Reissue Alert: Obsession to Have Their Classic Albums Reissued Via Inner Wound Recordings

This month Inner Wound Recordings announced they will be reissuing the classic albums from 80s cult metal heroes, Obsession. Hailing from Connecticut, Obsession burst on the scene in 1982 when they scored a track on Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre compilation series (Vol. II). 1984s Marshall Law EP set the template for great things to come, showcasing the powerhouse vocals of Michael Vescera, a deadly dual guitar attack and hook-tastic songcraft. 1986 saw the release of their magnum opus, Scarred for Life (one of my all time favorite metal albums), and Methods of Madness capped off the run of excellence the following year.

Obsession disbanded in 89 and Michael Vescera went on to front notable acts like Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen. Though the band’s golden era was tragically short lived, these early albums are great examples of the 80s American metal sound and they hold up surprisingly well 30 years later.

The reissues feature a 12-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes from Vescera. Release is set for December 1st. If you love 80s metal but somehow missed Obsession, this is your chance to catch up on some high-quality stuff from the olden days. Bang em’ til they bleed, folks.

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