Well, kids, let this be a lesson to you all. Dropping clickbait jokes and fucking too much with the AMG HR department results in the dropping of various hammers. In my case, punishments manifested themselves in the form of name-calling (Steel called me a “Master Baiter”) and a metalcore promo for review. However, depending on your metalcore acceptance levels or your need to justify metalcore purchases by convincing others that they sound like “thrash,” my punishment may be your reward. For fifteen years, Trivium have delivered poppy, radio-friendly wannabe thrash built around sorta-angry metal for kinda-rebellious teenagers. However, after two formulaic, run-of-the-mill offerings (2011’s In Waves and 2013’s Vengeance Falls), do the boys having anything new to offer on 2015’s Silence in the Snow?

Fans of the band know very well the progression that is Trivium. From their aggressive, metalcore-ish infancy on their Ember to Inferno debut and the cementation as a household name with Ascendancy, to the Metallica-inspired thrashiness that is The Crusade, and their crowning gem in Shogun, Trivium has been building an army of Hot Topic adolescents for so long that many of these soldiers are grown up and regretting their neck tattoos. Following Shogun, the band has done nothing more than build sultry moats around choruses and filled them with core-riffage and shredding guitar solos. But now the band has found new inspiration from idols like Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow, Heaven & Hell, etc. and they’ve transformed those admirations into Silence in the Snow. Though this new record doesn’t careen aimlessly around the Moat of Trivium like the invasive carp of fate, its message and purpose are difficult to pin down.

For one, the album starts off with an intro guaranteed to make the metal elites shit black blood. Let me put it this way: how would you feel if a member of – oh, I don’t know – Emperor were to record a song for Trivium‘s new album? Good? Bad? Well, it happened. Opener “Snøfall” is the result of the infamous Ihsahn. It’s ok, take a deep breath and give yourself some time before moving on. Meant to strengthen the title track, Ihsahn instead threw together such an unnecessary album opener that it hurts “Silence in the Snow” (and Silence in the Snow) more than it helps it. When we finally do get to the title track, you quickly discover that this is a leftover from the Shogun days. What a rollercoaster ride so far. Regardless, this sappy misfit is a solid track and above the mark of the rest of the album. “Blind Leading the Blind” follows suit by picking up the pace with old-school metal leads and dropping some simplistic riffing that, if set to Volbeat distortion and fronted by Michael Poulsen, would easily find a home on the Danes’ next release. Two catchy songs in and this isn’t going too badly.

Trivium Silence in the Snow 02

But then “Dead and Gone” happens. Along with “Pull Me from the Void,” it sounds like the band stapled down a catchy chorus and then built a song around it, almost as if building a song was an afterthought. Rolling into the fifth track of the album, it becomes apparent that Heafy has chosen to utilize mostly clean vocals on this release. Not a bad thing but it doesn’t add the kind of variation found on previous releases, and on top of that, only a handful of songs are strengthened by his vocals (the title track, “Blind Leading the Blind,” and “Beneath the Sun”), which is just as easily blamed on the overall songwriting. When Heafy pushes his vocals to make a mediocre song better, they come off sounding odd (“Pull Me from the Void”) or like someone we don’t want to hear. An example of the latter would be the Puddle of Mudd approach Heafy employs in the verses of “The Ghost That’s Haunting You.”

But on a more positive note, the overall album has variety between the groovy (“Blind Leading the Blind”), the melodic (“Beneath the Sun”), and the ballady (“Until the World Goes Cold”) that the last couple release lacked (even though they aren’t up to snuff with Shogun). Just the same, this music is for a special breed of listener and, with some of these stripped-down and clean-vocal driven changes on Silence in the Snow, many older fans may be hesitant. I don’t think this review is a surprise to most of our readers but, regardless, here it is at the cost of losing my metal cred and being sacked for referencing Puddle of Mudd [You’re name is now “Dr. Mudd.”Steel Druhm].

Rating: 2.0/5.0
Label: Roadrunner 

  • Giving Trivium a 2/5 as the first review published with the tagline “snobbery.” is basically perfect.

    We’ve just fed the trolls so hard.

    • André Snyde Lopes

      What trolls?

      • We have a few lurking around here. Most of them write for us.

        • Dr. A.N. Grier


        • André Snyde Lopes


        • You just say that because you can’t compete with my 99.9th percentile IQ.

          • Yeah, but I totally dominate at bench press, brah.

      • If you review major label records and give them bad grades… they will come.

        • André Snyde Lopes

          Meh. This blog might be the most troll-free space on the internet. Even when some show up, they are quickly buried.

    • You wot m8?

      Trolls need to eat too!

