Shining – VI/Klagopsalmer delayed… AGAIN!? And other news…

Osmose has released another statement about the new Shining record that we’re all waiting for. SHINING album is delayed again and again from the factory…We’ve got a new delivery date now who is set up for May 30th, 2009, while we are not 100% sure if all will work out good from the printing company […]

Flight 666 – Flying High Globally

According to the band’s recent release Flight 666 has been a huge success all over the world.  This is taken directly from the band’s press release. -In the USA it was not only No.1 debut but also the highest selling first week sales of any music DVD so far in 2009! This release closely […]

Shining VI/Klagopsalmer delayed… again

According to a very helpful commenter on this blog I was actually given more information on Shining‘s long-awaited record VI/Klagopsalmer.  Here’s the press release from Osmose Productions: SHINING : due to technical printing problems with the booklet the CD version might be available for the 23rd. Same problem with the vinyl version excepted [sic] we […]

Angry Metal Guy’s First Breakthrough

Angry Metal Guy’s First Breakthrough

I was looking at my stats today and was surprised to see a site that I hadn’t been anticipating: an incoming link from Wikipedia. I was pretty stoked to see this, apparently I’ve been referenced on Wikipedia in reference to my Amorphis review! I had been in contact with their webmaster, and I’ve had tremendous success with that review (as in, people find it randomly on search engines more than any other post I’ve produced thus far). I actually revealed on this website, before any other site, that they had problems with the digi-pack CDs, but not only that they referenced the citations about the theme of the album.

Pain of Salvation – The Second Death of Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation – The Second Death of Pain of Salvation Rating: 3.0/5.0 – Live records don’t get much better than just Good Label: Inside Out Music Band Websites: | Pain of Salvation is definitely the modern darling of the progressive rock/metal scene for a reason.  Their intense musicianship, varied work and extraordinarily […]

Crimfall – As the Path Unfolds…

“For fans of Turisas, Finntroll and Nightwish,” the advertisement read. How could I possibly pass that up? I’m definitely a fan of Turisas and Finntroll, though, Nightwish I’ve pretty much been able to do without—sans diva or not. But reading that tagline, I wondered how any band could actually manage to blend these three bands into one cohesive whole. “No,” I thought to myself, “it’s really not possible to do in a convincing manner.” Apparently, and to my great dissatisfaction, I was wrong.