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  • Currently listening to the embedded track. Sounds like they wrote a great song then forgot to record the vocals : also, quite a big Blackwater Park Opeth-feel going on…

  • schism70

    The embedded tune justified purchasing all of it for me. Just finished downloading the FLACs from bandcamp. Thanks for the review. This is one of the sites that I use to find music that I otherwise may not discover.

  • I like this very much since I heard it but Sannhet got to set the bar really high this year for instrumental metal with Revisionist. This is very entertaining still so I’ll surely get to buy it later from Bandcamp.

  • Paulo Figueiredo

    Hey folks try listen to Sunset In The 12th House.- Mozaic. Features Negura Bunget members. :)

  • sssgadget

    With vocals this would have been perfect. But still not bad.

  • I genuinely enjoy this disc a lot, and think vocals – unless sparse and used as another instrument would ruin this. This is top 10 material in the making.