    • tim.o

      Ah, well done. Although, I think you’re missing an Umlaut. How about “snöbbery”. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    • Here’s Johnny

      Snobbery fits but shouldn’t it be ‘kvlt’ as the tagline?

      The only place where Bostaph drums out of time, Nile is just a random collection of guitar/drum noises and Maidens new album has no memorable songs(what?!).

      • thanatos

        I would kind of like to shove jews and other faggots into industrial-sized ovens and set the temperature to 6 million degrees.

    • Refined-Iron Cranium

      Wonderful. Nice Amorphis font, BTW.

  • Greg Hasbrouck

    Solid song. I’ve always been of the opinion that if these guys were five long-haired lads from Norway, with minimal record sales, they’d be far better reviewed. I thoroughly enjoyed “Vengeance Falls”. I also give these guys credit for constantly trying to evolve their sound.

    • Steve

      “I’ve always been of the opinion that if these guys were five long-haired
      lads from Norway, with minimal record sales, they’d be far better

      This is true, if not for their early mallcore sort of sound and image with Heafys black nail polish and stupid earrings and piercings, they’d probably be viewed a lot more favourably every time a new album comes out. They seem to be trying to do their best to banish it from all memory.

      • AndySynn

        Not to disagree too harshly with either of you, but I don’t think that’s true at all. It’s not like Norway doesn’t ALSO produce bands like this, it’s just that generally they also don’t get good reviews, so don’t exactly break out much further. Trust me, Norway DOES have bands like this, they’re just not lucky enough to already have Trivium’s level of success to rely on.

    • IBlackened

      Do you mean like “The Black Dahlia Murder” getting 4/5 here? If you’re talking about AMG, that makes no sense.

  • Steve

    I’ve gone from being a hater to a closet fan of these guys, and for my money, they’ve been slowly improving as time as gone on (although Ascendancy is probably the fans favourite). Blind Leading the Blind is so damn catchy and most songs have something in there that makes them worthwhile. I wish however they’d stop trying so hard to look for credibility amongst the old school crowd and just do their own thing a little more. Trying to appease certain fans is never a good policy.

    • I think the band names people here have thrown around in comparison is a really tiresome stretch. So far we’ve got references to Puddle of Mudd, Volbeat, Evanescence, etc.

      There’s nothing THAT radio-friendly about almost any song on this album. It’s just the typical played-out shit you hear from people who spend too much time listening to only extreme bands with the same “singer.”

    • thanatos

      Yeah,you know, they need to chop off their dicks and claim to be women,have sex with niggers and other animals, and sing more songs that promote jewish degeneracy and fighting wars for Israel.

      Trying to appease certain fans is never a good policy. Trying to appease people who will never be fans, now that’s good policy.

  • You wot m8?

    Credit where credit is due, I was the one who called you a master-baiter. Yeah! Do something! Do it!

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      My mistake. Also, you’re a meanie head.

  • Jeff Kent

    I enjoyed their early albums, but their live show is laughably full of metal cliches. I give them props for changing things up vocally and (like Hetfield) I can understand Matt wanting to protect his voice by learning to sing ‘properly.’ One thing that I always liked about these guys was that they knew their Metal history. When Matt wrote a song for King Diamond for the Roadrunner All Stars album, KD was very impressed that he managed to capture his solo sound AND his Mercyful Fate sound in one song.

  • sir_c

    This album was recorded somewhere on the Great Plains of Meh.

  • Martin Knap

    Next time you review Evanescence.

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      Wherever it may be, I’ll be there.

  • Danny Becker

    i thought parts of ascendancy and the crusade were decent. The instrumental for the crusade is pretty brilliant

  • Pimpolho

    Two fantastic Dr. Click-Bait reviews in a row! I think i just got baited and i am happy with it!

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      Goddamn this click-bait shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Diabolus_in_Muzaka

        Metal writer accused of click-baiting…what happens next is UNBELIEVABLE!

  • savafreak

    Interesting, this worthless uninspired mediocre Metalcore shit has a higher rating than Repentless!!!

    • Danny Becker

      It’s a misnomer to compare ratings between bands. Ratings are judged solely vis a vis within the band not between bands. Both are pretty mediocre albums. The songwriting on Relentless is atrocious no matter how you cut it. I honestly would listen to any trivium album over the new slayer. Relentless is even worse than diabolis or God hates us all imo

    • Well, Repentless is a shit record. So, that would make sense.

