No primers for you posers today. Instead, the staff tries to fill the unending yawn of time with a selection of songs that will keep you busy until the end of days (or Time II, take your pick).

  • Steel Druhm
    Fates Warning – “The Ivory Gate of Dreams”
    Atlantean Kodex – “Heresiarch”
  • Dr. A.N. Grier
    Green Carnation – “Light of Day, Day of Darkness”
  • Dr. Wvrm
    Equilibrium – “Mana”
  • Sentynel
    Theocracy – “I Am”
  • Dr. Fisting
    Trouble – “The Wish”
    Voivod – “Jack Luminous”
  • Grymm
    Morrow – “Crown in Red”
  • Kronos
    Caligula’s Horse – “Graves”
  • El Cuervo
    Dream Theater – “The Count of Tuscany”
  • Mark Z.
    Wolves in the Throne Room – “Queen of the Borrowed Light”
  • L. Saunders
    The Ocean – “Devonian: Nascent”
  • Eldritch Elitist
    Galneryus – “The Force of Courage”
  • GardensTale
    Southern Empire – “Cries for the Lonely”
  • Master of Muppets
    Agalloch – “Black Lake Niðstång”
  • TheKenWord
    Paara – “Viimeinen Virta”
  • Cherd
    – Samothrace – “A Horse of Our Own”
  • Holdeneye
    Iced Earth – “Dante’s Inferno”
  • Carcharodon
    Obsidian Tongue – “The Lakeside Redemption”
  • Twelve
    Apocalypse Orchestra – “Here Be Monsters”
  • Emya
    Wolves in the Throne Room – “Celestite Mirror”

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