Soen Release Unreleased Track “Igniter” Because Covid Sucks

We’ve had the “Covid: How Can You Help?” thing up on the sidebar for ages, but we haven’t updated anything on the issue for a long time. Today, however, the AMG Peanut Gallery’s favorite band—that’s Soen for those of you who are new in these parts—dropped a new track. Entitled “Igniter,” the song was recorded during the early stages of the pandemic when tours were getting cancelled and everyone was losing income at insane rates. Well, in the wake of yet another cancelled tour and staring down the barrel of a spring where no one knows whether any tours are going to happen, Soen needs some help to stay afloat. So, they mastered the track with David Castillo (who also, incidentally, recorded it), and have released it on their website for fans to pay what they want.

They released a statement (including a sample of the song) on Facebook that reads:

As most of you know, we have been forced to move our touring schedule time and time again [during] the last two years.

This new reality has hit us and our families very hard economically. Now that we are facing yet [another] uncertain spring, we’re reaching out to you to make it through these stressful times.

What kind of value do we give music? This time you are more than welcome to set the price yourself. Go to and purchase our song Igniter and donate what you feel [is] reasonable. Igniter was recorded and mixed by David Castillo in early 2020, just before the Imperial sessions.

So, not only can you help support this excellent independent band by contributing a couple bucks, but you can also get a great song. It’s got a stellar chorus and that danceable vibe that shows up on later Soen tracks like “Martyrs” from Lotus or “Deceiver” from Imperial.1 What you give is up to you, but it’s a good song and—what with the band gracing my Top 3 albums from 2021 and all—I’d prefer not losing Soen in the face of this bullshit pandemic.

If you want to give these guys a few bucks to help the get through this bullshit, drop by their store at

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  1. I predict the next record will have reguetón beats. I, for one, welcome our new Latin American pop music overlords!
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