Sanity of Impiety – In Life We Despise Review

Sanity of Impiety // In Life We Despise
Rating: 3.5/5.0 —Very Promising
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: Available from December 17th, 2010

I know it’s not a popular standpoint, but I’ve actually been pretty critical of Sweden’s underground. It is true that Sweden has produced some of the best metal in the world, I still have a bit of a feeling of “What have you done for me lately?” While there are some great bands out there that we all know, the underground here since after that first wave in the early 90s just hasn’t been the same. However, in the last few years a new generation of Swedish death metal and black metal has started coming to the forefront. Sometimes these are older bands, but there are also a number of younger bands carrying on the banner of their proud Swedish heavy metal heritage and doing it well. Sanity of Impiety, from up north in UmeÃ¥ (the same city which spawned Meshuggah, Naglfar, Cult of Luna and others) is certainly one of these bands.

In Life We Despise is the first demo from Sanity of Impiety, a side project of the UmeÃ¥-based Daemonicus (a blackened death band that you should definitely check out). Five tracks, this little demo clocks in at 23 minutes in length and it’s thoroughly entertaining for all 23 of those minutes. Ranging between more technical metal and blasty death metal (at times reminiscent of Behemoth), the tracks have a strong melodic death metal streak which reeks of Hypocrisy. This, however, isn’t a bad thing. The melodic nature of these tracks is well-received largely because it’s not the only thing the band is capable of doing.

All 5 tracks on here are above par death metal, but I think my favorite track is “Sane in an Insane World,” which has just a bit of old school wound into riffing—and then moves on towards more blasty and melodic fare. But while the first four tracks are pretty much straight forward death metal, it’s worth noting that track 5 “The Sinister Lullaby” is a rather doomy tune that’s littered with clean vocals. The melody is pretty good, though the vocals sounds a little bit like when James Hetfield sings, but for the leather jacketed, bitter, entrenched death metal guy, this might be deal breaker. I dig the track, though it maybe goes on a bit too long. After the first ball busting 16 minutes, the change of pace is well-received and well done.

In Life We Despise is also a home-recorded entity and it serves the purpose well. While the drums are obviously programmed, the guitar tone is heavy and the sound is thick and pretty tough. All-in-all this is a worthy demo and I’d not be surprised if this project isn’t picked up by a smaller label in the near future.

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