Angrily Unreviewed: Supreme Pain – Divine Incarnation

You know, maybe the idea for this column wasn’t one of my best. It certainly isn’t self serving to continually call ourselves out for what we missed. It Kind of makes us look like jackasses and dullards. Be that as it may, our international staff of two just can’t know all or hear all. So, as unflattering as this is, here is yet another release we missed! Supreme Pain is a brutal death metal act hailing from Holland and Divine Incarnation is their third full length (available via Massacre Records). This is my first experience hearing them and I am quite impressed. They certainly live up to their name and bring you some serious pain. Their approach is in line with the classic Florida death style pioneered (and subsequently abandoned) by Morbid Angel and this sounds a lot like the classic albums of the formerly Morbid ones. There are also hints of Deicide and the occasional flash of Immolation to be found slithering around here and there. With a list of influences like that, you pretty much know you’ll be hammered into pancaked shit over the course of the nine tracks herein and they do it with flare, style and technical finesse.

Opener “The Dark Army” is pure Morbid Angel worship and they nail that sound for all its worth. The riffing is very similar to the odd, snakey ones Trey Azagthoth made his bread and butter and Aad Kloosterwaard (Sinister)has an eerie similarity to David Vincent. Before you dismiss them as Morbid wannabes, keep in mind that no one is currently being Morbid Angel so why not fill the gap? Divine Intervention is mostly fast, ugly 90’s style Florida death but there are enough tempo and dynamic shifts to keep it feeling fresh and fun. Its also nice to take a break from the Swedish retro trend and hyper-kinetic death most modern bands are churning out lately. There are some excellently sizzling solos like 1:45 of “Damned Creation” and the strange riffing patterns on “Treasonous Disease” are fascinating and ominous while the soloing is top flight. “Trapped in Heresy” and “Fallen Kingdom” are tied for my favorites but every track here is a winner. Basically, this is the album many hoped a certain Florida band would put out, but didn’t. Don’t believe me? Tell me “Spiritual Sickness” and “Towards Hell” don’t sound like they came right off Blessed Are the Sick? What’s that, you’re sorry? I thought so!

Yes, Supreme Pain sounds a lot like Morbid Angel but so what? Their classic style was irresistible and these cats pull it off expertly and have some songwriting chops to boot. Tons of intense, intricate riffing, stellar soloing and brutality in overabundance, what’s not to love? Its an impressive album and sure to please death metal fans who need a break from the Swedish retro attack. I’m not an M.D. (I’m more a Maniac Deviant) but I’m gonna go ahead and prescribe some Supreme Pain for all of you!

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