      • dblbass23


        • At least try and justify your opinion (although perhaps that should be saved for the Repentless review rather than here)

          • dblbass23

            Sure. Be glad too. Slayer are doing the same type of thing they’ve been doing for decades. Kick-ass song writing with killer guitar and drums. Just because someone doesn’t like anything past Seasons In The Abyss doesn’t mean that they haven’t put out any quality music. Music changes. Just because YOU don’t like doesn’t mean that it’s a SHIT record. That’s MY opinion….which is all this is in the first place. How’s that for justification?

          • basenjibrian

            ….and you are reading a website that REVIEWS MUSIC and EXPRESSES OPINIONS (which may differ from your own) about such music for what reasons, exactly?

          • dblbass23

            All I did was respond. He asked. I answered. Simple as that. And I know exactly what I’m reading. Looks like if I disagree with someone….I’m at the wrong page. Because that’s how it’s looking. You have a good day sir.

          • basenjibrian

            LOL. I am tone policing and trolling. Mea culpa.

          • dblbass23

            Right on brother. Keep on keeping on…..

        • Well argued!

          • dblbass23

            I thought so.

  • I like Trivium, there, I said it. I specially liked Shogun and some of Ascendancy. But I don’t think they have much left in them beyond the incredibly stereotypical shit they showcase here. Pity.

    • Man… I like Trivium too. Shogun and Vengeance Falls really grabbed me. But this album is just awful. Seems like after every good album they make they drop an embarrassingly shitty follow up.

      • Zadion

        Vengeance Falls was kinda disappointing, but In Waves really grew on me. This album probably isn’t better than Vengeance, but at least it sounds “fresh” for the band.

  • JL

    Awful embedded song. Just awful in every way possible. If you feel the same way redeem yourself and go listen to the new Temple of Baal.

    • Zac Melvin-McNutt

      Agreed! Mysterium is a fantastic album!

    • Daniel Lahner


  • Luke_22

    Never got into these guys, but way back in 2003 Heafy was involved in a pretty cool tech death project called Capharnaum. Only released the one album unfortunately but it’s very good.

    • Adam

      Capharnaum is bad fucking ass. Jason Suecof on guitar.

    • Until Shogun appeared, Capharnaum’s Fractured was the best thing with Heafy’s name on it.

      Shit. Now you’ve made me sad that Capharnaum never got around to a third album. :(

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        I must contend that Fractured is still the best thing with Heafy’s name on it.

        • Listened to Fractured again. What was I thinking?
          Fractured > Shogun (but I really do like Shogun)

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Glad to hear you mention Capharnaum. Fractured is still one of my favorite Tech-Death metal albums. Extremely underrated.

      • Luke_22

        Absolutely, just busted it out recently and was reminded of how damn good it really is. Very underrated indeed.

  • Dennis Thomsen

    Who allowed them to steal that unfinished Motorhead album cover and use it, that is really the only point in talking about this particular band.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    They could’ve at least waited till Lemmy was dead before they used that cover.

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    Shogun was wonderful.

    I don’t even know what to make of this record. The breakdown on the embedded track is quite amusing; seems like Trivium forgot they wrote ‘Throes of Perdition’. The intro to that song wrecks faces.

    I will say I spat my tea all over my monitor upon seeing the word ‘snobbery’ smacked onto the top of the home page.

    Well played. Well played indeed.

  • Robert Mróz

    Frankly, I just can’t understand what’s so “well-played” in putting “clickbait” in every second sentence and “improving” your logo with “snobbery” tagline. Really, this is just not funny at all, possibly the easiest way to choose when trying to be funny. I’ve come to expect so much more from this site which is easily among the best when it comes to metal journalism (if not THE best). And this way of proceeding has an unfortunate effect of setting up the review as worthless mockery. What’s good is that A.N. keeps up to high standards and the review is actually well-written (although I disagree with the opinion on the album – and, seriously, this is far removed from metalcore, no need to drop this venom-inducing tag here). All the less reason to have this silly background.

    • Calm down. The snobbery thing is just a dig at ourselves for being metal elitists. The click bait thing is yet another of the endless string of inside jokes this site revels in. Nothing has changed except we now have a vaguely regal logo to put on t-shirts and sell for ridiculous prices.

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        I think you meant: “We now have a ridiculous logo to put on t-shirts and sell for vaguely regal prices.”

        • 12 on one hands…half a dozen on the other. Just buy the fucking shirt.

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            I already bought one! The one that says “We gave “Book Of Souls a 2.5” on the back.
            Waiting for it to arrive on the mail

      • Robert Mróz

        Sure, I know what the snobbery thing is. It doesn’t change the fact it’s just particularly lame, especially by this site’s standards :P

  • Zadion

    Good review, but I dunno why you label this as metalcore when this isn’t even a metalcore album. There is a slight metalcore feel to the record that says, “Hey, we used to be metalcore,” but that’s about it. This is a straight up heavy metal album, for better or worse.

