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  • El_Cuervo

    Luke keeps landing lucky strikes on his promo choices! Good review as ever, sounds right up my street.

    • Luke_22

      Haha yeah I’ve been on a fortunate hot streak. I’m sure it will all come crashing down though, I’m due for an unhealthy load of mediocrity soon I feel.

  • Martin Knap

    Satan is real.

  • Malev Draizhen

    Doesn’t sound really interesting, just repetitive.

    • Wilhelm

      Agreed – This song seemed like it was 15 minutes long (not in a good way) and the vocals suck.

      • Luke_22

        Each to their own i guess. I can understand some people not getting on board with his clean vocals, but i think his heavier styles are pretty damn strong though.

  • Scorpion

    I don’t get the video.Why is the guy putting crude oil on her head ?
    Real cool stuff though.Kind of like a tsunami of black gold.

    • Martin Knap

      “Libation generally accompanied prayer. The Greeks stood when they prayed, either with their arms uplifted, or in the act of libation with the right arm extended to hold the phiale.

      In conducting animal sacrifice, wine is poured onto the victim as part of its ritual slaughter and preparation, and then afterwards onto the ash and flames.This scene is commonly depicted in Greek art, which also often shows sacrificers or the gods themselves holding the phiale.” (wiki)

      • Scorpion

        Thanks dude.

        • Martin Knap

          no probs. it’s an obvious allusion to a ritual.

    • Krzystov

      Woman tied up = mother earth.

      Business guy with gas mask = scum sucking corporate oil baron.

      Moral metaphor of the story: we need a cleaner/safer energy source or were phukt.

  • Thatguy

    I really liked their first one too – and this seems very good indeed

  • OzanCan

    this reminds me..the Darkest Era..weird right? Coz they are totally differrent from each other… I guess I need to listen to it again sometime later. I kinda dig the promo song though

  • Shawn Cypher

    I was nearly hooked in the first 50 seconds of the YouTube clip at the bottom. Just bought it.

    Ugh, between the new FNM, Undead, new Tech N9ne, my newfound Taylor Swift fandom (yes!), and the new Arcturus… I’ve bought too many albums on iTunes lately.

    • Feeblejocks

      Ugh, really? Taylor Swift? As a former – not fan, exactly, but at least defender of her early material – I can say with confidence that at this point, I’m just ready for her to go away.

  • Alex Najdek

    Absolutely loved the first album, they floored me when I saw them live. Totally did not expect them to crush it so hard. Can’t wait to get this one in the mail.