Eradication – Dreams of Reality Review

Eradication // Dreams of Reality
Rating: 2.5/5.0 —But no dreams of originality
Label: Siege of Amida Records
Release Dates:Â EU: 07.02.2011 | US: 02.07.2011

This will be a pretty short review and here’s why. I just can’t find all that much to say about these blokes from England. Dreams of Reality is the debut full length by Eradication and they traffic in slick, thrashy melodic death metal with some metalcore elements stirred in (mainly the vocals) and of course, they co-opt the Gothenburg melo-death metal sound and style for all its worth. We’ve all heard this style done about a gazillion times already by any number of good, bad and really shitty bands. Since these guys, although talented, bring nothing new to the long running Gothenburg party, this isn’t the type review that cries out for extended and thoughtful prose.

From go Eradication throws a lot of energy and thrashy intensity at you and opener “Fascination in Torture” is an above average melo-death ripper that almost approaches the straight-up thrash of bands like Legion of the Damned. Unlike many melo-death/metalcore bands that do the same thing, Eradication doesn’t try to force poppy, clean choruses or gang shout-alongs into the mix and for that, they have my eternal gratitude and thanks. The vocals of Aston Reynolds alternate between the expected guttural roar which is fine and more shrill, core style screaming/shrieking which doesn’t work for me but it doesn’t totally derail things either. The pace is almost constantly full speed ahead thrash and things remain admirably intense and heavy throughout. As they bash and crash along, one will be reminded of modern day Exodus, Slayer and even The Crown here and there. The guitar work of James Murray and Vinnie Woollven is consistent, solid and there are some decent thrashy riffs and some above average leads and solos as well. Its obvious these guys can play and they’re fairly technical at that.

Eradication - 2011The huge and ultimately insurmountable problem with Dreams of Reality is the wholly generic nature of the songwriting. While it’s plenty fast, furious and heavy, there’s nothing at all new or interesting here and the whole thing is mediocre and pedestrian. While a few of the songs are respectable and semi-memorable (“Fascination in Torture,” “The Prophet” and “Rendered Useless”), there’s just as many that fail to stand out at all (“Outlive Me” and the title track are both good examples). Honestly, there’s just no escaping the fact that this is by-the-numbers, cookie cutter melo-death with core elements. Been there, heard that, didn’t buy the shirt. It’s definitely not the worst example of this style but its nowhere near the best either.

With musical talent and youth working in their favor, Eradication may go on to do some far better things and maybe even drop the core elements and become a successful reformcore unit (“reformcore” is the exclusive intellectual property of Angry Metal Guy and may not be used without his express written consent). As for Dreams of Reality though, it’s just another in a long line of average, mediocre releases by bands attempting a style that’s been beaten to melo-death. I strongly recommend buying Allegaeon or the new Omnium Gatherum or Legion of the Damned releases instead, but if you decide to get this, it should be in the Nonessential Metal section at your local music store.

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