Corpse Molester Cult – Corpse Molester Cult Review

Corpse Molester Cult // Corpse Molester Cult
Rating: 4.0/5.0 —Using Clips from Night of the Living Dead is the way to my Angry Metal Heart
Label: Hammerheart
Websites: | Stream
Release Dates: March 15, 2011

Corpse Molester Cult - S/TIt’s important to remember that despite being known for their folk metal, doom metal, melodic death metal and well, just for being the official metal mecca of the modern world, Finland also has been home to some pretty sick and impressive old school death metal acts like Hooded Menace and Claws, and going back to the early 90s bands like Demilich and Amorphis were pushing into new territory; and I think it’s safe to say that we should maybe think about adding Corpse Molester Cult to that list. Apparently, in 2005 Tomi Joutsen (you know the new vocalist from Amorphis) started Corpse Molester Cult with a couple buddies and filled out the band in 2006. In 2008 they released this 4 track EP which is now seeing an official release (though it appears to be available for download still here). And really, can you go wrong with any disc that starts with a Night of the Living Dead quote? I think not.

Of course, this EP is only four tracks, but it’s four tracks of old school, borderline doomy death metal that reaches back into the annals of death metal history and offers up an offering of thick, grizzled death metal that brings us back to Sweden in the 1990s. Think Entombed, or Grave or, well, pretty much any of the classics (but especially Entombed) and these four tracks will evoke those feelings of excellence all over again. The music never gets fast, it’s all pretty chunky, with metalzone guitar tone that gets dangerously near to kazoo territory, a beefy-as-fuck low end and with the raspy growls of Antti Astrom that blanket the whole offering and never really vary, but are excellent and fit the feel and the sound perfectly.

Corpse Molester Cult 2011You may have noticed that I said that Tomi Joutsen started the band, but that despite that he doesn’t do vocals here. Instead, he plays guitar and only does some backing vocals. It’s a little weird, but in this case it seems to work really well. This record is all about the old school feel that has been resurfacing of late. Sluggish, heavy, with songs about corpses and zombies and death and everything that entails. And every track on here, no matter how ‘derivative’ one could call this, and one could call this derivative, is total fucking win. From the opening strains of the riffy “Born from the Whore” to the closing strains of the sinister and doomy “Nefastus Inanus,” everything here is done with an oxymoronic sloppy precision.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this demo is fucking great. I can only hope that because they’re releasing this three year-old EP that Corpse Molester Cult is working on a full length that will pummel us with this same level of old school death metal worship that this little self-titled release did. If that is the case, I await it with baited breath. And maybe next time around they can use clips from more obscure films, therefore making the “what movie is that?” game a lot more enticing. Fans of old school death metal, and I know there’s quite a few who read this blog, this one is for you.

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