COVID-19 and Cancellations: How You Can Help

By the time the coronavirus pandemic finally leaves us the fuck alone and we can all purchase toilet paper again without ending up in a triple-threat match, we will all have been affected in one way or another. A lot of lives will be hit hard, not least of which are those of your favorite bands. Any act with a tour right now finds itself in a dire situation. The myriad of last-minute show cancellations sweeping metaldom globe-wide will be crushing for bands without a large war chest. For most bands, not only does a majority of their yearly income come from live shows, but there’s a large personal investment to even get on the road. The sunk costs of flights, visas, lodging, and merch may be too much for some to bounce back from.

That’s where you come in.

Below is as comprehensive a list as we can manage and links where you can put your money where your mouth is. Buy music on Bandcamp, grab a shirt or a patch, even just a few bucks will help. Anything where the money goes right to the band. You don’t even really need to dig any deeper than normal. I had already planned to pick up some merch at the Insomnium/Omnium Gatherum tour yesterday; whether I buy it online or at the show doesn’t matter in the slightest right now, and it will help keep these acts on their feet through a trying time.

Any amount you can help will go a long way.

Every band here has had legs of or the entirety of their tour postponed or canceled. If we’ve missed someone, please drop a line in the comments and we’ll keep the post as current as we can.

Update, 3/17/20Hey kids, something you all should know: BANDCAMP IS WAIVING FEES FOR ARTISTS ON FRIDAY, MARCH 20.  So as odd as it seems, maybe hold off on burning whatever cash you have left in your pocket until Friday. The artists will see every dime of it, as opposed to losing a percentage of it to Bandcamp as they would today.

I’m really proud of you for the way you’ve shared this post and rallied around the bands we all love. We’re in the thick of it now but keep your heads and horns up and we’ll all see the other side.

Additionally, all Artoffact Records and Pelagic Records albums are Name Your Price on Bandcamp right now.

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