Luna Mortis Dropped by Century Media

Unfortunately, the up-and-coming Madison, Wisconsin progressive metal act Luna Mortis has been dropped by Century Media. There’s a lot that I can say, but I think honestly that Century is not only making a mistake here, but I think just in general that labels are unwise to not let bands develop. Honestly, the business is so cut-throat and retarded sometimes. These guys are seriously talented, and I hope they get picked up by someone who gives them a chance. Especially since Century signed fucking Iced Earth and gave them how many records to get good? Seriously…

This is from the blog on MySpace:

Hey everyone,

First and foremost I would like to say that this is Mary writing, and I am giving you guys an update on what’s going on with Luna Mortis at this time.
As a lot of you guys have noticed, we have been announced as the direct support for Primal Fear in North America from the end of May-June of 2010. This is true, we are really excited about the tour, I am going to post the dates today. It’s going to be a great tour, covering more of the US this time, including Texas and some southern areas we have never played before. We look forward to going out on the road with Primal Fear, who are an excellent band and terrific musicians.

The next thing that a few of you have messaged my personal profile about is the fact that we now appear listed in the “alumni” list of the Century Media website. This is because we are in fact, being dropped by Century Media and will not be releasing another record with them. Does this mean Luna Mortis will not be releasing another album? No. It just means that soon, we will be label-less and have a few decisions to make about what our next move will be and what we’d like to do in regard to the future of the band.

Those decisions will take us awhile to figure out, so for now, we just thought we’d update you on what’s going on and we look forward to seeing you guys out on the road in the spring!

Mary Z
Luna Mortis

Well, I hope that the tour and everything helps them get out. Because if you missed their debut The Absence then you missed something great.

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