Ne Obliviscaris - Urn 01Ne Obliviscaris have proven one of the more controversial bands that I’ve reviewed during my incarceration tenure at My review of Citadel split the crowd with AMG Himself, an outspoken critic of the Aussies’ modern aesthetic. I, on the other hand, love their dynamic duality of blasting black and death metal, with softer, classically-influenced progressive tendencies. My youthful inexperience with imparting opinions on controversial matters ensured I lingered on the dissenting commentary provided by others and did, in fact, give it some consideration. Nonetheless, others’ doubts were set aside by the end of the year as I happily awarded the record my coveted Album of the Year. Three years passed, my skin thickened and now they’ve written their third full-length: Urn. The hype machine began rolling months ago when a new record was announced and I received my review copy over two months ago at the time of writing. I’ve had an uncommon length of time to allow my views to crystallize and truly gauge Urn’s mettle.

For those who are newcomers, I’ll attempt to briefly capture the essence of NeO. Their heavier “half” comprises furious blasting which mostly draws from black metal but helps itself to death influences too, most obviously through Xenoyr’s excellent growls. Such blasting, if not carrying the primary melody, usually underpins the frilly, melodic stuff too so they assuredly fall further along towards extreme on the metal spectrum. The other ‘half’ is oriented around Tim Charles’s violin and clean singing, with an acoustic guitar arising too. Classical and progressive rock influences feed in through these tools, rendering a couple of lengthy tracks — though fewer than on previous records. It’s a sweet smorgasbord of sounds which neatly assimilates my favorite genres of metal and progressive rock.

As far as developments in the core music this time, the very capable Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic) fills in for Brendan Brown who was fired following certain unpleasant allegations. His bass guitar is similarly expressive though arguably less obvious in the mix. Otherwise, the violin is utilized slightly differently, undertaking less prettiness and more frenzied heavy parts. It’s the most brutal violin you’ll hear this year, screeching atop the mix when wanting to overwhelm. This isn’t to say it isn’t called upon for classical interludes too (hear “Libera II: Ascent of Burning Moths”1) but it does more heavy lifting.

The greatest differentiator to NeO’s remaining discography is slicker songwriting. Only two tracks approach or reach over 10 minutes this time, with three tracks around the seven-minute mark. “Intra Venus”2 is the closest to a ‘standard’ verse-chorus song they’ve written with a cleanly sung chorus which will knock around your head for hours after listening. Even though “Libera I: Saturnine Spheres” and “Eyrie” are the long tracks they both progress through satisfying structures with great climaxes, boasting epic choral chants on the former and an exquisite chord progression which reprises on the latter. Indeed, “Eyrie” makes the second strong case in as many reviews for Song of the Year (the first being Hällas’s “Star Rider”). Its violin and vocal melodies are incredibly emotive with a heroic guitar transition towards its conclusion.

Ne Obliviscaris - Urn 02

At the negative end, while “Urn I: And Within the Void We Are Breathless”3 is the most similar to Citadel, I’d argue it sounds more like an offcut which was rejigged for the new record. It’s still decent but definitely the most generic track. “Urn II: As Embers Dance in Our Eyes”4 recovers the album’s ending with a pleasing build and nifty solo but its epic climax is undermined by the largest problem present: the master. While the mix does a decent job of clarifying the busy compositions such that no instrument is buried or overly dominant, which is commendable considering the many sounds present here, Urn is a brick-walled. It is simply criminal that such dynamic music and song-writing is denied a correspondingly dynamic master. The crashing chords and rocking riff concluding “Urn II” just don’t have the impact they should due to the limited dynamic range. My tolerance for the Loudness War has diminished of late so I’m less inclined to be forgiving in 2017 than I was in 2014.

Each NeO record excels in different ways. Portal of I boasts its novelty and flowing expansiveness which truly captured my imagination five years ago. Citadel has the strongest contrasts of their light and heavy characteristics and is thematically strongest. But Urn has its slicker song-writing and feels the most accessible. I’m struggling to pin exactly how it compares with Portal of I and Citadel in total quality as they all have distinct advantages. What’s less difficult to argue is that NeO actively hampers themselves by refusing to utilize a dynamic master. For that, this time, I shall mark down from a 4.5. But make no mistake that this is still high-quality music. Former fans are sure to enjoy this release while the unconverted may appreciate the more direct hooks this time around. You’ll be reading about this one again come list season despite my earlier warnings over dynamics.