    At least you were sure to note that Shogun is a masterpiece. One of the best albums of the generation.

    Anyway, I like this album and I like this band. Trivium have always been leagues ahead of their contemporaries. Still waiting for them to even come close to the genius of their magnum opus, but for what it’s worth at least they’re still producing good music. And the title track is fantastic.

  • Wow, that linked track is about as boring as boring comes. Depressing.

  • De2013

    “many of these soldiers are grown up and regretting their neck tattoo”

    I can 100% relate to this. It’s like you read my mind like the Mentalist.

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      The guy from Mentalist should have a neck tattoo. Then maybe I’d watch it.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      You relate a 100%? Sad to hear you now regret that neck tattoo… ;-)

  • Their press photo makes me want to punch them all square in the face. Listening to them makes me want to punch them twice.

    • I’m no doctor but I think you may be taking music just a bit too seriously.

  • I like this album. A lot.

    That said, I”m surprised you guys even reviewed it. I know Roadrunner sure AF didn’t send you a promo haha.

  • This is quite simply the worst album made this year. And referring to this as metal in any way, shape, or form is just shameful.

    • Brian

      Whether you think it is “shameful” or not, it is certainly factual to refer to it as metal. You’re free to think it’s the worst album of the year all you want, but saying it’s not metal is like saying the sky is green and the grass is blue.

  • Dalai Lama

    This album doesn’t compare to the axis of awesomeness that is Ascendancy, Shogun and In waves (yeah nigga i said it). I really don’t get the lack of praise that album gets. With that said i still enjoy this album quite a lot. Matt improved his singing a bit and the songs are catchy while maintaining the old Trivium feel, despite being a classic heavy metal/power metal album.

  • Francesco Bordoni

    My pastpastpastpastpast(PASTPAST)past love for Triuvium, upon finishing reading this review, would have normally made me go like “Ok, let me stop the playlist I’m listening to and let’s at least TRY listening to some track off this piece of shit”. During the final lines of the review the first notes of “Funeralopolis” kicked in. Sorry Trivium, I’ll try harder next album :0

    • Francesco Bordoni

      Moonsorrow – “Kylän Päässä” followed.

      NO WAY

  • João César

    Reading the first paragraph of this review left me wondering what’s wrong with people these days. Why all the hate? Why even bother with trolls. Just make honest reviews, else you are becoming metalsucks.

  • Brian

    As I see it, most older metallers’ problems with Trivium come from a misconception. They seem to think that every fan of Trivium automatically thinks that TRIVIUM IS DA BESTEST BADN EVA!!!! OMG I LOVE YOU MATT HEAVY!!!!! That actually isn’t the case at all.

    I like Trivium. I also like In Solitude. Like – not love. I also don’t think either of them is the BESTEST BAND ON THE PLANET, despite the former being dumped on from on high over a period of 7 full-lengths and the latter getting away scot-free with ripping off Mercyful Fate.
    Trivium have their issues but they do, at the very least, dare to dream and think big. For the 2nd time in their career they’ve dropped the screams, fully aware of the backlash that they got for this last time. And, as I’ve stated, this is their 7th album. That should at least tell you that they’re no flash in the pan. You genuinely don’t have to like this band but I think a bit of respect is due for how far a bunch of ‘posers’ has gotten.

    Regarding the album itself, I’m not completely in disagreement with the review. I think it’s a 3 or 3.5/5. My main issue is towards the back end of the album, it feels like many of these songs should have been 5-6 minutes in length but instead were just cut. It really does feel like the songs don’t end, they just kinda ‘stop’. Songs 8, 9 and 10 all do this. Like the reviewer says, it’s like they had the chorus worked out then worked a sufficient quantity of music around it. “Are we at 4 minutes yet? We are! Cool! What’s the next song?” I also get a distinct pop punk vibe from the verses in ‘Until the World Goes Cold’. Have I turned on a Blink 182 record by mistake?

    So, yeah, it’s a good record but not a great one. I’m happy with it but I hope the next one will sort out the songwriting issues.

  • Alex Bergomo

    When Trivium meets main stream music… this is how I would headline this album. I hope they realize the huge mistake they have done and get back on the right track or with another album like this they will be as good as dead.

  • Teh Duder

    Been a Trivium fan since Ember, but this… this? Total shite. So many better options out there. I thought In Waves was bad, then I heard Vengeance and thought “okay, well this blows hard. it cant get worse… can it?”… and now I have my proof: It can, and did get worse. Prediction: Next album will be full on heavy pop rock the girl who works cash will say “Oh I listen to metal now” bitch GTFO!