NecroticGoreBeast – Human Deviance Galore Review

I’ve officially entered October promo world. October is also my birthday month. Therefore, for the next 31 days (starting this Friday) I am only picking up promo for my favorite genre: death metal. Thankfully, there’s a ton of promising deathly tomes stacked perilously in the bin. One such tome is Canadian brutal slam punishers NecroticGoreBeast’s sophomore album, Human Deviance Galore. Their self-titled debut pumped me full to the brim with chunky, curdled riffs and more disgusting voKILLS than those of a caveman actually vomiting. While it didn’t have the staying power to make my list two years ago, the album still makes rounds on my rotation when I want something truly filthy in which to wallow. I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands and rest of my body dirty again with Human Deviance Galore.

As you’d likely expect, nothing about NecroticGoreBeast’s sound differs significantly today compared to 2019 unless, of course, you count getting somehow heavier and chunkier a major update. Ruthlessly compressed into a dense paste, this record hits like a train at full speed and the claustrophobic mix threatens to expunge your viscera through the pores of your skin. That actually works in their favor, though, because there is nothing in stock except big, burly riffs and rotten, phlegmy gutturals. Everything about Human Deviance Galore hates the ground with a passion, and NecroticGoreBeast use me, an enthusiastic participant, as their personal manhammer with which to pound and slam said ground until nothing but rubble remains. Long story short, if you don’t like riffs, then you don’t like NecroticGoreBeast, and I don’t like you.

These fiends waste precious little time on anything that doesn’t threaten your spine. Opener “Deviant Primitive Debauchery” makes that much abundantly clear, bursting with high-value riffs and anvil-shattering slams. “Forced Tracheotomy Penetration” (the song I’m currently spinning while writing, and the seventh in a lineup of ten) proves that seven bloody scrapes of slam are somehow insufficient to slake my thirst, but thankfully three more remain. “Excremental Hemorrhage Fisting” and “Leaking Stoma Intercourse” similarly burst with infectious, braindead riffs that activate the primal center of my brain, reducing my intelligence as quickly as they elevate my already out of control testosterone levels. Human Deviance Galore as a whole is so jam-packed with metallic mana that picking out singular examples becomes difficult, and frankly unfair. While there’s very little in the way of actual “songwriting” anywhere, the sheer level of engorgement I enjoy for its thirty-six minute duration totally makes up for it. Even closer “Transcendent Martyrdom” somehow rejuvenates an already high-energy record with some high-speed chord acrobatics, effectively priming me for another spin.

Human Deviance Galore is made for extreme fun, not to change the game nor move the genre forward. Not that I wanted any of that from them anyway, but it’s difficult to award NecroticGoreBeast higher praise than being a modern brutal band doing their thing extremely well. “Grotesque Pathological Anomalies” and “Obstetric Anthropophagic Feast,” for example, fall squarely in the category of generic slam, albeit professionally executed. Additionally, NecroticGoreBeast occasionally struggle with consistent flow on a song-by-song basis. Take “Abnormal Postmortem Impregnation,” for instance. It’s a solid chunk of brutal death metal, but interspersed within it lie slams that are just a tad too slow and transitions that arbitrarily dissect segments of the song, resulting in unnecessary drag.

NecroticGoreBeast make a strong argument for the continued good health of slam, in the end. It’s brutal, unrelenting and immense fun. For many, including myself, that’s all that’s needed to fully recommend Human Deviance Galore to pretty much any fan of the extreme. It’s certainly good enough to join their debut in my lineup of grotesqueries when the mood strikes, but it still gives me the impression that NecroticGoreBeast have yet to deliver their best work. Frankly, I can’t wait to meet and greet the pillar of throbbing, putrid flesh this beast is sure to unleash next.

Rating: 3.5/5.0
DR: 4 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Comatose Music
Websites: |
Releases Worldwide: October 1st, 2021

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