So, among my fanboyisms, one of the ones that most people probably don’t realize I have is Symphony X. But oh boy do I love that band. And so, it is my joy to announce that they have finally announced June 17th in Europe and June 21st in the USA! Let me just say for all of us: HELL FUCKING YES! June is going to be a great month and largely because Symphony X will be rockin’ out of my stereo!!

Here’s the full press release from Nuclear Blast:

North America’s progressive metal masterminds SYMPHONY X are proud to announce the two artwork versions and track listings for their ninth studio album & Nuclear Blast debut, Iconoclast. It will be available in Europe on June 17th and in North America on June 21st.

Illustrator and film concept artist Warren Flanagan (Watchmen, The Incredible Hulk, 2012) is the talent behind the album artwork.  Here, he shares his creative process on the new album’s artwork:

“The idea was to create imagery that was a little darker in tone to previous SYMPHONY X albums and to represent the overall theme of Iconoclast into the artwork.  The whole concept came from Mike [Romeo], who had a strong idea of what the cover should represent based off the music.  I  just ran with it.  When the album’s title was decided on, I focused the image based on the meaning of it.  I also wanted to use the band’s signature ‘masks’ but present them in a way that connected to the new album.”

SYMPHONY X founder & lead guitarist Michael Romeo has the following to say about Flanagan’s art:

“We worked with Warren on the last CD, Paradise Lost, and have a good relationship with him. When I talk to Warren about artwork ideas, a lot of times we end up making comparisons to films and movies.  With the new CD, Iconoclast, the music and lyrics have a darker mechanical/technological theme, and I remember us talking about scenes from films like The Matrix and Terminator.  From there, we sent him some song titles and lyrics (songs like ‘Dehumanized,’ ‘Bastards Of The Machine,’ ‘Electric Messiah’) and just let Warren run with the ball.  He has a great imagination and style, and he totally gets what we are trying to convey with the music.”

The track listing for the jewel-cased version of Iconoclast is:

01.  Iconoclast
02.  The End of Innocence
03.  Dehumanized
04.  Bastards of the Machine
05.  Heretic
06.  Children of a Faceless God
07.  Electric Messiah
08.  Prometheus (I Am Alive)
09.  When All Is Lost

The track listing for the 2-CD Special Edition digi-pak version of Iconoclast is:

CD 1:

01.  Iconoclast
02.  The End of Innocence
03.  Dehumanized
04.  Bastards of the Machine
05.  Heretic
06.  Children of a Faceless God
07.  When All Is Lost

CD 2:

01.  Electric Messiah
02.  Prometheus (I Am Alive)
03.  Light Up the Night
04.  The Lords of Chaos
05.  Reign In Madness

SYMPHONY X are currently on the Power of Metal tour in Europe with Nevermore and will hit North America in April.  View all upcoming SYMPHONY X tour dates here.

Visit SYMPHONY X online at,,, and


Symphony X - Iconoclast 2

  • Within Darkness

    Gonna grab that ltd. the second it hits the store. Pretty sure the wait was worth it!

  • Steel Druhm

    I want this now!!

  • FloggingNation

    I really hope Light Up the Night is a cover of this

  • Bllllob.

    Does anyone else find the track order changes between the single CD and the 2 disc version confusing? If it’s supposed to be an album with a concept shouldn’t the songs go in a particular order?