Rating: 4.0/5.0
DR: 5 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps MP3
Label: Season of Mist
Websites: |
Releases worldwide: October 27th, 2017

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  1. The preference for pretentious titling is as obnoxious as ever. – AMG
  2. See what I mean? – Id.
  3. FOR FUCK SAKE! – Id. Redux.
  4. God is dead. – Nietzsche.
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  • JJ

    Logged in for the Goatpenis, but stayed for the Ne Obliviscaris. Thanks AMG!

    • At least you’re honest about it.

    • Monsterth Goatom

      I was going to head back over there to see how things are progressing, but now the Comments section is NSFW.

    • HeavyMetalHamster

      Which is Latin for “Penis of the Horned Mountain Pig” .

  • Me

    Meh. Only thing the video made me want to do was boot the chick out of the tub so me and the drummer can go in there.

    • [not a Dr]

      So… was it you who sent the shadowy figures to drown her and fish her out of the way?

      • Me


    • Eli Valcik

      Sound fun.

  • Danny

    Citadel has grown on me quite strongly over the years, glad to see this is great as well. One of the things I love about them is that they’re a progressive band who knows how to write a 45-50 minute record with good flow that leaves you wanting more, as opposed to a 75 minute mess.

    Shame about the master, though.

    • Brutalist_Receptacle


      • Danny


  • Iain Gleasure

    Nothing says slick accessible songwriting like 2 ten minute songs and 3 seven minute ones, amiright?

  • Goldicot

    I don’t have fancy special reviewer priveleges so I ain’t heard it yet, but as no fan of NeO I thought the singles were markedly worse than previous material circa Portal of I.

    I wanted to also flatteringly compare Dan Presland to a drum machine, but I can’t think of a way to make the comparison flattering. So here’s a fun word instead: quoggy.

    • I support this word.

      • Goldicot

        This word-based support makes me wonder if “Etymology” would be a good name for a prog-grind band.

        • John Mosley

          You have to dress it up a bit. Hateymology.

    • Eli Valcik

      My favorite word is abdication.

  • Sophocles

    Every NeO release is a neo by itself. Incredible stuff again!

  • Boo-URN!

    • Sophocles


  • AndySynn

    Despite being a fan of their debut, I have to say… these guys feel more and more like a surprisingly “safe” take on “Extreme Metal” as time goes by.

    And I get that some people will massively disagree with the assertion that a band who writes songs this long is in any way “safe”, but this one, and “Citadel” felt more like the Metal equivalent of “Oscar-bait” movies – designed and calculated to appeal to as many people as possible, making all the right moves to appear clever and progressive… but never really committing to being one thing or another, or offering anything that’s particularly challenging or demanding.

    To be clear, there’s nothing necessarily WRONG with being accessible in that way, but, well, the band’s identity just appears to be “that Metal band with the violin”… for all their obvious talents, I find that very little of the guitar work or drum work actually sticks with me as there are SO many times on this album where you could easily take a whole section from one song, drop it into another, and cause no real ripples, as the whole thing is just so gosh-darn smooth and polished and interchangeable.

    • You should write reviews for our site, being as you write reviews ON our site.

      • AndySynn

        You couldn’t afford me.

        Or, I couldn’t afford that.

        One of the two.

        • sir_c

          But why get paid if you can just do it in your spare time? That is what hobbies are for, no? :-)

          • Yolo Swaggins

            I’m pretty sure you pay THEM to write on this site.

      • J Ryan Taron

        Steel, This made me laugh so hard. Zing.

    • Goldicot

      I’m not sure if it’s insulting to say this is the best critique I’ve read from you in a while.

      • AndySynn

        Maybe a LITTLE bit… but, to be fair, it is (in my opinion anyway) a lot easier to write things which are more pointedly negative than it is to find new and different ways to say “this is awesome”. I just don’t tend to do negative reviews very much.

    • Name’s Dalton

      Long songs were the bane of indie rock’s existence for a while, as every band had to mimic Slint and write 9-minute opuses (often without vocals, my to my dismay). They were the epitome of safe.

      There is infinitely more danger in a 45-second song by the Minutemen than in some bands’ entire discographies.

      This is no different.

      • Thatguy

        Goatpenis for danger. NeO is noice.

        • Name’s Dalton

          But is it NeOice?

