DeathFuckingCunt – Decadent Perversity Review

There’s really only one word that divides that AMG staffers: “cunt.” Beloved of the British and Australian writers, “cunt” still causes hand-wringing and head-shaking among the North American gang, whose delicate sensibilities it offends.1 So what then to make of Australian tech-death band, DeathFuckingCunt? This is a metal site, we’re used to… er… “out there” band names (Shitfucker, Syphilitic Vaginas, Vulvodynia and last year’s critically acclaimed Bloody Cumshot all spring to mind), but even in these hallowed halls, some stand out. DeathFuckingCunt (no, we will not shorten it to “DFC”) is one of them. Their first album, 2013’s Ungodly Violation, seemed like a typical one-and-done blast of ferocious death metal. But if Monkey Pox can make a comeback (cumback? Sorry. This is what happens when you spend a week listening non-stop to tracks like “Blunt Force Vasectomy”) then so can DeathFuckingCunt, with their sophomore effort Decadent Perversity. Arriving 9 years after their debut, the question arises: is there anything more to this than shock value?

With a name like DeathFuckingCunt, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a well-done platter of slam was heading to your table. Surprisingly, the band is more subtle and nuanced (by death metal standards) than that. Decadent Perversity combines brutal death with technical death to form brutal-technical death metal. The difference between these guys and many contemporaries is that a delightful layer of grime lingers over their work. This isn’t the clean, distilled precision of Archspire (although DeathFuckingCunt is not far off in terms of technical ability) or the gorgeous expansive creativity of First Fragment. Rather, Decadent Perversity maintains the stench and gore and dirt of old-school death metal but includes the ferocity and brutality of the heavy-hitters like Devourment. The result is a surprisingly complex and dynamic album that has a lot more going for it than the schtick of a controversial name.

From the opening notes of “Mulesing the Malformed,” it’s clear that DeathFuckingCunt mean business. Insanely fast, extremely technical riffs combine with brutal vocals to create a track that immediately assaults all the senses. Yes, even taste. The track is delightfully visceral and ugly, which lends it grit and memorability. “Conceived in Formaldehyde” is nose-bleedingly quick but grounded in dirty fun, rendering it massively entertaining. The rest of the album continues in this vein, serving banger after banger with little respite or remorse. There are no wimpy interludes or languid instrumentals. Just hopping from “Suicidal Masturbatory Flagellation” to “Garrotted by Frenulum.” It’s epic and crushing and fun.  Even the shaggy moments and occasional meanderings are charming because nothing outstays its welcome and everything is grounded.

Decadent Perversity has a few flaws that prevent it from entering the rarefied air of the top bands. While most of the songs are catchy, there is an occasional lack of those true earworms that inspire repeat listening. This is especially evident on the second half, which is slightly weaker than the stellar first. The production is very dense, and the extraordinary drumming is relegated to the back of the mix. While this saves Decadent Perversity from feeling like a date between your forehead and a brick wall, it does leech some of the power from the songs, which is disappointing because an extra dollop of brutality would have been not just face-crushing, but organ-crushing.

In a way, it’s a pity that DeathFuckingCunt have the name that they do. Not because metal fans will necessarily be bothered, but because the cynical might wonder if an average band is using the name to distract from a lack of ability. This is absolutely not the case here. DeathFuckingCunt are the real deal: hyper-technical, unrelentingly brutal, dirty in all the best possible ways, and completely unapologetic. If Decadent Perversity is sometimes a little ill-disciplined and unkempt, well… I doubt the band gives a fuck. And neither should you. This is a super-fun blast of ferocity that is just the kick in the balls you need. And who knows? At this rate, the American staff may just have to accept that the word “cunt” will be on the list for best records of the month.2 Fuck yeah.

Rating: 3.5/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Transcending Obscurity
Websites:  |
Releases Worldwide: June 10th, 2022

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  1. You can’t say THAT word in America! – Steel
  2. We talked about you, and no. – Steel
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