        The band of which we speak here – the awesome band – is English and to name them properly are called ‘.fen’ – don’t be confused, guys, because if you listen to ‘Fen’ you will be disappointed but if you listen to ‘.fen’ you will be blown away.

        .fen is on Bandcamp and I do not think Fen is.

        Sorry for this pedantic and serious post but I really think .fen are great and should thrive without confusion.

        If you are trolling me though, Solaire, and I suspect you are – well played.

        • Solaire

          Generic?! You clearly haven’t listened to much by them then. They certainly aren’t metal, but they’re bloody good. No trolling here, I’m just a big fan of the Canadian Fen, and not so much the UK Fen. Sorry, .fen…

          • Thatguy

            Sorry to falsely accuse you of trolling… I took your comment as a joke though

            To each his own. I don’t care for Canadian Fen but I am not accusing them of being worthless

  • Daniel

    Do tell me what her black metal credentials are? I’d really like to hear how this Aryan Linda Hamilton is black metal.

    • Shangsean

      Black metal credentials?

      I hear she burns churches in between writing songs. Not every day mind you, but at least a few times a month, not the stone churches, just the wooden ones. They burn faster, otherwise the firemen would be able to put out the fire before they burned down. Sexy and smart she is (and black metal – see credentials above).

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      She plays black metal?

    • What would you consider “black metal credentials”?

      • basenjibrian

        Well, if she would only agree to a Rosemary’s Baby style surrogate pregnancy carrying the Dark Lord’s infant child.
        At a minimum, she should roast and consume on stage Christian babies while muttering darkly about being a Superior Woman who sneers at all social conventions.
        Burning churches is certainly not good enough! It’s been done. I mean, she is certainly more menacing than Varg-the-Viking-Nerdling.

    • Before your world collapse, mr. Daniel.
      Linda Hamilton’s non-identical twin, Amalie Bruun, do NOT play black metal. She only incorporates elements from the genre into her music. No go and listen to some Gorgoroth to calm your nerves ;)

  • Mettil

    The music is great and she has real talent. I could care less about “credentials.”