    • Andy, please let me help you out, you seem to have had some trouble with editing your post (it happens):

      Heavy Metal, noun

      1. “And I get that some people will massively disagree with the assertion that a band who writes songs this long is in any way “safe”, but this one, and “Citadel” felt more like the Metal equivalent of “Oscar-bait” movies – designed and calculated to appeal to as many people as possible, making all the right moves to appear clever and progressive… but never really committing to being one thing or another, or offering anything that’s particularly challenging or demanding.”

      2. Short for “metal.” See number one.

      • AndySynn

        I don’t feel like I’ve had any trouble writing or editing this post at all, and I’m not really sure what your point is?

        • Andy, it was completely in good humor.

          I was just stating that your comment about Ne Ob can be applied to the genre as a whole.

          • AndySynn

            Don’t worry, I didn’t take it in bad humour… I was just a bit confused (and don’t mind admitting it)!

          • No worries at all Andy. I need to listen to this record myself. I haven’t officially gotten on the NeO bandwagon but listening to Citadel again – I like it.

    • SoLeftISeeRight

      Spot on.

    • John Mosley

      Agree. Progressively more pasteurized, and perhaps… contrived. I hope I like this album more than the singles.

    • Dead1

      Well said and I totally agree with all your points.

    • Tired Science Guy

      So I had quite a lengthy reply to this, but it seems to have been deleted. Not sure why

    • Here’s Johnny

      So wrong, they are a cult band even within extreme metal. You can’t be a cult band that brings up strong opinions by being ‘safe’. The guitar work, drums and violin(obvs) is stellar. Is actually a step up on this album.

      Re-think what you said and you might get paid next month.

  • Planex

    I still haven’t made up my mind on NeO. On a couple cursory listens to their previous albums I liked what I was hearing but it wasn’t grabbing me. This seems like the type of stuff I’d love, but if it doesn’t impress me with another focused listen I guess I don’t like it.

    • AshCinderSmoke

      Same here. I know I’ve listened to one of their albums before but it didn’t grab me and I can’t remember anything from the listen. Maybe I’ll give them another listen today.

  • Oh man, I had no idea this was coming! I am pumped! While I thought Citadel was a MINOR step down from Portal of I, I still loved it and both albums made my year end best of list.

    I am also super happy that AMG was away when this review was written!!!!

  • André Snyde Lopes

    Who let this poser review a NeO record again?

  • Zach Ward

    Portal of I is one of my favorite albums, while I think citadel kind of sucks.. Hoping this one gives me them portal of I vibes…

    • Meriyas

      I agree with you here. I frequently revisit Portal Of I, but haven’t paid much attention to Citadel since it was released. The singles they’ve released from Urn so far haven’t set my loins alight, but they aren’t bad. Hopefully as a whole it’ll be top notch.

      • Zach Ward

        I might have to give citadel another listen, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually gave it one. Maybe it’s better than I remember..
        I haven’t been tracking the singles so far, I decided I’ll give it a full listen one the album is fully released.

        • Meriyas

          After giving Urn a few listens over the weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really really good. I’ve enjoyed it significantly more than Citadel. Each song here is much sharper than previous outings and there’s no song that overstays its welcome. It’s completely different to Portal and Citadel, but it’s still distinctly NeO. This album is top 5 of the year for me so far. I hope you’re enjoying it as well.

          • Zach Ward

            I feel it is much more enjoyable than citadel as well. Relistening to citadel I still find it not quite as good as I’d like. While Urn I feel is as you said, much sharper and I think more streamlined. They sound more focused and like it much more. I still don’t think it’s better than portal of I but that’s just me.

  • Eli Valcik

    Hmmm, I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. I went into his review assuming that I would hate this album but, it’s actually good. It gets a Eli 3.0/5.0 because the acoustics remind me of Bathory. It looses 1 point for that bad album art and music video and 1 for not too great vocals. But the instruments are on point and it doesn’t have that symphonic mastering job that I loathe so god damn much, however it still is a bit too clean, it’s just not horrible.

  • Johan Dams

    Damm, Opeth meets My Dying Bride. Love the violin. Why have I never heard of these before. Time to put on the headphones

  • The Unicorn
    • This will not sit well with the Angry One.

  • Eli Valcik

    fuck it, I’m going back to No Clean Singing where everything is some form of Black Metal.

    • You’ll be back! You’ll miss the Goatpenis!

