Enforcer // Diamonds
Rating: 3.5/5.0 —Enforcing your right to have fun.
Label: Earache
Websites: myspace.com/enforcerswe
Release Dates: EU: 24.05.2010 | US: 05.25.2010 (Vinyl is June 8th!)

Enforcer - DiamondsAnother retro 80’s metal album being reviewed on Angry Metal Guy? This place must really be going to hell in a hand basket. Well, at least one angry metal reviewer is enjoying the ride and Enforcer’s new album Diamonds would be the perfect soundtrack for any such hell bound pleasure excursion. Following along with 80’s NWOBHM worshiping peers Steelwing and Stormzone, Sweden’s Enforcer roars back to life with the follow up to 2008’s Into the Night and the results are pretty impressive and more fun than barrel full of monkeys.

Unlike the aforementioned bands, Enforcer’s take on the 80’s metal sound borrows more from the proto-thrash American bands of that era instead of the usual Saxon/Iron Maiden hero worship. Stylistic nods to old Abattoir, Anvil and even Neil Turbin era Anthrax can be heard as Diamonds flies by in a near-hysterical metal fit. Most of the tracks on Diamonds are speedy, energetic and ballsy but maintain a kind of goofy, tongue-in-cheek sensibility and humor about them. The best way to describe this album in one word is FUN. From start to finish, Diamonds is just plain fun to listen to. This is the kind of album that makes fun activities even more enjoyable if played in the background. It’s heavy enough in that old-school way but very rock n roll at its core with very memorable, fun choruses.

Making Diamonds so much fun is the wild and frantic guitar work of Adam Zaars and Joseph Tholl. Across the entire album the guitars are the focal point and these guys craft some fun,  With pants like that, how can you not buy this album?catchy riffs and play off one another very well. The “more is always better” soloing style and the old school dueling guitar solos carry the songs along with fury and never let things get boring for a minute. Highlights are many but “Roll the Dice,” “Katana,” “High Roller” and “Nightmares,” really blast with fun filled insanity.

Adding to the berserk atmosphere are the cheerfully frenetic vocals of Olof “Enforcer” Wikstrand (this would be a great name for a pro wrestler too). Clearly an honors graduate of the “balls in a vice” school of singing, Olof goes positively apoplectic on the microphone. You have to applaud his unhinged style and effort. Check out his manic breakdowns on the choruses of “Nightmares” or “Walk with Me” for a good time.

The production is appropriately 80’s in style while also being very tinny and high pitched in a way that would make many corpse-painted black metal ghouls frown with approval. However, it suits Enforcer‘s style and approach since the guitars are tuned fairly high and tinny too. The vocals and guitars are way up front but the drums are also plenty loud in the mix which insures the needed punch and heft. Hell, even the bass is audible most of the time which is pretty rare on metal albums these days.

Is this a serious, important work of heavy metal? No freaking way! Thinking metal this clearly isn’t. It’s a lighthearted, retro metal tribute album meant to be fun and played loud to annoy the neighbors. I for one don’t want to listen to “important” music when I’m trying to unwind, loosen up and have some fun and neither should you. Save the important and meaningful stuff (i.e. Nevermore) for later, get a beer or four and listen to Olof and his crew drive this heavy metal mother right off the cliff.

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  • Dude you obviously never bothered to read the lyrics of the songs your criticizing..This is a very serious, deep album, that gives off a happy,solo driven, rock n roll musical vibe..so stfu untill you actually read the fucking lyrics and understand this is one of the most talented, original band of our generation asshole…read what everyone else is saying, your alone in your douchebagorie.

  • Steel Druhm


    Are you on crack? This is about as “serious” and “deep” as a Gwar album. Additionally, nothing about these guys is original. This album is a homage to 80’s. Perhaps you should try listening to some NWOBHM and early thrash bands. So, yeah, you’re on crack.

  • haha yeah right just read the fucking lyrics…bet ya can’t tell me what Katana is about can ya? an trust me I know all about thrash an the NWOBHM this band has elements of both while still remaining original.

  • Steel Druhm

    Ummm, hate to burst your bubble but if you think Enforcer is original you really haven’t listened to much 80’s metal. By the way, you did notice I gave this a good review right? So your name calling and tough guy act makes me think you might be, let’s say….14 years old. Sorry you’re sad I didn’t give your favorite band a perfect score. Go tell your mommy on me.

  • actually 24 years old mind you, an you still didn’t tell me the meaning of katana…also I wouldn’t call your review good..you made it sound like this album was just some “cock rock” to blare when washing the car…I wouldn’t exactly call that a good review, I’m not denying that you made some good points in your review, you just didn’t give these guys the fucking credit they deserve..I have heard nothing but outstanding ovations for these guys an you wanna down play em….I guess that’s why your sites called angrymetalguy…if it isn’t exactly the way YOU like it, it sucks.

    • A review is by its very nature an opinion. What’s funny is that I think Enforcer fucking sucks. If I’d been forced to write the review they would have gotten 2/5 max. The band is a bunch of fucking teenagers from Sweden playing at being old school cause they don’t have any new ideas. How the fuck are we supposed to take that seriously. I’m sure that personally they’re very nice people and all, but your blind devotion to a flash in the pan is a tad silly.

      Also, Steel Druhm was remarkably positive. As a point of reference, why don’t you go check out his review of the equally deep and impressive Lazarus A.D.

      A final note about your attempt to use ‘public opinion’ to validate your own opinion: that a band has received universal acclaim does not validate your opinion that the band is good, for two reasons. First, the reviewing ‘industry’ values hits and label access above honesty, and therefore they’re willing to give a pig farting in a trumpet 4 or 5 stars; that is to say universal acclaim means very little. Secondly, even if it does mean something, then an example: Kanye West’s new record has also received universal acclaim and nothing but ‘standing ovations.’ Does that make it good? Angry Metal Guy says “Fuck no!” The same goes for your beloved, white bepantsed Enforcer.

      • Steel Druhm

        LOL white bepantsed.

  • Steel Druhm

    So you’re 24 but still feel the need to hurl insults and name call like a little kid when someone doesn’t give your hero band a perfect score? At least I would understand it from a 14 year old. And by the way, if the sound, style and delivery of a band is happy and all rock n roll based, they aren’t going to be taken as some super serious band. This is a happy, fun sounding retro album, I like it but it’s nothing that special. Good thing I didn’t give this a 2.5 or you would have had a stroke.

  • I love how you edited your own comments (btw talking about Kayne West has nothing to do with the metal community’s appraisal for a band that’s what I was speaking of) but regardless you’ve sparked my curiosity so I see you have reviewed Anterior’s This Age of Silence please do so I’m curious about what you’ll say (an no it’s not like Enforcer just so ya know)

  • *haven’t reviewed

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  • lvtnsnddpths

    thanks for the link to amusing thread!