Parasite Inc – Time Tears Down Review

Parasite Inc // Time Tears Down
Rating: 4.0/5.0 — Does the Reaper bill by the hour?
Label: GoodDamn Records
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Release Dates: Out now!

parasite_inc_-_cover_artwork_time_tears_down_full_resSheesh the Reaper’s working overtime this year! Every which way you turn there’s another corpse stinking up the joint. German melo death band Parasite Inc captured my eye (or maybe it was my ear) a few weeks back with their video for “The Pulse Of The Dead” off their sophomore release Time Tears Down. The video isn’t particularly flashy, there’s no blood and guts and no fancy scene set or story being told. Basically it’s just four musicians against a pretty stark background furiously slaughtering their instruments, catchy melodies challenging heavy grooves, creating no holds barred, modern, melodic death magic. Hang on, what the hell – here watch it for yourselves!

Stripped down to a nice tidy 47 minutes and 13 tracks, label debut Time Tears Down kicks off with the disquieting instrumental track “Fire The Machines”. While the song is short-lived, it quickly sets you up for the wrecking ball that follows. Kai Bigler handles vocals on the album and to quote Islander of No Clean Singing, Kai has ‘vicious vocals that sound like a werewolf on the hunt’. Tunes like “Back For War”, the killer “Un-meant Outcasts” and the bonus track “Deadlife” display Kai’s mighty off-beat, almost whispered growl that brings to mind Jukka Pelkonen of Omnium Gatherum. Outside of his vocal duties, I was well impressed to find out that Kai (backed by Kevin Sierra on rhythm guitar) also handles the electrifying, velocious guitar solos that pack the same punchy melody as Heaven Shall Burn. “Armageddon in 16 to 9”, “The Pulse Of The Dead” and “In The Dark” rip into your brain, embedding themselves in true bloodsucking, parasitical fashion – this is one parasite I’ll happily let feast on my brain!

Founding members Benjamin Stelzer (drums) and Kai Bigler have an interesting and exciting chemistry that stands out prominently on “Armageddon in 16 to 9”, “The Pulse Of The Dead” and “In The Dark”, so much so that at times it almost feels as though the two instrumental streams have intertwined and formed one living, breathing organism of destruction. Benjamin’s devilry, moves along at a demented pace on “Hatefilled” and along with Stefan Krämer’s bass contributions there’s never a dull moment percussion-wise, each track pummelling your grey matter.

Promo Picture 2013Time Tears Down was recorded by Parasite Inc in their own in-house studio with mastering by Jens Bogren CEO, producer and engineer for Fascination Street Recording Studio. Jens has worked with some of the biggest acts in metal (Kreator, Rotting Christ, Amon Amarth, Enslaved and Soilwork to name just a few) and Parasite Inc couldn’t have made a better choice if they tried. The album has a fresh, modern sound that lets you pick up on the catchy melodies while simultaneously Time Tears Down never sounds overproduced.

The neck-pain inducing tracks on Time Tears Down don’t overstay their welcome. Parasite Inc have a strong lyrical backbone, destructive groove, skilful breakdowns and versatile vocals – don’t be alarmed if you hit “Deadlife” and you find yourself questioning WTF happened. Time Tears Down is over just way too damn fast!

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