Help Wanted: Overseer of the Needy Bands

Alright, in our quest to produce the best heavy metal website/blog/thing on the Interwebs, one thing has been happening that I am not pleased about. We get hundreds of promos every month over here, and most of them are from signed bands’ labels. But on the other hand, we also get demos galore and we rarely ever even get to them. This is my fault, and I apologize to all the bands and DIY types who are working their asses off and not getting any fucking love because the system is geared against them. That is shitty and it’s stupid, and I’ve got an idea for how I’m going to fix it.

What I need is someone who feels passionately about the underground, who doesn’t run his or her own label or promotional endeavor (i.e., has no conflicts of interest) and is a bit of a musical omnivore to head up our “unsigned bands” division. Heavy metal is all about the underground and we here at Angry Metal Guy have done a piss poor job of dealing with that fact. Writing consistently and on a schedule (to the best of your ability) is a must. A knowledge of WordPress is helpful. Competence in English is also necessary.

A Note to Unsigned Bands: Chicks and dudes in unsigned bands. We understand that you work your asses off promoting your material. We are aware that you probably paid for it yourself and that your shit getting ignored is probably fucking infuriating and frustrating and that you need and want reviews. Remember, however, that reviewing unsigned bands actually gives very little back to the blogs and magazines that do it. Most people don’t care. Your names aren’t big (hence, unsigned) and therefore do not draw hits to our website, and no one wants to read interviews with you. Functionally, we bite a bullet when we do it.

But I, Angry Metal Guy, want to help you get your names out. I have also been in bands and I know how much it sucks to get ignored. But be patient with us, because right now I’m the only person who reads your e-mails and I have dozens to over a hundred promos every month. I want to fix this. And hopefully someone else feels the same way.

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