Introducing: Angry Metal Days 2020

Ah, summer holidays. A glorious time of doing nothing that’s of any help to society in any form, and everything that you regret the next day. Some of you still have this glorious time of lazily boozing about to look forward to this year, or are already basking in its warm and comforting cycle of drinking and swearing never to drink again. Others, like myself, have already returned to the drudgery of normal life, offices, spreadsheets and only partying like 28% of the time. Those in the latter category will inevitably be looking forward to next year’s wonderful stress free period of summer debauchery. But what if I told you your holiday next year could be the most epic, unholy metal holiday you’ve ever experienced?



What are you even talking about?
It is very simple, dear reader. The plan is to form a group camping at the Metaldays festival in Tolmin, Slovenia, for their 2020 edition of the festival, with as many readers and writers of Angry Metal Guy as we can muster, myself included! Always wanted to meet some of your favorite review slingers? Now you can! Want to spend a full week at one of the best damn metal festivals in the world? Now you can! Want to have the best fucking holiday of your damn life? NOW YOU CAN!

What is this Metaldays you speak of?
Glad you asked! Metaldays is a medium scale, week-long metal festival at a beautiful location among the green hills of Slovenia. With 3 stages, cheap booze (because Central Europe) and an actual METAL BEACH along the Soca river! So bring your swimming trunks / bikini / mankini and prepare for shrinkage in the chilly mountain water, yo! Metaldays is renowned for its chill-out atmosphere, good vibes, and gorgeous location. The first five bands have already been announced: Testament, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, Malevolent Creation, and Razor! You can read more about the festival here. Upwards of 20 people can reserve a spot at the campsite, so if we get enough people we will be guaranteed a place in the grounds to do with as we please!1


There’s bunches of side activities as well, particularly around the beach and the small third stage. This year, it included metal yoga, redneck massages and axe throwing, just to name a few! Are you environmentally minded? Metaldays is a frontrunner for most ecologically friendly festivals, including many eco food options, abandoning token systems in favor of pre-paid cards, and banning gas-powered generators at the campsite. Don’t have a tent? You can rent temporary tents at the festival, large enough for 2, made out of cardboard that’s been treated by fucking wizards!

So how much will this cost?
Considering its duration, Metaldays is a ridiculously cheap festival at €175 for ticket and camping during presale. Furthermore, a package of 4 tickets costs only €600, which works out to €150 per person! However, if you need to take to the sky to get there, we unfortunately cannot pay for your flight tickets. We are not that rich. But if Treble Yell can make it all the way from fucking Australia (and he might!), SO CAN YOU!

This sounds amazing! But who is going to organize all this?
You are! No, not you in particular, solitary reader. What I mean is, everyone who wants to come can discuss means of travel, camping supplies, tent space and anything else that may be relevant for this holiday. For this purpose, I have created this forum to be used and perused by all interested parties, as well as this Facebook event. I will function as the ringleader of this circus, but I must admit I have no experience whatsoever with such an ordeal, so I welcome all help and advice. I’m just a guy with a dream here. A dream for a bunch of rambunctious metalheads to gather for a week of absolutely legendary fun.

But why this camp?
Because it’s fun, you sourpuss! But it has a lot of other advantages. We can pitch in to get anything from party tents to bus rental for the trip, and we can share resources to make the campsite party central! Someone may have speakers or other equipment. Getting ticket packages will save anyone interested money. Anything goes, this is why there’s a forum so everyone can pool any means they have to make this the most asskicking festival in history!

What are the next steps then?

In no particular order:

  • Buy a ticket for the festival
  • Buy flight tickets as needed
  • Sign up for the forum and the Facebook event and participate (or don’t, if you have nothing to share and prefer to just come in with a tent. That’s cool too!)
  • Sit tight for my updates on the status of our camp!

That’s all for now! Tickets have gone on sale. If you have purchased a ticket, let me know through either the forum or the event so I can add you to the list of confirmations.

Let’s make this party reality!

Rating: 6.0/5.0
DR: Downright Radical | Format Reviewed: 666 kbps mp3
Label: Angry Metal Records
Websites: MetalDays HomepageAMD2020 ForumsAMD2020 Facebook Event
Releases Worldwide: July 26th, 2020 – August 1st, 2020

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  1. Keep in mind, we will give nothing back to the academic community, as well as provide no public service of any kind. This much we promise you.
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