R.I.P. Holy Terror Vocalist Keith Deen

On December 15th, Keith Deen, the vocalist for cult thrash metal act Holy Terror lost his battle with cancer. Though Holy Terror never attained the level of recognition they deserved, their Terror and Submission and Mind Wars albums featured some of the best music of the original thrash era and both releases are considered true classics by yours truly.

Deen’s wildly diverse and unusual vocals were a big reason why the Holy Terror sound worked so well and why the material remains so listenable after all this time. He was truly a rare talent and no one ever sounded quite like him.

In honor of the man and his legacy, track down these special albums and see what they’re all about. They deserve the attention and Mr. Deen surely deserves recognition for his outstanding performance. R.I.P. Mr. Deen and thanks for the great music.

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