Things You Might Have Missed 2011: Nader Sadek – In the Flesh

Nader Sadek - In the FleshFor me 2011 was a year devoid of a death metal record that really knocked it out of the park. While Vomitory produced a pretty damn solid album, and Diocletian and Ulcerate were really good, but they didn’t exactly get me writhing around on the ground in ecstasy like a lot of other people seemed to have experienced it. So when I was digging through my unopened promos, I stumbled upon Nader Sadek’s debut record which came out in 2011 from Season of Mist Records. And let me just say that I wasn’t even mildly prepared for what I was going to get. I’ll give you a hint though: it was 100% win.

Nader Sadek is the product of collaboration between an Egyptian artist of the same name (who has done some design work for the likes of Mayhem and Sunn 0)))) and Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem, Ava Inferi) on guitars, Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) on drums, “Novy” Nowak (ex-Vader, ex-Behemoth) on bass and Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel) giving of his mighty growls. And really on that last note, this record reminds me a hell of a lot of Morbid Angel. Specifically, it reminds me of Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, but with more modern production and a grindier, more modern sound to its arguably short playtime of 29 minutes and 48 seconds long. Apparently this record was functionally “directed” by Sadek and was also produced by him, and it’s a credit to his artistic vision.

Nader Sadek BandAnd what should I say? Aside from a throw away introduction track, this record is 30 minutes of neck breaking death metal the likes of which we didn’t get in 2011. It has all the blast beats and twisted riffing you can eat, with a nice big helpings of groove and grind on the side. The guitar work from Blasphemer, who in my opinion is a ridiculously underrated guitarist, is fun to listen to and unashamedly riffy and inventive. The production is well-balanced, with the drums and the bass holding down the low end and.. oh right, kicking your ass. And of course, Steve Tucker is Steve Tucker. I’m a fan and always have been, so for me it’s music to my ears to hear him in action again.

There isn’t even a “standout” track on this album ’cause every one is so good that they could all be stand outs. So, you know, heads up. This record is fucking awesome and had I gotten to it earlier it probably would have been on my end of year list at least as an honorable mention. While this album is not going to change the way death metal is done, it is supremely well executed, well written and well constructed. Sorry I missed this one. Mea culpa and all that. now go out and by In the Flesh. Get a shirt while you’re at it.

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