Behemoth has posted the 5th studio diary on YouTube for viewing.  These diaries chronicle their studio experience—they’re also pretty fucking cool.  This is, of course, all in the lead up to their new studio album Evangelion which will be released in August and is highly anticipated by this Angry Metal Guy.

Well, as I said before, the new material which was posted on their myspace sounded totally great and I’m really stoked about this, too.  Once again, playing the Nile card for the win–heck, we can’t all be totally original all the time.  Anyway, my favorite part is where Nergal, in his not at all pretentious way, says “I’m sure our fans will worship our new opus.”  Gee, Nergal.  You’re so modest.

Part of me wants to hate Evangelion just because now, but unfortunately, the material in that video sounds way too tight for me to hate.  Behemoth has really become a force to be reckoned with.

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  • bradamante

    I somewhat lost any respect for the guy since he started dating Doda an infamous polish popstar – here is Behemot’s video someone put together with her “song”
    You get the picture…
    The funny thing is that there were actually some people who claimed he was only dating her to become famous :D

    On the side note I just found your blog and must say I really like it. Hope you will keep up with writing about good music :)

    • Hey, thanks! I appreciate the props. Keep stopping by and tell your friends. Also, tell your friends that my respect for Polish metal keeps rising!

      That said: yeah, the stuff with Nergal and the pop star is a little bit crazy for me. But, I mean.. apparently now we know that metal dudes can get chicks? :P The new track sounds pretty good and I’m really looking forward to getting the new album to review. I’ve liked Behemoth pretty well since they went all Nile on us.

      • bradamante

        I’m not sure I can safely write it here ;) but I never was a big Behemoth fan, I can appreciate their music but it just doesn’t give me the “right feeling”, you know the one you have when you know you listen to something great.

        Well of course they can get chicks (guy with a guitar is pretty sexy after all) but those girls should be accepted by fan community…:) seriously just think about it – for many artist their girls were their muses, influencing their work, so in the best interest of music they create, metal guys should only date sad and depressing girls, otherwise they might start singing about flowers and butterflies ;))