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  • Dethjesta

    Wow this sounds excellent, great write up too. I don’t see why you shouldn’t review EPs. The line between EP and full album (LP) is very blurry; after all Steven Wilson gave us a 36 min ‘EP’ last year, which is longer than some full releases.

    Really, the concepts of an EP and LP are rather antiquated in the modern digital world. A world in which I can make an ‘EP length’ collection of songs from a bands ‘LP full release’ in order to edit out the filler they were not brave or introspective enough to do themselves.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    A 4.0 from the Madam? Hot damn. Dis gon be gud.

    EDIT: On their bandcamp at the moment. Just reached the climax of the first track and it is indeed great. Awesome find!

  • Absolomb

    I think I’d really enjoy this, but it’s mixed in such a way that keeps me from wanting to listen to more than one song.
    It’s a shame, another victim of the loudness war.

    • AlphaBetaFoxface

      Even at this length? DR is only a massive issue for me over extended periods of time.

      • Absolomb

        Normally I wouldn’t care, but for some reason the mix on this really got to me.
        Just me being too picky really.

  • DrewMusic

    An EP review, and nothing mentioned of the 5 DR to boot?
    WHERE AM I???

    • The DR 5 actually surprised me a lot. At no time while listening to this EP did I feel any ear fatigue that would have hinted to a lower DR score. I’ve had the same experience with noise and black metal albums in the past similarly surprising me. Maybe album or track length makes it less of an issue…

      • DrewMusic

        I think the fuzz tones are to thank, I don’t really have anything to base that off of but it sounds reasonable. That, or maybe you’re just too kvlt for ear fatigve. Either way, I am definitely going to check this out, I’ve yet to be steered in the wrong direction by your ratings and doubt this’ll be the day that that changes.

        • I’m with you on those fuzz tones… I’ll take ear relief anywhere I can get it :)

          • DrewMusic

            Hm. Normally in a situation like this, where I threw something out there to the interwebs fully aware that someone could opt to feel offended by it and instead they’re, like, a normal fucking human being about it, I try to reward them with new music, but you’re technically part of where I learn new music myself… this will take work, but I’ll be back. Til then, rock on with dat fuzz yo.

          • [not a Dr]

            It’s the first time I hear of someone biding their time to scheme and plot their thanks, planning to serve a cold dish of gratefulness.

          • DrewMusic

            Follow-up: Now that I’ve puzzled over it for a good bit, the only thing I can come up with presently is Abysse – I am the Wolf. Instrumental, amazing, and woefully unknown, hopefully I just found them a fan. If it turns out that you already knew of Abysse, I’ll just have to hope that this helps someone else to discover them and keep the angry metal karma rolling that way.

          • I’ll make a point to listen to them today. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Schmitzel

    I was AMG-nostalgic these days and remembering the days when your reviews were my go-to for underground black metal. And lo and behold, the Madam strikes again! I would have never heard this otherwise, and it’s excellent! Screw the haters, 4 low-DR GREAT songs.

  • gus rodrigues

    good review! really liked what i heard. BTW: are you guys going to review the new soen release? For me it is a top 10 best of the year material, but would love to read your take on it, since you guys enjoyed their previous one quite a bit (for me, the new album is the better one).

    • Eventually.

      • gus rodrigues

        excellent! thanks for the reply!

      • sir_c

        hehe funny you avoided the obvious “soon”

  • I love the cover.

    • Me too! Reminds me of the photos from Fire Island…

    • herrschobel

      amazing image. Does anyone know what it is ? or where ?

    • Serjien

      It s a great shot indeed!

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    Never ask your mom to take your band picture on the cellphone!

    • Innit Bartender

      That’s definitely Photoshop’s Blur Motion filter…

      • sir_c

        When you’ve had a couple of those Belgian triples, this is an accurate representation of the outside world.

      • [not a Dr]

        That’s definetly begging for a unicorning.

    • I kind of like it… looks weirdly 3D

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        You know those pictures that appear in 3D when you look at them with especial eyeglasses? This picture looks like one of those when you look at them WITHOUT the especial glasses.

  • herrschobel

    wow…that voice is high up on my ‘ferocity’ scale…

  • Carlos Marrickvillian


  • antitayyip

    so smooth!

  • jersey devil

    That was way too short.