      • There’s a new banner sub-title: Knew you’d be back – missed the Goatpenis?!?

  • Norwegian viking

    Great album! Its all about taste,but i prefer thus by far compared to citadel.

  • Absolomb

    Cuervo really had to be the man to review this. High hopes for this one as ever with NeO.

  • Maximos662

    With the caveat that this is Ye Olden Complainte, I have to say….. this site could yet be my financial ruin: yesterday, The King Is Blind became mandatory listening, and today, this does as well. And the problem is that this pattern is not infrequent.

    • Do we need to create an AMG Welfare Fund for when you folks bankrupt yourselves on music?

      • Maximos662

        Before a friend pointed me to this site, I might have purchased a couple dozen albums in a year. In 18 months of reading this site, I’ve probably purchased between 150 and 175. It wasn’t a matter of being unfamiliar with all of the subgenres and sub-subgenres, etc., but of being unaware of the sheer depth in most of them, apropos of which I will only make this comment: excepting a handful of bands on major labels, the quality of the music goes up dramatically when you get to the mid-size and small labels. Season of Mist is crushing it this year, IMO.

        • If we didn’t get the promos for free I’d be in the same boat as you. Too much good stuff to even keep track of, but we try.

        • HairyToeKnuckles

          Be sure to check out Artisan Era records if you’re into Tech Death. They have some amazing stuff, ie: Inanimate Existence (nice guys, too), Inferi, Enfold Darkness, Dark Matter Secret, Virulent Depravity, etc.

    • Danny

      If it squares with your approach to music, may I highly suggest a subscription service like Google play music? It’s like $10-$15 a month and lets you download and listen to as much as you want. I just got it in September, and I have to say I’m sold on the concept. I still buy the albums I really love, though.

      • Nag Dammit

        Yeah, this is my approach too. I use spotify and if you can find it, you can tweak the settings so you can download in high quality (though you are then limited by device memory).

        I then buy what new music I like / stuff that isn’t on spotify through bandcamp.

        Older / classic stuff I listen to through spotify, as most of it I bought on CD back in the day but since sold as I don’t like physical media (unless the artwork is out of this world).

        This way I can manage my costs, pretend I’m ‘kind of’ ethical by supporting new music and scratch my pretentious itch by buying cds I can only play in my car just because the packaging looks awesome.

        Yeah, I hate myself.

  • Chris Benadie

    This is great stuff, sound of the snare drum was a little prominent for me, but after 3 listens it just sounds right, go figure.

    • ElephantsMarching

      I was gonna say the same thing. I do not care for that snare.

  • mtlman1990

    One of the greatest shows Ive been to was NeO at a tiny bar in Columbus OH. Then came the social media garbage… Its hard to label yourself extreme metal when you boot your world-class bass player for being a meanie.

    • El_Cuervo

      No-one knows the full details and as far as I know he was never charged. But it seems disingenuous to call what he is alleged to have done “mean”…

      • mtlman1990

        Yes I do. He got in a fight with his abusive mother in 2010! but was never convicted. Pretty lame reason to kick a band member out six years later…

        • Lithophyte

          Partner abuse. And he copped the sacking and said he deserved it.

  • Zadion

    I, for one, *love* pretentious, pseudo-intellectual titles and general aesthetic.

    • David D.

      Of Petrichor Weaves AMG Comments

    • The_Martus

      Pretentious, pseudo-intellectual titles seem de rigueur for many metal genres. Why slam these guys for it?

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Nice review El C,
    I was hoping for a double review with he who shall not be named for this. Though I’m sure he’ll make his opinion known st some point…

    • FutureBeyondSatan

      You want to bet I can summarize his review with 4 words? This Sucks Me ObliviscarAss…

  • sir_c

    I very much feel the same like with listening to Opeth. I couldn’t point a single flaw, it is all technically very good but in the end, it just feels too constructed and academically composed.

    • Davy Bonnevalle

      Try their first 3 albums, Orchid, Morningrise, My Arms Your Hearse.

  • Hotshotbolt

    I’m a bit if a newbie to this site but I dig it. Worth regular visits for the comments section alone 😂

    • Yolo Swaggins

      Pretty soon this site will be your life. You’ll constantly hit refresh until a new review drops. And when you’re not doing that (for some strange reason) you’ll find that you’re behind on 3 reviews.

