Support AMG Writers When They Release Music: Ethereal Shroud

Ethereal ShroudReaders of our lovely little blog know Noctus as the go to guy for all things kvlt, black and low-fi. He’s been an institution around these parts and though he can’t contribute as much these days, he’s always lurking around the fringes, scowling and being cynical.

One thing that should brighten his stoic composure is the release of his Ethereal Shroud debut, They Became the Falling Ash. It’s available from Northern Silence Productions and if you like atmospheric blackness, you should check it out post-haste.

Besides being a righteous piece of music, it’s all you’ll be getting from the AMG folks until Dr. Fisting graces us with another Trials album or Steel Druhm gets his dubious 50 Shades of Steel project off the ground. On second thought, don’t wait for the latter, just go buy Ethereal Shroud and support music by dudes who criticize everyone else’s music.

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