Against the Flood // Against the Flood
Rating: 1.0/5.0 —Form Above Function
Label: Siege of Amida Records
Release Dates: January 3rd, 2011

So apparently the UK has a lively metalcore and deathcore scene that is being picked up and flown around the world right now. Against the Flood is one of those bands that sits right on the border between the two genres (which are basically just one genre if you look at their girl jeans and stupid hair cuts) and who have taken from me nearly 60 minutes of my life that I will never, ever, ever, ever get back. As a punishment, I will pee on them publicly, from my blog (and wait for their stupid oaf fans, and buddies, to come here and insult me).

A while back I ripped the shit out of fellow UK metalcore band Architects for being sucky and annoying. And really, if you consider what Against the Flood is doing, Architects are artists of the highest caliber. So that should give you an idea of how good this record is(n’t). Let me start by saying that these guys have some chops! Seriously, there’s a ton of cool techy stuff on here and there’s definitely some great technical work being done on the guitars. Hell, there’s even some really great sweep picking going on and some solid riffing that should excite metal dudes. But, of course, form here is more important than function, and that really is the problem.

See, the guys from Against the Flood are checking all the metalcore boxes in order to neatly fit into a trend that is seen as selling records. The talky hardcore vocalist screaming stupid shit (like “ARE SECOND CHANCES ALWAYS ENOUGH!?” … Deep) throwing in just enough death metal vocals to be ‘tough’ and have some ‘cred’ and still having enough boring ass breakdowns to make the karate kids in the audience totally stoked. I mean, really, this is just tired and shitty and I don’t actually know how much more I can say about it.

But you know what I can say? Look at that kid in the center. I’m assuming he’s the vocalist—he’s like hardcore hip hop kid meets Poison. Really. Are metal kids going to start using hairspray again? Really?

Anyway, so this record is 20 minutes long and it’s everything you hate about deathcore and metalcore… and therefore, it fucking sucks. It’s form above function. Come back when you can write songs, dudes. And lose the vocalist with the hairspray.

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  • Björn

    More boring metal core :(
    Sikth – Death of a Dead Day, is still the highlight of the genre.

  • Wayne

    You, sir, are an absolute cretin, a pure imbecile.

    • Well, at least you can spell. In any case, no, really I’m not. This band sucks and you have shitty taste and/or are in a shitty band.

      Angry Metal Guy

  • A Cunt

    right, so do you want to explain PROPERLY how this sucks instead of just refering to the way they look? let me guess, you listen to shit like slayer and metallica coz your a fucking retard who cant leave the past alone (if im wrong pleae correct me)! one day you might realize that bands like ATF are leading the music scene into a new dawn of talented musicians writing GOOD music! you are a fucking idiot if you see this as “shitty” and “boring” as this is an original EP compared to the SHIT that is coming out at the moment! i hope one day you start listening to music based on the MUSIC not the fucking dress sense…and btw, the red chord – clients is the greatest tech metal album ever. FACT!

    • I’ll just let your last comment speak for itself.

      First, ATF is doing the exact same things that hundreds of other bands have been doing since the late 1990s, really, but let’s put the ‘deathcore’ variety of the metalcore trend at 2004. So, these guys are 7 years late on a trend that is already tired and boring. Bands like Whitechapel, 7 Angels 7 Plagues and numerous others have done it and do it so much better.

      Secondly, when I say ‘form above function,’ I mean, this band is producing music that is not for the songs, but instead as vehicles for clichéd pieces that help them fit into a genre (mainly breakdowns, but also talky hardcore vocals). These songs are ponderous, uninteresting and ultimately just move from one riff to the next with very little rhyme or reason. These songs sound like other bands of the genre, dozens of them (probably hundreds).

      Thirdly, they may ‘technically’ be ‘technical metal,’ but in reality, they’re deathcore. They are also not nearly as technical and interesting as plenty of other death metal bands. I know lots of deathcore/metalcore dudes who are nice guys and who can play their instruments. But they make shitty metal.

      Fourthly, when it comes to the other ‘shit’ that’s coming out, I’d actually suggest that you check out the myriads of reviews on this website and the dozens of underground labels that are putting out fantastic music that actually is interesting, heavy, emotionally evocative and is not cliché, boring and lame. Also, metalcore has been in existence in the USA for a fucking decade.

      In any case, you’re free to like what you like and to be angry at me for not liking your buddy’s band. ‘Tis the Internets.

    • Oh lawd, this is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks.

  • A Cunt

    oh and how you can say this is metalcore is beyond me, learn what the genre is before you start throwing it about you cocks….

    • Well, the hardcore vocalist makes it core. The music, while not exactly Unearth, still doesn’t put them in the ‘deathcore’ place, but either way they’re checking boxes.

  • Steel Druhm

    Well said AMG, and by the way “A Cunt”, do you think you help your arguments by calling names like a 14 year old? It makes you sound pretty stupid actually. If you are 14, then OK, to be expected. Have an Angry Metal Day.

  • Kevin

    Great review, these guys suck, and all their fans are tools that don’t listen to real metal.

    I’d ask what the point of reviewing shitty metal is, but then I realize how entertaining it is to actually read.

  • Roger

    Missed the boat a bit with this comment, but I think you might be right about ATF ticking boxes with regards to the sum of their parts.

    However, that doesn’t stop Left With Us from being a great song, which I think it is. Everyone else is free to disagree of course.