  • ARelativelyNewPerson

    I would put this album just behind Portal but ahead of Citadel since the noise seems more controlled and waaaay less screechy that Citadel had.

  • Beyond the Radio

    I saw them last year and had no idea who they were despite being a huge prog fan then listened to the shit out of their albums. Glad to see this got a high review. Hope I feel the same. I am much more into prog than tech death.

  • I never really understood why this band is “controversial.” They make extremely dynamic, epic death metal with all the staples of why you’d be attracted to metal music. Melodic leads? Amazing growls?
    Great singing? Sharp riffs? Beautiful accoustic passages? Fretless bass? String instruments? Blast beats? Check fuckin’ mate, brah. And they write fantastic songs. A classy bunch. Why is this band so controversial?

    Awesome review, by the way! Nice to see a great album get a good score despite people hyping the shit out of it.

    Gonna go change my pants now.

    • Dead1

      “Epic death metal.” Sweet fuck all death metal here. It’s melodic generic extreme metal with mainly a black metal core.

      “Sharp riffs” – I can’t remember a single one.

      “Beautiful acoustic passages” – yawn!

      “String instruments” – this is meant to be heavy fucking metal, not the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

      “And they write fantastic songs.” – They don’t write memorable or distinguishable songs. or even have themes within songs. In fact the whole heavy/soft extremes plus average song length of ten minutes (oh they’re down to a “mere” 7 minutes now just kill memorability and it all flows into one big mess. Things are just bolted together for the sake of bolting things together.
      These guys display some of the worst traits of modern metal – pretention, terrible song writing, crap sterile sound, and too much mindless wankery.
      Suffice to say I gave away their albums.

      • Oooohhhh the ol’ elitism argument! Salty!

        • Dead1

          So elitism is expecting a band to be able to write actual songs and memorable riffs, record an album with a bit of life in it and not just musically wank off for an hour at a time because they can?
          Sterile kitchen sink approach might work for you but they don’t work for me.

          • Craig Mcdonald

            Here’s an idea. If you don’t like them don’t listen to them. You sure are spending a lot of time on them for someone who “gives away their albums”.
            The truth is…these guys are actually very talented. Portal of I was/is a masterpiece. Nothing you say changes that fact. You hear wankery, I hear greatness. I listen to a very large variety of music and there really isn’t a lot out there generically similar to these guys as you state. You use generic terms like soft to heavy, and that’s nothing new but it’s the way it’s done is what makes them great. They aren’t inventing a new wheel, they are using the same old wheel creatively and it sounds great.
            Anyone who actually takes the time to comment on a band they say they don’t like are secretly hiding the fact that they might like them but hate themselves for it. You don’t fool anyone.

        • jabba

          I know guest commenters are always extreme edgelords, but man, that guy sure is mad about this band existing.

    • Davy Bonnevalle

      Because they’re not as accessible due complexity and the often heard first impression that they sound too clean.

    • I think the band is controversial for two reasons. #1, the clean vocals, unless he has improved were on the nasally side, thus an acquired taste. I haven’t minded them. #2, the band from what I understand has been doing the Patroen thing which is seen by some as begging your fans for money (see the Allegaeon debacle). I don’t know it for sure but I’m sure there are some metalheads out there who feel like this band has gotten a leg up on “more deserving bands” from their crowdfunding activity.

      Me, I think they are pretty good and they seem to work hard to get where they want to go. Good for them.

      • PretentiousFuckwad

        Honestly criticism of the band for having a patreon seems idiotic to me. Oh boo hoo a band knows how to market and crowd-fund. Considering some of the useless things tax dollars have gone to in the past, (take Australia’s danger 5 for instance) I don’t see how anyone even remotely aware of the economic climate would be upset to know that a band is accepting donations from willing participants.

        That being said, the clean vocals annoy me.

        • Those cleans were certainly annoying the first time I heard em, but they aren’t really the focal point for too long so I was able to look past it. There are worse cleans out there for sure!

          Right with you on crowdfunding. It’s pure jealousy when people criticize bands over that.

  • Dead1

    Ah Ne Obliviscaris, the band that’s very good technically but has no composition skills whatsoever and has some of the most sterile and soulless sounding recordings in metal today.
    They’re not bad live when they’re belting it out but then you have the violinist/clean singer wanking off which just drags on and kills the flow of songs. Sacking his poser arse and cutting down the soft wankery would enhance them massively.
    But that’s not going to happen – indeed when you start hiring ex-Cynic (the kings of shit composition and thrash prog wankery) players you know the band is doomed.

