A Eulogy

Today there will be no review, for today we are going to mourn a fallen metal warrior. This metal warrior isn’t one you’ve ever heard of, probably, unless you were in northern Wisconsin in the mid-2000s when the bands Tower of Babel and Dumah first played together. I don’t even think I was present at the time, but it started a friendship with an excellent legacy that has lasted until today (in the Wisconsin Metal Alliance). But not only that, but friendships would bloom from it that are genuinely meaningful to this day.

The guitar player for Tower of Babel was known as Black Andy and he was not the ‘star’ of the band, but he was an excellent player, a charismatic and friendly guy and a total blast. One of his jokes even made it onto the blog recently, as I believe it was he who started the “Riders of Rohan!” joke that I referenced in my Turisas review, and his humor was matched by a sharp wit and gentle wisdom.

Andy lived in Madison, Wisconsin and worked as a freelance writer and actor, had cut his hair, lost his beer gut and shaved his beard, but he was still through-and-through an excellent metal dude with solid taste and an unparalleled creative mind. The loss of his excellent band was also a sad day for me and other friends and fans, and now we have something even worse to mourn.

Black Andy died on the 12th of April suddenly at the age of 32. He is survived by his brother and parents and I assume his snakes.

He will be sorely missed.

Included here are two pictures of the man and the song “A Babylonian Legacy,” which felt appropriate for this moment.

Black Andy with tower of Babel

Black Andy with Tower of Babel

Andy and Chris

Andy (L) and Chris from Dumah (R)

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