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Marduk – Wormwood Review

Marduk is legendary in the black metal scene for releasing some of the most ground-breaking black metal of its time. Records like Panzer Division Marduk and especially Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered considered two of the finest black metal albums ever released; the former having been likened to Slayer’s magnum opus Reign in Blood in reference to how it changed black metal by upping the ante. However, like Slayer, few bands get a chance to redefine a genre more than once and Marduk is no different. While Wormwood is an excellent example of the fact that raw black metal can still be made and can still be compelling, Wormwood isn’t a scene defining record. It’s just a very good record.

Angry Metal Guy’s Playlist August 22nd – August 29th

These last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for this Angry Metal Guy.  I’ve moved south from the fair city of UmeÃ¥, to the much bigger (and arguably fairer) city of Uppsala.  While I miss Norrland, I do have to say that I’m quite enjoying certain aspects of the student culture in the city of […]

Behemoth – Evangelion Review

Behemoth – Evangelion Review

Maybe I’m alone in this, but Behemoth’s tremendous success over the last few years, starting with the record Demigod has long been a great surprise to me. Not that the band isn’t good and doesn’t deserve the success. Frankly, they are great and they do deserve the success, but just the idea that a blackened death metal band from Poland would be causing such a stir wasn’t something that had crept into my mind a few years ago, before they released their first real popular “opus.” Demigod of course was followed up by a weaker The Apostasy which, while good, couldn’t possibly have lived up to the expectations of the earlier material. And, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, it’s probably never bad to be hotly anticipated) for the band, Evangelion is one of the most hotly anticipated records of the year. I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for a while and now that I’ve finally got a promo version of it, I’ve been playing the hell out of it.



October is going to be a very good month! Why is that? Because not only do we get a new record from Hypocrisy as already mentioned but Ihsahn, the very excellent ex-front man from black metal legends Emperor (as if you didn’t know that) is going to be releasing his own new record! Color me fucking stoked! I hadn’t expected that at all! Anyway, let’s hope it lives up to angL, which was easily my favorite album from 2008. Now if only Candlelight would add me to their promo list so that I can get a copy and do an interview with the genius himself!! Mark down October 19th on your calenders, I know I will.

Valkyrja – The Invocation of Demise

Valkyrja – The Invocation of Demise Rating: 2.5/5.0 – Nothing special Label: Metal Blade Websites: | Valkyrja hails from Sweden, where the ice-cold summers, and even colder winters, apparently breed tons of little metal kids.  Everywhere you look here you run into a band, and many of them are good.  But certainly not […]

Nergal: “I’m sure our fans will worship our new opus.”

Behemoth has posted the 5th studio diary on YouTube for viewing.  These diaries chronicle their studio experience—they’re also pretty fucking cool.  This is, of course, all in the lead up to their new studio album Evangelion which will be released in August and is highly anticipated by this Angry Metal Guy. Well, as I said […]