    • El_Cuervo

      Considering that the poser arse does most of the song-writing and band management activities I’m not sure how sacking him would go.

  • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

    Cuervo, blink twice if AMG is touching you inappropriately.

    I’ll take a 4.0 though, can’t wait to hear it come early morning Friday morning. DR5 though, ehhhhh, that’s unfortunate. Surprising that they wouldn’t use dynamic mastering with how high profile they’re becoming. Maybe they figure the majority of fans won’t notice. I Googled who mastered Urn but couldn’t find anything.

    I did stumble on Rate Your Music though, and got a few laughs out of those user “reviews.” You can’t please anyone these days.

    • Nukenado

      Read Tetragammacide’s review on EM. They’re pretty easy to please.

  • Angelus

    Plot Twist: Ne Obliviscaris is Goatpenis Extreme Metal Project.

  • Serjien

    I have been waiting for this release for months and it has not disappointed. Great album. But I do see that this band is hit or miss with the metal community, which is quite interesting if you think about it.

  • Tofu muncher

    run-of-the-mill death extreme prog, good while it lasted, and I probably will be just getting this, nice boo–er, sphere on that album cover

  • Charles Anderson

    Actually, my Violin on the debut record of my band LaKtating Yak will be the most brutal of the year. ;)

  • Shrümpelstiltskin

    I didn’t realize this band was so controversial. I’ve always thought NeO’s music was fun. Not masterpiece level stuff, but I enjoy it and will definitely check out the new album. I like what they’ve released officially so far.

  • Davy Bonnevalle

    Most anticipated release of the year for me!
    Only listened to 3 songs (quite a lot tbh), and they’re brilliant.

  • Kryopsis

    To be honest, Ne Obliviscaris didn’t click for me the first time. But then I ended up re-listening to their stuff, picked up Citadel and I already bought tickets for their show in November. Thanks, El Cuevo. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • drug_genosh

    at least we agree on “star rider”!

  • lagerbottoms

    I dearly hope the vinyl has a dedicated master

  • John Mosley

    The early singles had me worried, but the full album is phenomenal as a whole. It tickles my pickle, and that’s a big dill. Album of the Year.

  • Vic279

    I dont know… Right now it feels like Portal of I will hunt them down forever..We’ll see

  • Unwanted Guest

    I’ve gotten my order and got fed up with it already… This is boring like heaven. I prefer the album with heaven and hell. Every song is endlessly melodic with almost the same tempo, duteous childish peaks with chorus and bass drum festival or blastbeat. It’s rather MUSE combined with Rhapsody Of Fire than something extreme and experimental.

    Urn is by no means a bad album. I can give this 3.0. However, this is just a pop metal album. I wanted this album more intelligent, progressive, and cinematic. I realized that they are not a band for black/death metal listeners. They are for aged power metal fans who are bored with power metal.

    As a critique for Urn, this album lacks variety of songs, chords, arranges, tempos. They should be more conceptual like classical music or motion picture sound tracks. This album is a recession from the previous album.

  • OdorousRope

    That fretless bass makes my shorts tighten.

  • Nathan Gifford

    While I quite enjoy Ne Obliviscaris, I miss the notable departure of their more black metal elements. Portal Of I stands out in that regard.
    Particularly in the vocal style. That being said Urn is quite fantastic to my ears. If you’ve never seen this band do yourself a favor and catch them if you can.

  • PretentiousFuckwad

    Can’t we just agree now that if you let a fanboy review a record you might as well mentally adjust the score down a point (sometimes a half)? I did the same with Kronos’s review of Pyrrhon’s new album and it made sense to me. I was also able to then make sense of the snubbing of it (which I disagreed with btw).

  • Ian van Lierop

    The master being too bland is by far the biggest problem with this album. I first noticed it when listening to those chants on Libera Pt. 1 just thinking to myself, “why do these not sound bigger?” It should be this huge, epic, fist pumping moment…but it just kinda blends in with everything else. I’m a massive NeO fanboy, though, so while it’s maybe a wee bit of a disappointing album I still enjoy it very much. I’m looking forward to hearing some of these tracks live. If you haven’t seen them in person before, DO IT. If you’re a fan it’s worth it even if you have to drive a few hours. They are one of the tightest live bands I’ve seen.